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[Guide] How to get the “Classic Luigi” & “Classic Mario” Costumes in Mario Tennis Aces

When it comes to Mario Tennis Aces, a new month usually means one thing, new obtainable content, be it a new character, a new costume for existing characters or even both and January is no exception. Only this time around, instead of new obtainable costumes requiring you to endure through the game’s Co-op Challenge mode… View Article
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Green Is The New Black Spirit Event

[Guide] Super Smash Bros Ultimate: Complete List Of Every Obtainable Spirit During “Green Is The New Black” Spirit Event

Okay folks, its that time of the week where we highlight the upcoming Spirit event for Super Smash Bros Ultimate. This week’s theme is the Green Is The New Black spirit event. It will feature all those wonderful spirits that associated with the colour green. During the Green Is The New Black spirit event, there will… View Article
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Super Smash Bros Ultimate

[Guide] A Gamer’s Guide to a World of Video Games after Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

When it comes to the Super Smash Bros. games, they are more than just crossover fighting games, they are introductory gamers that give players the chance to discover new characters with games to call their own and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is no exception. It is in light of this fact that we have decided… View Article
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[Guide] Confirmed Nintendo Developed & Published Games Coming in 2018 & 2019 From March 2018 Onward

Oh Nintendo, what are you doing to us? This time last year, we had a good idea as to what we can expect with the Nintendo Switch and 3DS, with plenty of surprises thrown in, but these year, we’re still very much in the dark! So, in light of that fact, we thought it would be… View Article
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