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Both Loyalty’s Requiem and Trick or Treasure may be a thing of the past in Dragalia Lost, but the mobile game is not pulling its punches as the next event has already been revealed and there is very little time to prepare for it. But don’t worry, that’s precisely what this Kindness and Captivity guide is for!


What is a Raid Event? (General Explanation)

For those of you who are unfamiliar with what a Raid event is, especially in gacha games, they’re a special type of mission that a lot of the time, sees players having to band together, in a bid to take down a big bad monster or fight another group of players.

Raid Events are notorious for ramping up with difficulty and offering great rewards for those to earn them and in gacha games, those rewards can often include a rare character/hero/demon and etc.


What is a Kindness and Captivity?

Kindness and Captivity is Dragalia Lost’s second Raid event and if anything like the last one, will be a limited time event that has a central elemental theme. (Example: Loyalty’s Requiem was a Flame based event that took place in a volcano, had players fight flame attributed monsters and take down a powerful Raid Boss, which had a flame typing.)

During this kind of a Raid Event, players can obtain a new character and playthrough a special story chapter, made up of playable levels and story-focused instalments. There are also Boss Battles and Raid Boss levels where players can team up with the teams of other players, resulting in an epic battle of 16 adventurers against the Raid Boss. Achieving success can earn players plenty of great rewards.


What can I expect from Kindness and Captivity? 

Should Friends and Captivity follow the set formula, can expect to befriend a new character and form a friendship with them, which can be strengthened by playing with the character and completing quests.

By achieving the maximum friendship, the temporary character (the name “Melsa” has been provided,) will stick around, as you have earned the right to keep hold of her, long after the event has ended. Melsa will also keep the level you have attained with them. Additionally, it has been speculated that she is a 4* Sylvan, who is of the fire typing and uses a dagger. (We’re waiting on official confirmation.)

Furthermore, if the event ends, whilst you’re still in a battle, you will be allowed to finish it as the results are being calculated. You will also receive rewards based on your performance during the whole event.

Again, provided Kindness and Captivity Raid event behaves as it should, players will be able to earn Blazons and Emblems. The more emblems you have, the greater the “event-specific wyrmprints” players will be able to add to their collection. As for blazons, they can be used to summon “event-specific dragons, wyrmprints and other rewards.”

As for the actual battles themselves, especially those that require 16 adventurers working together, it is actually 4 players working together, with each one able to use 4 of their own characters. The battles will also have three difficulties: Beginner, Standard and Expert.

Anyone who wishes to join a room, are free to do so, at the cost of Getherwings, but if you wish to be the host, you will need Otherworld Fragments, which are earned from Boss Battles.

The upside to this, is if you beat a Raid Battle on the expert difficulty, you’ll also be able to do an extra raid battle. Should you fail to beat the Special battle, you’ll be allowed to try it again and again, until you beat it and it disappears.

Lastly, throughout the duration of the event, there will be Daily and Limited event quests for players to complete.

Dragalia Lost Kindness and Captivity


When does Kindness and Captivity Begin?

23:00 PT (October 30, 2018)

02:00 ET (October 31, 2018)

*Event schedule and content may change without warning.


Are there any Prerequisites I need to be aware of for Kindness and Captivity?

Absolutely there is! If you have not out a lot of time into the game’s main campaign already, you will need to correct that.

In order to even participate in Event Quests, players are required to clear Chapter 2 /2-1 on Normal difficulty. Clearing Chapter 2 /2-1 also allows players to engage in co-op battles, which is a necessity for Kindness and Captivity.


Is there anything I should do in the meantime to prepare for Kindness and Captivity?

Although we haven’t got too long before the event kicks off, being an event with a Raid Boss, whose element is Wind, it would not hurt if you took the time to strengthen whatever Fire attributed adventurers and dragons you have.

A couple of ways you can do this is, is by taking advantage of the Avenue to Power event quests and grinding for the upgrade items. You can also forge a better bond with your beloved dragons.

You can also strengthen your weapons, forge new ones and spend some time over at your castle, and upgrade facilities. The most important thing you can do however, is take advantage of the Flamehowl Ruins event that is currently in effect as of today.

Until the event ends on Oct 30 at 22:59 PT, players can play any of the Flamehowl Ruins levels, and earn twice as many Daily Rewards, thus allowing players to use the materials they acquire, to unlock more of their mana nodes and sooner.

You will also want use your Water element team to complete Brunhilda’s Trial (available as part of the Dragon Trials) and beat it on Master difficulty. (Do Expert if you can’t beat Master.) Doing so will earn you plenty of Flamewyrm’s Scales and Flamewyrm’s Scaldscales, which are also vital for unlocking mana nodes to strengthen your adventurers. (The stronger the team, the easier the challenge.)


As always, we hope you found this guide helpful.

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