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Splatoon 2’s Weapon Distribution System will Now be Monthly and not Weekly, Starting with 4 new Weapons Out Tonight

In case you missed it earlier on, Version 3.0.0 of Splatoon 2 will drop tonight for players in North America and there’s a lot more to it then what the patch notes cover. There’s 4 new weapons to be added and Camp Triggerfish is coming back as well. Full details concerning these additions can be… View Article
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Wolfenstein II to launch on Nintendo Switch this June 29th

There were rumors swirling around that the release date for Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus had been leaked by Gamefly, and Bethesda Software has followed suit with a confirmation through their Wolfenstein Twitter account that June 29th is indeed the date when the game finally marches towards to the Nintendo Switch. It's time to start… View Article
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Splatoon 2 Patch Notes

[Patch Notes] Splatoon 2 Version 3.0.0 for Nintendo Switch (The Update We’ve Been Waiting for!)

It is time to rejoice! Version 3.0.0 might not be out just yet for Splatoon 2, but it will be out today and it is absolutely worth the wait. But, there’s more than just a new Ranked Mode and gear going on, there’s Splatfest changes, weapon changes and a whole lot more. So, to prepare you… View Article
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Yo Kai Watch Busters

[Rumour] Yo-Kai Watch Busters Localized By Nintendo Of America

There is a rumour going around that seems to hint that Yo-Kai Watch Busters may be localized for western markets. Last Week, Yo-Kai Watch Busters launched in South Korea. In the end game credits, Nintendo of America are credited in the Localization category. This would be good news for Yo-Kai Watch fans in the US but just because… View Article
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Seaman creator revealed he worked on a canceled Mario Motors game for the DS

Mechanic Mario During Reboot Develop 2018, Yoot Saito, creator of such games like Seaman, SimTower, and Odama, talked about game design philosophy and revealed that during the DS era he was working on a Mario Motors game. He explained how in a conversation with Satoru Iwata and Shigeru Miyamoto, Saito expressed his interest in sculpting,… View Article
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Nintendo offering prizes for your unique Labo creations

The Nintendo Labo has been out for only three days, but Nintendo is already looking for the brightest and best creations out there. On an official Tweet from the Nintendo of America Twitter account, Nintendo is offering prizes for your best ideas: Submit your unique #NintendoLabo creations for a chance to win prizes! Learn more… View Article
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Nintendo Labo

Nintendo Labo Has A Feature That Can Show Inside The Joy-Con

The Software that comes with Nintendo Labo is packed with very comprehensive instructions that can take you step-by-step in crafting your own creations. One part of this allows users to manipulate the Camera to see all around the the Joy-Con model and see what different pieces are shown and how they work. You can even… View Article
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Bethesda Commited To Switch

Bethesda Is Very Commited To Nintendo Switch

Videogame media site GameReactor had the opportunity to talk with Pete Hines, Vice President of Bethesda. They spoke about the company’s commitment to developing for the Nintendo Switch and their thoughts about the platform. Pete Hines says that Bethesda is very commited to the Home/Handheld Hybrid and though, developing for the console isn’t exactly a breeze,… View Article
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[Video] Splatoon 2 European Championship Extended Highlights

The Splatoon 2 European Championship is over but if you didn’t have time to watch any of it, have no fear. We have you covered as Nintendo UK has uploaded and extended highlight reel to their YouTube Channel. The winners of the Championship will be representing Europe in the Splatoon 2 tournament taken place at… View Article
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Rocket League: 2X Fan Reward Drops from 4/21-4/22

Many Rocket League fans may know about the “Fan Rewards” service that is offered. Simply put, all you need to do is link your twitch account to Rocket League and tune into the Rocket League Championship Series live broadcasts every weekend. Now, although the functionality hasn’t been on Switch long, now’s your chance to get… View Article
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Full English Splatoon 2 & JAMSTEC Collab Details

In recent weeks, the Japanese Splatoon Twitter account has been sharing news of a partnership between Splatoon 2 and JAMSTEC, aka the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology. As part of the collaboration JAMSTEC gear has found its way to being added to the game, there’s the presence of a certain vessel on the… View Article
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Disaea 1 Complete Switch

NIS America Bringing Disgaea 1 Complete To Nintendo Switch Fall 2018

Woah Dood!  Remember when Disgaea 5 Complete came to the Nintendo Switch last year? Well NIS America have annouced that Switch and PS4 owners will be able to go back to the beginning of it all this Fall! To Celebrate the series 15th anniversary, Disgaea 1 Complete is launching on both the Switch and PS4… View Article
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Nintendo and Modern Technology

[Feature] Why Isn’t Nintendo Interested in Modern Technology?

The gaming market is set to eclipse over $90.07 billion by 2020 – an increase of nearly $12 billion in just three years. With just several brand houses expecting to sweep up the majority of the market share, Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo are at the top of the game when it comes to gaming. Each… View Article
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NBA Playgrounds 2

NBA Playgrounds 2 IS Coming To Switch

Well it seems that NBA Playgrounds 2 is indeed a thing. We previously posted that a listing for NBA Playgrounds has appeared on the Australian Classification website and now Saber Interactive have officially announced it. There will be new Playgrounds, Season mode, Ranked Championship Leagues and more. Slated for a 2018 release, NBA Playgrounds 2 will be coming to… View Article
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Dark Souls: Remastered For Switch

Dark Souls: Remastered For Switch Delayed Until Summer 2018

Dark Souls: Remastered for Switch has just succumbed to a minor setback and will no longer release for Nintendo Switch on May 25. The Solaire of Astora amiibo will still launch alongside the game when it releases in Summer. Bandai Namco and FromSoftware announced this news on their Twitter account: The Nintendo Switch version of… View Article
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Shovel Knight: King Of Cards

Shovel Knight: King of Cards Delayed Until Late 2018

Bad news folks, Yacht Club Games has announced that Shovel Knight: King Of Cards will not be releasing until the latter part of 2018. The studio express that they are still working away and trying to make it bigger and more surprising than the last. They haven’t dropped tools just yet but Shovel Knight: King of Cards… View Article
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Octopath Traveller

[Video] Octopath Traveler – Paths of Noble Acts and Rogue Decisions Info Trailer

A new trailer for Octopath Traveller has been uploaded to the Nintendo YouTube Channel. Octopath Traveler- Paths of Noble Acts and Rogue Decisions Info Trailer takes a look at two new characters; H’aanit the Hunter and Therion the Theif. Octopath Traveller is a game with eight stories and eight protaganists. Your adventures will discover the motivations of each character…. View Article
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NBA Playgrounds 2

NBA Playgrounds 2 Listed On Austrailian Classification Website

It looks like NBA Playgrounds could be recieving a sequel. A listing for NBA Playgrounds 2 has appeared on the Australian Classification Website. Saber Interactive have yet to make an official announcement but the Australian database only rates authentic products. It is not like a patent office that helps to patent ideas and concepts. NBA Playgrounds saw a relative success… View Article
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FDG Entertainment's Venture Kid

FDG Entertainment’s Venture Kid Coming To Switch As A Console Exclusive

FDG Entertainment has announced that they are bringing Venture Kid to the Nintendo Switch. It will also be console exclusive, so the PS4 and Xbox won’t be getting a release any time soon. Venture Kid is a 8-bit retro action platformer where you must stop the evil Dr. Teklov from building a secret weapon. You… View Article
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Wolfenstein II

Wolfenstein II Switch Still Needs A Bit More Polish & Optimization

A Spanish Twitter user asked Bethesda’s Spanish account whether Wolfenstein II: A New Colossus will have the included DLC with it like “The Freedom Chronicles.” Bethesda Spain have responded and that as regards to Wolfenstein II Switch, there was nothing to share on that subject at this time. As regards to when Wolfenstein II will be coming to… View Article
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