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Castle Of Heart

Castle Of Heart Is Getting It’s First Update

7Levels has announced that Castle Of Heart is getting it’s first update and will be bringing some user requested changes. The update includes more responsive controls, a refined tutorial and even its own Funky Kong Mode (Sorry, couldn’t resist) for those that found the initial release too challenging. Bugs that the company have been warned about have… View Article
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Sleep Tight

Sleep Tight Targeting July Launch For Nintendo Switch

Prepare your bedroom from home invasions by monsters, We Are Fuzzy’s Sleep Tight has set it’s sights for the Nintendo Switch and PC. Sleep Tight is a Twin-Stick shooter with tower defense elements that hopes to invade your home on July 26th. You have to build your base and then defend it against the hordes of unfriendly… View Article
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A Long Way Down

A Long Way Down Is Coming To Nintendo Switch

French Game Developers, Seenapsis have announced that their game A Long Way Down will be coming to Nintendo Switch and PC. The deck-building RPG roguelike has players assemble a party and use cards to fight, defend and build their way through dark mazes. You can check out the press release along with teaser trailer below. A… View Article
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Shiny Zygarde

Shiny Zygarde Joins The Year Of Legendary Pokémon Distribution

Pokémon Sun & Moon and USUM players will be about to get their hands on a Shiny Zygarde next month as part of this year’s Legendary Pokémon Distribution. For US players, you can pick up Shiny Zygarde during a quick visit to your local GameStop. If you live in Canada, you can obtain the Pokémon… View Article
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Mii Studio

Mii Studio Has Now Launched For Nintendo Accounts

Just before Miitomo was inevitably terminated, Nintendo announced that they would be launching a new browser-based feature that will allow Nintendo Account users to create and edit their Mii avatars online. Now, Nintendo have officially launched the feature and have called it Mii Studio.  Mii Studio allows you to create and edit you Mii just like… View Article
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Little Nightmares Complete Edition Switch

[Review] Little Nightmares: Complete Edition (Nintendo Switch)

Developer: Tarsier Studios Publisher: Bandai Namco Platform: Nintendo Switch Category: Platformer Release Date: 18th of May, 2018 (EU & NA) & 7th of June, 2018 (2018)     Remember when you were younger and believed that monsters lurked under your bed and in the closet? Well prepared to face your childhood fears again as we… View Article
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Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Version 1.4.1 arrives this Friday

The Xenoblade Japan twitter has come out with details about the version 1.4.1 update which is set to be released this week. As of this time we only have confirmation that this update adds in additional quests for those with the Expansion Pass. Bug fixes are also expected with one being made available for a… View Article
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Rocket League Salty Shores Content Update Coming Next Week

Get ready for Summer Rocket League players, a brand new update is inbound! A new content update known as Rocket League Salty Shores will be bringing some new vibes including a brand new seaside arena, new decals and toppers will also be available and more songs will be added to the online playlist. Here is a… View Article
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LEGO DC Villains

LEGO DC Villains Being Teased For An Announcement Next Week

Warner Bros and TT Games have teased the announcement for their upcoming game, LEGO DC Villains. A teaser website has been launched with only a paint splattered background and a countdown in large font. The Countdown will end sometime next week. #CHAOSisCOMING — TT Games (@TTGames) May 23, 2018 There has not been… View Article
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Nintendo Selects Range

Three More 3DS Titles Are Joining The Nintendo Selects Range- Two New 2DS XL Bundles Coming Too

Nintendo have announced three more 3DS Titles are joining the Nintendo Selects range in Europe. Animal Crossing: New Leaf – Welcome amiibo, Donkey Kong Country 3D and Super Mario Maker 3DS will be added to the Nintendo Selects range on June 29th. That’s not all though, Two new 2DS XL bundles have been announced as… View Article
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Dock-less Nintendo Switch to be sold in Japan

The Family Grows The Nintendo Switch has now been out for over a year and is finally receiving its first official revision, at least in Japan. The ‘2nd set’ as it’s been called over at the Nintendo Japanse Website, includes the Switch unit, two Joy-Con, and two Joy-Con straps. Missing are the Joy-Con grip, HDMI… View Article
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Nintendo have Filed a N64 Trademark in Japan

On July 14, 2016, Nintendo revealed the NES Classic. Fast forward to June 26, 2017, the SNES Classic was revealed. It is now May 22, 2018 and the question on everyone’s lips is “will we get a Nintendo64 Classic announced this year?” If timing is anything to go by, an announcement could be any day… View Article
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[Feature] The Miketendo Strip: Issue #47: Pokémon Let’s Go! Red & Pokémon Let’s Go! Green

Guess what peeps? We’re back with another edition of The Miketendo Strip, and since this is the week after all the Pokémon Let’s Go! Pikachu and Pokémon Let’s Go! Eevee, rumours come to light, of course we had to do something relating to them!
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Daroach revealed as the first new Dream Friend for the Summer Kirby Star Allies Update

A new tweet from Kirby JP on twitter has revealed the character behind the latest silhouette tease. Fans can expect Daroach to appear in the next Kirby Star Allies update which is currently slated for a Summer release. Source:
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A Touch of Alola will Come to Pokémon GO in the Coming Weeks

Back in 2016, before Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon released, something particularly interested was revealed during an interview. Speaking with Game Informer, Sun & Moon director Junichi Masuda, revealed there were plans to develop some form of connectivity between the 3DS games and Pokémon GO. Clearly, such a thing didn’t happen, but could be if… View Article
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Resident Evil 7: Cloud Edition announced for the Nintendo Switch

The power of the…cloud? Nintendo Switch owners have been strangers to the Resident Evil series on their favorite hybrid console due in part to the system only have two games in the series, Resident Evil Revelations 1 and 2. This is about to change with Resident Evil 7 coming to the Nintendo Switch, although not… View Article
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[Review] Saturday Morning RPG (Nintendo Switch)

Developer: Mighty Rabbit Studios Publisher: Limited Run Games Platform: Nintendo Switch (eShop) Category: Role-Playing & Adventure Release Date: 26th of April, 2018 (EU & NA)     Does Saturday Morning RPG give you a reason to wake up early or is this one better forgotten? Saturday Morning RPG was created by developer Might Rabbit Studios… View Article
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[Review] Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition (Nintendo Switch)

Developer: Koei Tecmo (Omega Force & Team Ninja) Publisher: Nintendo Platform: Nintendo Switch Category: Action, Adventure & Fighting Release Date: 22nd of March, 2018 (JP) & 18th of May, 2018 (EU & NA)
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Kirby Star Allies 2nd update arrives this Summer via Kirby JP twitter

The Kirby Japan twitter has confirmed that information regarding the games second update will be made available soon. The update is currently set for sometime this summer. Nothing has been confirmed, but we wouldn’t be completely shocked if the datamined wave 2 dream friends were made available within this update. Stay tuned to Miketendo64 as… View Article
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Bandai Namco’s GO VACATION! Is Coming To Nintendo Switch This July

Well this was certainly unexpected! Nintendo have announced that they are releasing a brand new game that looks like it integrates all the fun of Wii Sports and Wii Sports one into one great big super fun package. Bandai Namco’s GO VACATION! Will be coming to the Nintendo Switch on July 27th. There is also… View Article
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