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Shinesparkers Celebrates Metroid Series 35th Anniversary With 65-Track Music Album

Dedicated Metroid news site Shinesparkers has announced that they will be releasing a 65-track Music Album to celebrate the Metroid series’ 35th anniversary. The album is title Harmony of a Hunter Returns and pays homage to the first ever album created by Shinesparkers as well as the returning number of musicians who collaborated on the… View Article
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Shh! Among Us Toys & Plushes Are Making Their Way Into Stores

The suspiciously popular game that has the ability to turn honest friends into pathological liars has begun to bring its own line of merchandise to stores. Among Us by Innersloth had a slow start at launch but has become immensely popular over the last year and with the game continuing to receive free updates, it… View Article
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Koei Tecmo Shares Fatal Frame Facts For Maiden of Black Water

Over the last couple of weeks or so, Koei Tecmo America and Koei Tecmo Europe have been sharing facts on Twitter about Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water, which is coming to Nintendo Switch sometime later this year. These Fatal Frame Facts provide some insight about the game for those who may be unfamiliar with… View Article
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Greak: Memories Of Azur Demo Launches On Switch Today

The beautiful hand drawn adventure game Greak: Memories of Azur is getting a console exclusive demo on Nintendo Switch. The best part is that it is available to download and play today ahead of the full game’s release on August 17, 2021. Join three siblings on a grand adventure as they flee to escape the… View Article
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Monster Hunter Stories 2: 1 Million Copies Sold Already

Get ready for a touch of déjà vu. Monster Hunter games have continuously proved over the years that exclusive games for Nintendo platforms are good earners. Capable of hitting high sales, even the more recent MONSTER HUNTER RISE performed exceedingly well and now the latest Monster Hunter title is following in its footsteps. In just 11 days since… View Article
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Pokémon UNITE

Pokémon UNITE: Play Tomorrow, Download Today

Ahead of tomorrow’s June 21, 2021 release of Pokémon UNITE, anyone and everyone intending to pick the game up and give it a go, are now free to pre-load via the eShop, so just as soon as its “Go time!” all you will need to do is boot up the application and away you go. What’s… View Article
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Confirmed Partners Listed For Gamescom 2021

The organizers for Gamescom have confirmed the video game developers and publishers who will be joining them for this year’s digital event. There are a fair number of AAA publishers virtually present this year as well as plenty of indie devs. Unfortunately, it seems that Nintendo is giving the Gamescom digital event a miss again,… View Article
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Free Title Update adds Palamute Monstie to Monster Hunter Stories 2

Now that  Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin has been out for a week, a new title update has been released that adds the MONSTER HUNTER RISE Palamute monstie to the game. Free Title Update #1 will allow players the chance to turn a Palamute into a Monstie! These hunting companions found in Monster… View Article
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[Recap] The Metroid Dread Report (Volumes 1-3)

Since the initial E3 2021 announcement of Metroid Dread for Nintendo Switch, on the game’s official website, Nintendo, together with developer MercurySteam, have steadily been releasing information about the game via their Metroid Dread Reports. Each volume always makes for interesting reading and just in case you’ve been missing out on them, here is a recap of every report so… View Article
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Pokémon UNITE: Zeraora Distribution & Nintendo Switch Release Date

The wait is almost over for Pokémon UNITE. Having previously been given a simple July 2021 release date for the Nintendo Switch, the latest news drop for the game has now confirmed it will be releasing on July 21, 2021, with the mobile release following in September. What’s more, a new fighter for the game… View Article
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Game Builder Garage To Get Physical Release In Europe

Nintendo of Europe has announced today that Game Builder Garage will be getting a physical release in Europe. Of course, there is a slight wait as the game won’t be hitting physical retail until September 10th. It’s not quite certain why Nintendo has decided to finally release the game physically in Europe. Was it their… View Article
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[Video] Sonic Colors: Ultimate – Gameplay Video – Nintendo Switch

Nintendo has shared a new gameplay trailer for Sonic Colors: Ultimate. The trailer highlights some of the features of the game including new game modes like racing head-to-head against Metal Sonic, Customizable controls and more. If you have yet to see the new trailer, you can check it out below. Source: Nintendo (YouTube)
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Monster Hunter Stories 2: Download Version 1.0.3 update to Receive Free Launch Starter Park

After long months of waiting, Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin is finally out and so is a brand new version 1.0.3 update, which once downloaded, gifts players with a Launch Starter Pack consisting of: Potion x10 Gathering Charm x3 Lucky Charm x3 Mahana Dunker x10 As for the official patch notes for the… View Article
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From Summer to LA (Mario Kart Tour)

Racing in Los Angeles. With Mario Kart Tour now in the last leg of its Summer Tour, it has now been announced the next tour is set to be a return to place Los Angeles. Having seen a Los Angeles Tour take place in 2020, it is currently unknown how this new one will differ… View Article
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Doomsday Vault

Apocalypse Exploration Game Doomsday Vault Launching On Switch This August

Next month, players will be able to embark on a mission to rescue Earth’s most precious plants in the apocalypse exploration game Doomsday Vault. The game will release on Nintendo Switch, PC, and Mac on August 5, 2021. In Doomsday Vault, players will have to navigate “desolate landscapes, flooded cities, and derelict buildings” in the… View Article
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