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If you’re looking to make the most out of your adventurers and simply levelling them up is not cutting it, have you thought about making the most out of Dragalia Lost’s mana circles? You absolutely should!


Although not immediately available to players when they start playing, mana circles is available via the game’s Upgrade menu and with it, by unlocking nodes for specific characters, those characters can get boosted stats, have additional adventurer stories unlocked and they can learn skills.

Skills that not only can help turn the tide in battle, but one of them is the Force Strike skill, which every adventurer will want to know, as it is this skill that allows powers to break an enemy’s guard state.


For a summarised list of what the mana circles has to offer, you can find one right here:

  • Upgrade HP
  • Upgrade Strength
  • Co-abilities
  • Force Strike
  • Unlock new Skills
  • Upgrade Skills
  • Unlock new adventurer story episodes (Every time you read Episode 5 of each adventurers story, you can receive an epithet related to them)
  • Damascus Crystal


The order in which you unlock the nodes are up to you. There is no real wrong way to go about doing it, but with there being five floors of mana circles in total, players will need to unlock all the nodes on the floor they’re on, before they can get the choice to use materials to unlock the next level. Only, as great as that is, not every adventurer will be able to eventually unlock all five levels, unless you put the time in to use Eldwater to promote them. Only 5* characters can gain access to all 5 levels.


As a feature called “Mana Circles,” you would be right to assume you have to use the Mana you obtain by completing quests, but the more nodes and floors you unlock, the more you will be required to use other items as well. Items such as orbs and scales, which can be obtained by heading over to Events and playing through the Dragon Trials and Elemental levels.

The harder the level, the better the rewards you will get, but it’s no good doing Midgardsormr’s Trial on Expert, if the item you’re after can only be obtained by completing Zodiark’s Trial on Master. You can also get obtain node unlocking items by gifting your dragons presents over at the Dragon Roost. (Dragons that have a fire element attribute, will randomly give you gifts of a fiery nature, but only by levelling up your bond. The same can be said for the other dragons, who also give gifts based on their own element.)

Dragalia Lost mana circles guide

In the event, you find yourself missing a vital material, thus haltering your progression, you will be notified in-game what you’re missing and by checking out its item details, you can press on the “How to Acquire” tab, to be shown a list of levels in which you can get the item from. (Handy huh? That’s Cygames for you, those guys are brilliant!)

The most important thing to consider though when upgrading nodes though, which can be done manually, or automatically by pressing auto, is always prioritise upgrading the characters you intend to use. Sure, Raemond has some magnificent facial hair, but if you’re not going to use him, you’re better off investing your time, effort and materials, into improving a character you will use, such as a 5* Hildegrade.


Other than that, there’s really not that much to mana circles, but it is a vital asset that by taking full advantage of it, players will be able to enhance their Dragalia Lost experience and make some of the harder levels, a tad easier.


As always, we hope you found this guide helpful and if you want to check out a few of our other Dragalia Lost guides, be sure to click here!



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