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Fresh from one player voter event, Fire Emblem Heroes, has thrown us straight into another one and if you weren’t going to participate, you should think again. The top voted hero will be made accessible to every player of Fire Emblem Heroes and it is a prize worth claiming. So to prepare you for the event and inform you of everything you could need to know, here is another of our guides:


What is the A Hero Rises Event?

A Hero Rises is a voting based event, made up of two rounds. In the first, all participants are welcome to vote for the Heroes they want (all of whom, are playable in Fire Emblem Heroes,) to determine the top 4 Heroes. Once the top 4 have been selected, it’s time for the second round to begin and players must choose between the four that made it through.


What’s in it for Us?

Whichever Hero comes out on top, will be added to the Fire Emblem Heroes, to be distributed to every player, but there is a catch. Although the selected Hero will come as a 5 Hero, they must be earned, by beating the Story Map: Xenologue 3: The People’s Hero. The map will be distributed in late February.


Voting: Who Can’t you Pick & How it is Done:

Although you can pretty much vote for almost every character in available in Fire Emblem Heroes, for the event, you can not vote for Alfonse, Sharena, Anna, Veronica, Bruno, Surtr, Laevatein and Loki.


As for where to go, you will need to visit the official website, which you can do so by clicking here. Scroll down to where it says to Choose a Hero (you can sign in with a My Nintendo account if you wish, but it isn’t really necessary) and then first you must choose by type (let’s go by red, blue, green and colourless to simplify it). Once a colour has been selected, all the Heroes of the colour you’ve chosen will be presented in a list, starting from the Hero who has been tapped the most, to the least.


Scroll down till you find the Hero you want and select them, you will be presented with a page telling you a bit about the character and can choose to confirm your choice of them, or go back and pick someone else. Should you pick Choose this Hero, you will once again be given the choice to confirm or deny the Hero you wish to choose. Once you have made a selection with someone your’re happy with, you will be taken to your Battle Ballot screen.


*You can only freely choose 1 Hero a day, with Round 1 giving you 11 different chances to pick your Hero. In round 2, you can only choose between the 4 Heroes available and again, can only vote for 1 Hero a day.


When Does it Go Down?

The following event is live as of this very minute and its full schedule is as follows:

  • Round 1: North America: 1st of February at 19:00 PT – 12th of February at 18:59 PT / Europe: 1st of February at 04:00 CET – 13th of February at 03:59 CET
  • Round 2: North America: 15th of February at 19:00 PT – 19th of February at 18:59 PT / Europe: 16th of February at 04:00 CET – 20th of February at 03:59 CET


As always, we hope you found our little guide helpful and be sure to take part. The Hero who choose, might just be the one we get!

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