Nintendo Seeking More Partnership Opportunities & Mario Movie News

In the last 3 years Nintendo (Nintendo Co.) has expanded their company in many ways with them partnering up with companies like Universal Studios to plan an Nintendo Theme Park, Kellogg’s to produce Nintendo themed cereal and even there latest partnership with Illumination Entertainment to develop an Animated Super Mario movie. Nintendo has certainly proven… View Article
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Capcom could bring more Cloud based Games to Switch, depending on Resident Evil 7’s Success

In a recent turn of events, sources close to Japanese video game publisher Capcom, have admitted the company could bring more high-quality games to the Nintendo Switch, via the use of cloud-based streaming services. Capcom introduced it’s cloud-based services when they released a cloud version of “Resident Evil 7” for the Nintendo Switch last month… View Article
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Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana is to Receive a Day One Update on Nintendo Switch

During the review period of Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana, NIS America discovered some technical issues concerning text not displaying correctly in the game. The publisher already has a fix in the works, with one of four planned updates, to go live on launch day. It is said, the updates will address other issues as… View Article
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