In Yo-kai Watch 3, Blasters T & Dungeon exploration is a new mode that allows you to hunt for treasure, new Yo-kai Companions, and more! For those of you who wish to learn all that you can about it, the following information has been provided:

Base Camp:

When heading out to explore dungeons around the Cluvian Continent, prepare your party at the Blasters Camp! Located near a lush oasis in the Cluhara Desert, select your team of four Yo-kai, outfit them with the right equipment for the job and then send them out on expedition.


Time for Treasure:

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Take direct control of your Yo-kai team, avoid traps, and battle against hostile forces – all while collecting as much loot as you can lay your hands on! Each dungeon is chock-full of treasure, from tasty treats that help befriend Yo-kai to equipment that’ll beef up your squad.

Don’t dilly-dally, as you’ve only got a limited amount of time to find the exit of each randomly-generated floor. A Big Boss awaits you on the final level of each dungeon, so be ready for one last push before you escape with your spoils.


Build up your Expedition:


Just like in St. Peanutsburg and Springdale, there’s a chance to befriend Yo-kai you defeat. As long as you reach the dungeon exit, these befriended Yo-kai will join your party and can be brought back to help Nate in St. Peanutsburg!

Blasters T will unlock around Chapter: 4 for Nate and for Hailey once your inventory merges with Nate (Chapter 7).

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  1. It unlocks for Hailey well before you complete the game. You can go there as her as soon as your inventories and such are merged

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