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With most games these days being packed to the rafters with content, it isn’t always clear on how to obtain or unlock said content. We can all use the help of a guide every now and again and with online guides being much more popular than physical print like paperback books. It makes sense for us to write our own guides to help our fellow gamer pals and readers.

It isn’t quite so easy to find our guides via the search bar as almost anything related to that particular game can appear. So, we have dedicated this page to all of our current written guides that we have published on Miketendo64. Please bear with us though as this is a work in progress and will be adding guide in over time.

General Miketendo64 Guides:



Nintendo Switch Games with Guides:






    • General: A Switch Owner’s Guide to DOOM Eternal (What we Know so Far)
















Nintendo 3DS Games with Guides:





Mobile Games with Guides: