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Characters from Hyrule Warriors and Fire Emblem Warriors were considered for Warriors Orochi 4

For those of you chose to pick up Warriors Orochi 4 for Nintendo Switch this week, had things gone differently, the game that boasts 170 playable characters, could have seen players given the chance to play as the likes of Link and Chrom. In advance of an interview we will be posting later today, we… View Article
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[Video] Meet The Master Trainers In Pokémon: Let’s Go

Nintendo have uploaded a new video featuring the Master Trainers in Pokémon: Let’s Go Pikachu / Eevee. Players will be able to compete in heated one-on-one same Pokémon battles. You can watch the Master Trainers trailer below.
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#Bowsette Song

[Video] Nintendo Started A Meme (#Bowsette Song)

With the Internet still revelling in the meme that is Bowsette, King Bowser has written and performed a song to express his woes of being an internet sensation. The song is titled Nintendo Started A Meme (#Bowsette Song) and is a parody of I Started A Joke by the Bee Gees. The music video has been uploaded to the It’s… View Article
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Diablo III bundle

Don’t Just get Diablo III on Switch, Get a Diablo III: Eternal Collection Switch Bundle!

If you are desperate to be a special edition Switch this year and are unsure if you’re willing to throw money at the special Pikachu & Eevee Pokémon: Let’s Go Switch, or the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate bundle, perhaps you should consider a Diablo III one! Launching on the same day as the game, the… View Article
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Pokémon: Let's Go

[Video] Adventure Awaits In Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu / Eevee

A new trailer has been uploaded to the Nintendo UK YouTube Channel for Pokémon: Let’s Go Pikachu / Eevee. It showcases most of the things we have learned already about the game but it is nice to see it clearly. Like riding on Pokémon, coming face to face with legendaries, going up against team rocket…. View Article
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Super Mario Party bundle features two Joy-Con and the game for $99.99

Extend the fun A new listing surfaced today on Amazon, announcing a new Super Mario Party bundle for Europe, Japan, and North America, but they have been subsequently removed (you can still preorder through here – Special thanks to @Wario64). The bundle itself includes a physical copy of Super Mario Party as well as the… View Article
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GET N OR GET OUT NINTENDO PODCAST EP. 65 – N64 Mini leaked Pictures and our wish list of games

Episode 65 Special thanks to Miketendo64 for giving us the opportunity of sharing our Nintendo Podcast on the Miketendo64 website. Welcome to Episode Sixty-five of the Get N Or Get Out Nintendo Podcast where we discuss all the Nintendo news live for your entertainment. In this episode, Caleones (Sergio Acevedo) and Dantes talk about the rumored N64 Classic… View Article
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Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Pokémon Event Now Live

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp has recently received a brand new event that makes the Pokémon Eevee the center of attention. During the event, players can take part in a scavenger hunt and craft their own Eevee themed items and clothing. The Pokémon scavenger hunt has players hunt for scattered Poké balls within your camp area…. View Article
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Distribution Codes For Pokémon: Let's Go

[Japan] Pokémon Centers Will be Offering Distribution Codes For Pokémon: Let’s Go (Starting with Chansey)

Pokémon Centers in Japan will be offering distribution codes for Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Pokémon: Let’s Go, Eevee! come next month. Chansey will be the first Pokémon to be made available for Pokémon: Let’s Go via serial code. The catch however is that the will only give out the serial codes to players during their birthday month…. View Article
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Word Puzzles by POWGI Demo is Available Now on Switch (Full Game out October 25)

With Lightwood Games set to bring Word Puzzles by POWGI to the Nintendo Switch on October 25, a demo was made available on the eShop earlier. As one of Lightwood Games’ most popular games on the Nintendo Wii U and 3DS, they delighted to bring it Switch and have offered up the following details:  … View Article
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[Video] Splatoon 2 Octoling amiibo Gear Showcase

Nintendo have released a video showcasing the new gear that inkling and Octolings will be able to unlock Splatoon 2 using the new Octoling amiibo. The Octoling amiibo will be available from November 9th in Europe and Japan and December 7th for North America. The Octoling girl amiibo unlocks the Enchanted gear (Witch’s outfit). The… View Article
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[Japan] Save the Date! Fate/Extella Link Launches January 31, 2019 on Nintendo Switch

For fans hoping there will be more Fate/Extella on Switch, that wish is slowly becoming a reality, as Fate/Extella Link is on its way! It comes at a price though, since it has only been confirmed for Japan but with the likes of XSEED and Marvelous already localising the game for a Q1 2019 western… View Article
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NES Open, Solomon’s Key, Dodge Ball, & a Special Version of The Legend of Zelda are Now Available from the NES – Nintendo Switch Online app

As promised, October 10, 2019 has arrived and with it, the Nintendo Entertainment System – Nintendo Switch Online app has been updated, except instead of giving us 3 games like previously said, subscribers to the online service were actually given a fourth game. Although a version of The Legend of Zelda was already available, today… View Article
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Pokémon GO Sinnoh

New Changes for Pokémon GO includes Migration, Battle Effectiveness and the arrival of Sinnoh Region Pokémon

Once again, there are big happenings going on as far as Pokémon GO is concerned as it has just been revealed that Sinnoh region Pokémon, will be making their way to the app and they’re not the only new additions in the works. From Pokémon Migration to Pokémon Effectiveness in battle, there are some big… View Article
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Nintendo Announce Western release of Fitness Boxing & Share All-New Details

After being clued in about the existence of Fitness Boxing, for most of this year, today Nintendo have taken the time to announce a western release and saw fit to provide a ton of details. No prices have been given, but for those of you in North America, you can expect to pick it up… View Article
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Starlink: Battle For Atlas

Full Starlink: Battle for Atlas DLC Details (Starship Packs, Pilot Packs, Weapon Packs, Digital Edition & Deluxe Edition)

With the release of Super Mario Party behind us, it is now time to turn our attention to another game worthy of our time and that game is Starlink: Battle for Atlas. Yes, The World Ends With You: Final Remix and Dark Souls Remastered are other Switch games worth getting hyped about, but for Switch… View Article
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[Rumour] Upcoming Halloween content for Dragalia Lost datamined

Dragalia Lost hasn’t even been available for a month, but seasonal content already looks to be on the way. Dataminers on the Dragalia Lost fan discord have officially dug into the latest update for the game. They’ve discovered various assets and information regarding an upcoming Halloween event for the hit mobile game. First off, menu buttons… View Article
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GET N OR GET OUT NINTENDO PODCAST EP. 64 – Nintendo Switch 2.0 Rumors / Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Torna – The Golden Country Impressions

Episode 64 Special thanks to Miketendo64 for giving us the opportunity of sharing our Nintendo Podcast on the Miketendo64 website. Welcome to Episode Sixty-four of the Get N Or Get Out Nintendo Podcast where we discuss all the Nintendo news live for your entertainment. In this episode, Caleones (Sergio Acevedo) and Dantes talk about the rumored New Nintendo… View Article
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Banjo figurine conker figurine

[Random] Officially Licensed Conker & Banjo Figurines are being Released by Totaku

The days of Banjo and Conker being playable protagonists on Nintendo platforms, may be a thing of the past, but that doesn’t mean they can’t find a home on one of your shelves. It has been revealed that Totaku has gained the rights to produced licensed figurines of Conker from Conkers Bad Fur Day and… View Article
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Super Mario Party Unlockables Guide

[Guide] Super Mario Party Gem Guide

To become a true Super Star in Super Mario Party, you will need to collect Gems. There are five in total and they can be obtained by completing certain tasks. We have put together our own Super Mario Party Gem Guide detailing what each gem is and what needs to be done to obtain it…. View Article
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