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Not solely just focusing on the Unique Monsters Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Torna – The Golden Country, has to offer it’s time to debut another Torna guide and in this one, we’re focusing on the Secret Areas players can expect to discover during their latest journey through Alrest:


A Driver’s Guide to the Secret Areas of Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Torna – The Golden Country:


*All Secret Areas / Viewpoints are listed in the order we discovered them.


Torna secret areas guide

Secret Area / Viewpoint #1: Millennium Grotto (Kingdom of Torna)

 Location: Aletta Region

Starting Point: Lett Bridge

How to reach it:


Secret Area / Viewpoint #2: Turqos Plateau (Kingdom of Torna)

 Location: Dannagh Region

Starting Point: The Great Breaksand

How to reach it:


Secret Area / Viewpoint #3: Titan’s Roar (Gormott)

Location: Whole Map

Starting Point: Hoary Weald Camp

How to reach it:


Secret Area / Viewpoint #4: Pedestal of Stargazing (Kingdom of Torna)

 Location: Tornan Titan Interior

Starting Point: Skygate Entrance 

How to reach it:

We thank you for checking out our guide and hope it helped! Happy #XenoWeek!

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