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Hello All! If you have found yourself here, its because you are looking to find every Unreal Engine Logo to unlock their exclusive T-Shirts in TSA: No More Heroes. Whilst this guide is a work in progress, I have listed all the UE Logo Locations that I have uncovered so far so you don’t have to spend hours searching. So, ladies and gentlemen, I welcome you to our Travis Strikes Again UE Logo Guide.


Electric Thunder Tiger II

UE Logo #1 – Inside the room with the Octagonal rotating platforms and Deathahedron switches. Head to the top left most corner of the room. Follow the left passage over the electrifying platforms and you will enter a bug battle. Defeat them all to deactivate the boundary wall restricting access to the UE Logo above you.

UE Logo #2 – After beating the Sheepman Red midboss. In the next segment, you will be on a Highway (Motorway). Follow the highway right and you will enter another bug battle, defeat all of the bugs and continue right until you see a lorry parked at the top of the road. Behind it is the UE Logo.


Life Is Destroy

UE Logo #1 – In Case 004, head through the courtyard on the left hand side and take out all of the bugs. Head through the left path and go around the bend. The Logo is found right at the end of the bend.

UE Logo #2 – In Case 008, head up and then right all the way past the card switch, you will immediately find the second UE Logo for the Level.


Coffee & Doughnuts

UE Logo #1 – After clearing the rooms on first floor (Ground Floor) of the mansion, You will gain access to the second floor. Inside Room #203, Get up onto the second level and follow the path right until you reach a dead end. If you push up against the wall, you will see a doughut on the other side. You can actually break this wall and jump over onto the doughnut. Jump to the other building and continue right. You will eventually find the UE Logo.

UE Logo #2 – In Room #202, head right and jump over the platform until you will eventually two buildings separated by a single doughnut between them. Stand on the doughnut and ride it down or wait for it to rise enough to fall underneath it. Once at the bottom, head right and you will be ambushed by Bug enemies. Defeat them all and then head up the right side using the newly appeared lift. You will find the UE Logo and a Deathahedron Switch which will lift the platform you are on and take you to the end of the room.


Golden Dragon GP

UE Logo #1 – On the 8th floor of the Dragon Tower, Head north and keep taking the top right passage after every Bug battle. You will eventually come to a very long hallway (after the second Bug Battle) with multiple enemies to take care of. The UE Logo is in the middle of this long hallway. There is a large skull at the end of the hallway that is spawning the enemies. Take it out as soon as possible and then deal with the stragglers.

UE Logo #2 – On the 64th floor of the Dragon Tower. After completing it all the way once. Do it again. In the very last room where the Gear Chip was, you will now find the UE Logo in it’s place.


Killer Marathon

Don’t you worry, there are no UE Logos to find here… Yet! The second wave of DLC might add a couple though.

Serious Moonlight


We will be updating this part of the guide soon. Please bear with us.

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