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With Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Torna – The Golden Country now out in the wild for Expansion Pass owners and our focus heavily upon it, in the name of #XenoWeek, here is a guide dedicated to all 16 Unique Monsters Torna has to offer, enjoy:

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A Driver’s Guide to the Unique Monsters of Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Torna – The Golden Country:


*All Unique Monsters are listed in the order we discovered them.


Torna Unique Monsters Guide

Unique Monster #1: Harbinger Cavill (Kingdom of Torna)

Level: 23

Location: Haradd Hills (Lasaria Region)

Unique Monster 2.jpg

Unique Monster #2: Ionospheric Mitchell (Kingdom of Torna)

Level: 50

Location: Uccar’s Trail (Lasaria Region)

Unique Monster 3

Unique Monster #3: Overaffectionate Murph (Gormott)

Level: 18

Location: Ordia Great Plains (Whole Map)

Unique Monster 4

Unique Monster #4: Handwringing Bigelow (Gormott)

Level: 25

Location: Serene Springside (Whole Map)

Unique Monster 5

Unique Monster #5: Gourmand Galgan (Kingdom of Torna)


Level: 38

Location: Wrackham Moor (Aletta Region)

Unique Monster 6

Unique Monster #6: Scowling Quincy (Kingdom of Torna)

Level: 25

Location: Tirkin Cliff Colony (Aletta Region)

Unique Monster 7

Unique Monster #7: Nomadic Rusholme (Kingdom of Torna)

Level: 44

Location: Near Lake Sarleigh after completing Vez’ side quest (Aletta Region)

Unique Monster 8

Unique Monster #8: Sleepwalker Mork (Kingdom of Torna)

Level: 33

Location: Peln, Pilgrim’s Springland (Dannagh Region)

Unique Monster 9

Unique Monster #9: Interceptor Grace (Kingdom of Torna)

Level: 40

Location: In a cave in the vicinity of The Great Breaksand (Dannagh Region)

Unique Monster 10

Unique Monster #10: Flying Fortress Desmor (Kingdom of Torna)

Level: 55

Location: Turqos Plateau (Dannagh Region)

Unique Monster 11

Unique Monster #11: Sequestered Ludd (Kingdom of Torna)

Level: 48

Location: Pulsating Passage (Tornan Titan Interior)

Unique Monster 12

Unique Monster #12: Lunar Amaruq (Kingdom of Torna)

 Level: 18

Location: To the right as you’re leaving Hyber Village (Aletta Region)

Note: This monster is only appears during nocturnal hours.

Unique Monster 13

Unique Monster #13: Everdark Erg (Kingdom of Torna)

Level: 25

Location: Lasaria Woodland (Lasaria Region)

Note: This monster may only appear in the vicinity, once you have progressed far enough into the game’s main story. It is in the starting area where players first get control of Lora and Jin.



Unique Monster #14: Ravine Bunnit (Gormott)

Level: 50

Location: An area accessible via a huge branch leading upwards from Hoary Weald Camp (Whole Map)


Unique Monster #15: Erractic Goliante (Gormott)

Level: 45

Location: In a cave at Saints’ Practice Grounds (Whole Map)


Unique Monster #16: Beatific Ophelia (Kingdom of Torna)

Level: 48

Location: Loftin Nature Preserve (Dannagh Region)

Note: This monster is only appears during nocturnal hours.


*Credit goes to Daniel Huang for finding this particular monster and giving us its whereabouts.


Even now, this guide is still a work in progress, and just as soon as we find more Unique Monsters, we will of course, update it once again. Should you wish to know about Golden Monsters, be sure to click here.



We hope you find this guide helpful and are having a great #XenoWeek!



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  • The last unique monster is level 48 and called Beatific Ophelia, found near loftin nature preserve in dannagh region, only at night time and probably advanced on progression of the story.

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