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Super Mario Party is now out on Nintendo Switch. It is packed full of games modes and more characters than any other Mario Party Game. Some of the characters, game modes and features are not available from the start so you have to unlock them. We have put together this Super Mario Party Unlockables Guide to help you get the most out of Super Mario Party.

Toad’s Rec Room

Finish a game of Mario Party. It doesn’t matter if you don’t win, it will be unlocked immediately after.

Challenge Road

Unlock all minigames.

Kamek’s Tantalizing Tower

Clear all three stages in Mario Party.

Tantalizing Tower Toys

Clear all three stages in Partner Party.

Unlockable Characters

There are a total of four characters to unlock. You have to meet certain requirements first and then talk to them on the plaza in front of the Super Star to effectively unlock them.

Donkey Kong – Clear three different course in River Suvival.

Diddy Kong – Complete Chestnut Forest (World 2) in Challenge Road

Dry Bones – Appears after playing each game mode (Mario Party, Partner Party, River Survival and Sound Stage)

Pom Pom – Complete Salty Sea (World 5) in Challenge Road

Super Star Status

Collect all five gems by clearing stages. You can find our Gem Guide here.


Unlock music by playing through the game. Talk to Toad to update your Power Pad. Eventually, he will unlock Music. Additional Music must be purchase with Power Points.

Use amiibo

To be able to use amiibo, you have to unlock the Party Point Feature on the Party Pad. The Super Mario series amiibo and their Smash Bros series counterparts can unlock character stickers or Party Points. Any non Super Mario amiibo will reward Party Points. You can find what amiibo unlocks what in our Super Mario Party amiibo Sticker Guide

Party Point Feature

To unlock this feature, play through the game naturally and earn Party Points. Talk to the Toad that gave you the Party Pad and he will unlock this feature for you. You can use points that you have accumulated to buy items like stickers and music. You will also be able to use amiibo as well.

Sticker Room

To unlock the Sticker Room, you have to unlock the Party Point Feature. Afterwards, go to the Red Pipe on the left side of the plaza and Kamek will get rid of the Piranha plant so you can access the Sticker Room.

Get More Stickers

Once you have the Party Point Feature, you must visit the Sticker Room at least once. Talk to Toad again and he will now let you buy Stickers in exchange for Party Points.

Extra Stickers – Super Mario Party Quiz

Talk to Birdo after gaining access to Stickers. She will allow you to participate in the Super Mario Party quiz for chance to win stickers.

River Survival – Hard Mode

Travel down every path and reach all five end goals in River Survival. (Credit: James)

Golden Oar

Can be won as a prize for answering Birdo’s Super Mario Party Quiz correctly. The particular question comes after travelling through every path in River Survival. (Credit: James)

Master Difficulty

After collecting a gem, talk to whoever is in front of the Star in the Plaza. It could be Peach or Rosalina or someone else. The character may say they are a minigame master. Let them join your party and you will unlock the Master Difficulty for AI. (Credit: Tyler/Matt/Orphen)

Bonus Stars

Not so much an unlockable but they can certainly change the tide of success in Mario Part and Partner Party. After finishing Mario Party and Partner Party, there are a total of two more stars up for grabs. They are randomized but we have listed what ones we have come across so far so you know what to look out for.

Ally Bonus – Have the most allies

Buddy Bonus – Have just the right ally for your character

Doormat Bonus – Got stomped on the most

Eventful Bonus – Land on the most event squares (Credit: Derek Force)

Item Bonus – Used the most items in the game. (Credit: Derek Force)

Rich Bonus– Collected the most coins

Minigames Bonus – Won the most minigames

Sightseer Bonus – Travel the most spaces on the board

Slow Bonus – Travelled the least spaces on the board

Stompy Bonus – Stomped on Rivals the most

Unlucky Bonus – Landed on the most red/ unlucky squares. (Credit: tmihalich)

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15 thoughts on “[Guide] Super Mario Party Unlockables Guide”
  1. You can unlock puzzles at Toads Rec Room by playing each level of puzzle, there are a total of 30, and you get like 2000 points for finishing every single one

    You unlock master difficulty in challenge road after completing it in normal difficulty

    You can talk to Kamek to change the daytime (i think it is only possible after geting the 5 gems)

    1. Thank you for letting us know. We shall include these tips as soon as. How would you like to be credited? Is Aleksar okay?

  2. The Master AI unlock doesn’t require getting all the gems. I’ve only got two gems and just unlocked the Master AI. I had just unlocked Pom Pom, so maybe it’s something to do with Challenge Road?

  3. To unlock Master difficulty you just have to earn one gem and then talk to the person, you don’t need all 5

  4. You can unlock Hard Mode in River Survival by reaching all 5 end goals and going down every path. And you can also unlock a gold oar by speaking to birdo and answering a question though im not sure what triggers the question.

    1. Thank you so much James for your input. We will add these into our guide. How would you like to be credited?

  5. Another Ally bonus is for when you had the “perfect match” Ally. Someone playing Hammer Bro got the bonus for having Yoshi as an Ally even though he did not have the most allies that game.

    1. Thanks for letting us know. There are two types of Ally bonuses. One is for most allies, the other is for the perfect match, like you said.

  6. […] In the bottom-left corner, there is the amiibo option. You will need the right Joy-Con connected in order to scan amiibo. Any amiibo that is not in the Super Mario series, (for example Starfox, Legend of Zelda, Metroid, Animal Crossing) will give you extra Party Points. Mario, Luigi, Bowser and company unlock Shiny Stickers of themselves. If you would like to know about how to unlock content in Super Mario Party, be sure to check out our Super Mario Party Unlockables Guide. […]

  7. Another bonus star to watch for: Unlucky. It’s for the person who landed on the most red spaces and unlucky spaces (total of both apparently.)

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