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The Switch is now a week away from release, and I’ve been sampling information about it from sources around the net. I’ve stumbled upon what I consider to be one of the system’s best features, and with all the cool things you could say about the system, it’s probably not one you’d be thinking about.

It’s the new Capture button. 

The Importance of Screenshots

So, I’m a blogger, as you probably know. 😉 I blog about my gaming experiences. That means that I’m constantly walking a line between being immersed in a game and thinking, “Oh, man, I need to get a screenshot of this for tomorrow’s blog post!”

Screenshots are a pretty big deal to me. Even when I’m not using them as a supplement for blogging, I’ve always taken screenshots of awesome moments in a game just to hold on to the memories.

This is an area where…

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GAME España Offers Wii U Trade-In For Nintendo Switch From €199.95

Emails from Game España (Spain) are being sent out to their customers offering a trade-in plan to be able to purchase the newest console from Nintendo, the Switch,  from €199.95. This will mean parting with your Wii U & Gamepad and also a few games as well to get as close to the minimum offer as posible. I personally won’t be parting with my Wii U any time soon, as tempting as the offer may be as I do have The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild for Wii U on Pre-order along with the new Zelda amiibos as well.

On the subject of Zelda Breath Of The Wild, Game España are also offering a trade-in of various Wii U games to be able to purchase the game at €29.99. This is also another suck in, as Game España are offering  €16 for New Super Mario Bros U and just Dance 2017 for €14. The catch is that both the game and box must be in perfect condition. If you can read Spanish, you can see for yourself below.

Game Renove offer.png

Will you any of you that reside in Spain be taking advantage of this offer? Do any stores in Your area offer anything similar that you would like us to share with our readers? Let us know in the comments below or email us at

​[Random] How to Be a Show-off Breath of the Wild Style

With just one more week to go, Nintendo have opted to share one of the best Breath of the Wild related screenshots ever and because I don’t want to spoil it for you,  please scroll down to see it!

There is no way on this earth anyone can say this is a terrible picture. 

Source: @NintendoAmerica (Twitter) 

Zelda II: The Adventures of Link Review

Wizard Dojo tackles the black sheep of the Zelda family.

Wizard Dojo

Zelda 2

Unlike movies, video game sequels are usually expected to be better than their predecessors, though third entries can still see some mixed results even in games. This is an area where Nintendo differentiates from other developers. While many developers see their franchises meet high points with their second entries (such as Capcom with Street Fighter 2 and Mega Man 2), Nintendo’s second installments are often seen as the black sheep of their franchises, while their third entries break new ground.

Super Mario Bros. was a revolution, while both the Japanese and English versions of Super Mario Bros. 2 were relatively less well-received (with the Japanese game being extremely difficult, and the American game being wildly different from the original). Then Super Mario Bros. 3 served as the benchmark for 8-bit gaming. This also occurred with the 3D Mario titles, with Super Mario 64 once again serving as a gaming revolution, its…

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“Inherit Skill” Will be Added to Fire Emblem Heroes in March

As well as additional characters, events, content and making it so that your Heroes can still gain exp when they kill a much weaker unit, Nintendo of America has unveiled another new feature that will be coming to the title next month. Continue reading “Inherit Skill” Will be Added to Fire Emblem Heroes in March

[Guide] How to Get the Tyrogue Evolution You Desire!

Because Niantic couldn’t keep them in their Poké Balls for any longer, 80 new Pokémon have only gone and invaded the real world, (talk about a total nightmare.) But because these new Pokémon require other ways to evolve them we’ve figured we’ll at least do one guide on how to evolve a certain Pokémon and since Tyrogue has three evolved forms, it makes perfect sense to dedicate this Pokémon GO guide to that lovable scamp! Continue reading [Guide] How to Get the Tyrogue Evolution You Desire!

To Celebrate 1 Million Sales, an Oceanhorn Demo for Xbox One is Available for Download now

In 2013, Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas launched on iOS devices. Fast forward to 2016 it launched on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and in 2017 it comes to the Nintendo Switch, but thanks to the home console release, sales have soared and FDG Entertainment have a little announcement they wish to make:

Continue reading To Celebrate 1 Million Sales, an Oceanhorn Demo for Xbox One is Available for Download now

[Random] Have you seen the Official Poster for Animated Castlevania TV Series Yet?

So Executive Producer Adi Shankar took to Facebook to show off a piece of art pertaining to the upcoming Netflix TV series of Castlevania today and it looks incredible! So incredible that we just had to share it here and now!

No automatic alt text available.

I don’t know about you, but I literally can’t wait for this series and Season 1 looks incredible!


Source: Adi Shankar (Facebook)

[Interview] A Quick fire Zelda Focused Interview with Eiji Aonuma

Nintendo has been asking Zelda Series Producer Eiji Aonuma, a ton of questions the last few weeks and now they’re at it again, as Nintendo of Europe conducted another interview with Aonuma, only this time around, it was more like the quick fire round you’d have on a game show and tons of great answers was to be had! Continue reading [Interview] A Quick fire Zelda Focused Interview with Eiji Aonuma

[Random] Media Kit for Nintendo Switch Includes 3 Personal Messages

It is one thing to be on the receiving end of a Nintendo Switch media kit receiving all kinds of accessories, Breath of the Wild amiibo + game and a Switch, but it’s really something else entirely to find out that the kit also includes 3 personal letters from some very big Nintendo staffers. Staffers such as Nintendo of America Reggie Reggie Fils-Aimé, Nintendo of Europe President Satoru Shibata and Breath of the Wild Director, Hidemaro Fujibayashi and thanks to Eurogamer’s Tom Phillips, we can actually share images of the personal messages, so cheers Tom: Continue reading [Random] Media Kit for Nintendo Switch Includes 3 Personal Messages

[Video] Nintendo of Europe President Shows off How He Unboxes a Nintendo Switch

With everyone else sharing a Nintendo Switch unboxing video, Nintendo UK have put out one of their own, which sees the Mr Satoru Shibata unboxing a Neon coloured Nintendo Switch, whilst sporting a Nintendo Switch hoodie and you can see the video right here:

Source: Nintendo UK (YouTube)

[Video] Nintendo Life’s Alex Goes Hands-On With the Switch (UI, Mii Maker & So Much More)

As a journalist, when it comes to writing news articles, it is always important to state the facts and the fact of the matter is Nintendo Life is an incredible site, with a great following and they do a lot of great content.

From well written articles and reviews to, hilarious videos Nintendo Life have a great way of connecting to their fans, so with that in mind, as because we have yet to receive a Switch review unit of our own, I have decided because we can’t share any of our own videos, we’re going to share the Nintendo Switch related videos that Nintendo Life have uploaded today. Continue reading [Video] Nintendo Life’s Alex Goes Hands-On With the Switch (UI, Mii Maker & So Much More)

There will be No Virtual Console At Switch Launch + Nindies Showcase Presentation Details

With a little over a week to go before the Switch finally releases and the hype escalates even higher, Nintendo have shared even more additional details that concerns Virtual Console, the eShop, a day one update and more. The full details can be seen right here: Continue reading There will be No Virtual Console At Switch Launch + Nindies Showcase Presentation Details

[Video] Come See LEGO City Undercover’s 2 Player Co-op Mode in Action


As well as launching on the Nintendo Switch on the 4th of April, LEGO City Undercover has a new co-op mode, which is the focus of an all-new trailer that you can see right here:

Video Description on YouTube:

“Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and TT Games today unveiled the latest trailer for LEGO CITY Undercover announcing the newly added two-player cooperative mode that will allow friends and family to fight crime in LEGO CITY together for the first time. The trailer spotlights the game’s hero, super-cop Chase McCain, as he utilises a myriad of clever disguises to go deep undercover and ultimately take down escaped criminal, Rex Fury. This open-world LEGO adventure will be available for PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system, Xbox One®, Nintendo Switch™ and PC in the UK on the 7th of April 2017.”


 Source: WBGamesUK (YouTube)

For $19.99 Snake Pass on Switch Can be Yours!

On the 28th of March, Snake Pass slithers to a number of consoles in North America and then debuts in Europe the very next day, but now, with almost a month to go, Sumo Digital have finally gotten round to release the prices for the game. Continue reading For $19.99 Snake Pass on Switch Can be Yours!


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