When it comes to the mobile application, Fire Emblem Heroes, Nintendo and Intelligent Systems are as determined as ever to see the app remain the growing success it is and that determination means new content. New content in the form of Illusory Dungeon: Tap Battle, Tempest Trials, Book II and now Blessed Gardens and Rival Domains.

So, with a new update on the way and the first wave of details available for two of the upcoming modes that will appear once the “Early March” update comes into effect, here is all there is to know about the upcoming maps at this time:


Rival Domains:

Coming to Fire Emblem Heroes as a new kind of Special Map, which pits you against a large army (called a brigade,) is Rival Domains. The goal of Rival Domains is to lead your team Heroes (no duplicate Heroes allowed,) to capture the enemy’s camp and defeat the opposition within 10 turns, in an effort to score as high a score as possible.

As well as being able to recruit allies from your friends for the Rival Domains maps, you can also deploy up to 20 Heroes and the very first time you can go to war, is when the update goes live, with a new map becoming available every week on Saturday at 08:00 CET for European audiences and Friday at 23:00 PT.

 Restrictions: No duplicate Heroes are allowed and you can only use one ally who has either the Song, or Dance skill.


Blessed Gardens:

Similar to Rival Domains, Blessed Gardens is another new kind of map, which will allow you to earn items such as Orbs, Hero Feathers and more, but it comes at a cost. Instead of being a map that welcomes any Hero, only those “who grant the corresponding Legendary Effect or Heroes who have received the corresponding blessing.”

Upon the first time you get to try out the Blessed Garden, 4 Water Blessings will be given to you, so any one of your chosen Heroes can be blessed and then used in battle. The first Blessed Garden, Garden of Water will allow you to earn Blessings of other elements, thus opening up the path so that you can try on other gardens.

In a similar fashion to Rival Domains, Blessed Gardens “will become available with the update, and new maps will be added on a weekly basis,” every Sunday at 08:00 CET for European audiences and Saturday at 23:00 PT.

Restrictions: No duplicate Heroes are allowed and “your team of four Heroes must be formed from either Heroes who grant the corresponding Legendary Effect or Heroes who have received the corresponding blessing.”


Not to be left out though, as well as some new kind of maps, there will also be a small update for the Weapon Refinery, which will allow Soren to get the Character Specific Skill: Wind’s Brand and allows 3 weapon skills to be updated. Full details can be seen pictured below:


As always, we hope you found our little guide helpful and be sure to take part. The Hero who choose, might just be the one we get!

By Jack Longman

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