With Stage Builder now available in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, anyone and everyone can create a stage of their own and share it online for others to enjoy and in this guide, we’re going to cover how to upload some of your own stages, and download others.


Uploading Stages:

Before you can upload a stage, first you will have to build one, so from the main menu, first go to Games & More and then click on Stage Builder. Click on Create to build a stage of your own if you haven’t made one already.

If you have built a stage, in the white menu screen, you should see it near the top. Hover the cursor over your created stage and press X to bring up the Submenu and then click on Post. You will be connected online and prompted to name the stage you wish to share.


Downloading Stages in-game:

To download, from the main menu, select Online. Once you have connected to the internet, click on Shared Content. In this menu, players can see What’s Hot, Spectate matches in progress, check out Mii Fighters and access shared Videos, Replays and Stages. 

You’re welcome to go through the levels presented and save your favourite ones (simply select a stage and when it’s information pops up, click on Save.) If you’re certain stages in particular however, you can always click X again to bring up three options, Keyword, Details and Enter ID.

It is worth noting that when downloading anything from the internet, be it updates, games, or stages for Smash Bros Ultimate, sometimes downloads can take much longer than they should do. Useful tools like Speedcheck can test your internet speeds to see exactly how fast your download and upload speeds are. If your internet speed is not reaching its proposed limits by your service provider, you may need to contact them to discuss how to improve it.


If you’re looking for Xenoblade levels, select Keyword and enter Xenoblade to have a selection of Xenoblade levels pop up. With Details, you can choose from the available categories and options, or you can hunt down a specific level by imputing its ID number.

As for how to acquire ID numbers, they can be seen as part of the information provided when looking at a stage you’re interested in. You can also find them on images of stages that have been shared to social media and on the Smash World as part of the Nintendo Switch Online app.


Downloading Stages from Smash World (Nintendo Switch Online mobile application):

In the event you wish to download stages using the Smash World portion of the Nintendo Switch Online mobile application, you will want to boot it up, then press the Smash Ball shaped icon to be taken to a different menu. At the top, you’ll see a bar with History, Stages, and videos focusing on a specific character (at the time of posting, Joker.)

By clicking on Stages, you will be presented with various recommended stages, find one you like the look of and click on it. Once found, beneath the image you will see two icons, one is a Thumbs up icon and the other is a Switch with a downward facing arrow. Click on the Switch icon.

how to download stages in Smash Ultimate

Once done, you will be told you have 29 days remaining, but downloading a stage is not that simple. All you have done is merely added it to a download queue, to actually download the stage, you will need to boot up the game, select Online, go to Shared Content and press Y.

You will be presented with a drop-down menu and at the bottom of it, is Downloaded from Smash World, select that to make the stages you saw in Smash World, to appear and then save each one by clicking on them and hitting Save.

Smash Ultimate Stage download guide

All stages saved will appear in Stage Builder, where you can edit them if you wish, but to play them, when you find yourself on the menu selection screen, instead of picking a Normal stage, choose Custom and all custom stages will appear there.

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As always, I hope you found this guide helpful.

By Jack Longman

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