Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story + Bowser Jr's Journey

Just in case Bowser didn’t have a tough time trying to digest Mario and Luigi the last time they were inside him, thanks to the remake release  of Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story + Bowser Jr’s Journey, history is about to repeat itself and this is an introduction to colourful cast that helps drive the internal/external adventure:


*All details & imagery comes from Nintendo



The brave older brother with the exemplary mustache. His signature jump never fails to wow the crowds!


The friendly younger brother with the luxurious mustache. Will he again play a big role as he teams up with his bro?


The big bruiser who rules over the Koopas as their king. He’ll get Princess Peach this time, if it’s the last thing he does…


A mad scientist with a brilliant mind. He’s concocting some sort of plan…but what is it?

Princess Peach

The princess of the Mushroom Kingdom. She convenes a big meeting at the castle to help all the blorbed Toads.


A longtime steward to Princess Peach, this elderly Toad finds himself trapped inside Bowser.


A Star Sprite that searches for a cure to the Blorbs at the behest of Princess Peach.

Broque Madame

An attractive member of the Brock species who really needs a back massage.

Bowser's Inside Story character guide
Broque Monsieur

The preeminent block collector of the Mushroom Kingdom. He runs a store with his canine friend Broggy.


Broque Monsieur’s canine companion.


Fawful’s slightly dimwitted chief minion and right-hand beast.


 As always, we hope you found this introductory guide helpful!

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