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GAME España Offers Wii U Trade-In For Nintendo Switch From €199.95

Emails from Game España (Spain) are being sent out to their customers offering a trade-in plan to be able to purchase the newest console from Nintendo, the Switch,  from €199.95. This will mean parting with your Wii U & Gamepad and also a few games as well to get as close to the minimum offer as posible. I personally won’t be parting with my Wii U any time soon, as tempting as the offer may be as I do have The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild for Wii U on Pre-order along with the new Zelda amiibos as well.

On the subject of Zelda Breath Of The Wild, Game España are also offering a trade-in of various Wii U games to be able to purchase the game at €29.99. This is also another suck in, as Game España are offering  €16 for New Super Mario Bros U and just Dance 2017 for €14. The catch is that both the game and box must be in perfect condition. If you can read Spanish, you can see for yourself below.

Game Renove offer.png

Will you any of you that reside in Spain be taking advantage of this offer? Do any stores in Your area offer anything similar that you would like us to share with our readers? Let us know in the comments below or email us at


(Video) Nintendo Minute Switch Unboxing Video

Those lucky souls over at Nintendo Minute, Kit & Krysta get all the best jobs as their latest video of the Nintendo Minute sees them doing an unboxing video of the Nintendo Switch. You can check out the video below!


Source: Nintendo (YouTube)

(Video) Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Lon Lon Milk Commercial (A Channy & Kimberly Production)

Talented Animators Channy & Kimberly have done it again and have produced another fine animation this time centered around the Legend Of Zelda in the form of a commercial for Lon Lon Milk. You can check out the video below which has cameos of Tetra and Stallord as well. Please be sure to check out their Youtube Channel and subscribe to see more of their amazing animations including, Starfox, Yoshi’s Island, Splatoon and Pokémon!


Source: Channy & Kimberly (YouTube)

No Early Releases For Nintendo Switch Or Accessories

After receiving a whole bunch of emails saying that my pre-orders for the Switch, games, accessories, and the new Zelda amiibo line from Amazon. It seems that the recent events of stolen Switch consoles sold early have urged Nintendo to stick to the March 3rd release. Most Amazon Prime users know that they can normally receive items a day before their release but it looks like it won’t be happening this time around.

Of course this is just from Amazon, you may still be able to acquire it from midnight sales or other media outlets.

(Gallery) A Couple of Photos from the NIS America Press Event

NIS America held their press event yesterday and our man in the field  Benjamin Nagel was there to witness it first hand. Quite the number of games were announced for various platforms including RPG Maker Fes for the Nintendo 3DS this Summer.  The Switch also made an appearance at the event which our correspondent managed to get a couple of pictures of and the joycon grip. You can see the images for yourself below. Continue reading (Gallery) A Couple of Photos from the NIS America Press Event

Meet Giovanni Gaul, The Boy With The “Super” Nintendo Room.

As you all well know, here at Miketendo64 we don’t just cover the latest news and updates from the Big N, we also like to honour the fans as well. Well today is no exception as we stumbled across one gamer in a Facebook group whose love for Nintendo has created one really awesome looking gamer den that puts my own to shame. We contacted the gamer in question to talk about his fantastic room and he got in touch almost immediately. Meet Giovanni Gaul, a 13 year old gamer whose passion for Nintendo was nurtured by his Mom and has grown into a true Nintendo Aficionado. Continue reading Meet Giovanni Gaul, The Boy With The “Super” Nintendo Room.

DLC Planned For Zelda: Breath Of The Wild (Expansion Pass Brings Goodies Day One)

A video has been uploaded to the Nintendo YouTube Channel with Zelda Series Producer Eiji Aonuma announcing DLC for The Breath Of The Wild.

An expansion pass will be available to purchase for $19.99 which will give access to new features coming to the game including in game clothing for Link to wear, new dungeons and even a new Story. You can check out what’s to come below;

And the video you can watch right here!

Miyamoto Interview With TIME Magazine, Talks Iwata’s Involvement with Switch, HD Rumble, VR & More

Creative Fellow and the world’s most prized game developer, Shigeru Miyamoto, recently had an interview with TIME Magazine to talk about the upcoming home/handheld console hybrid, the Nintendo Switch and revealed quite a number of things on the subject. We have taken a few highlights of the interview and put them below.

Continue reading Miyamoto Interview With TIME Magazine, Talks Iwata’s Involvement with Switch, HD Rumble, VR & More

Miketendo64 X Double Jump Collaboration

We at Miketendo64 are pleased to announced that we will be collaborating with Sister Gaming Duo and Bloggers Kris & Rachel from Double Jump. They will be dropping by our website from time to time to share their amazing content with our readers. We gladly appreciate their joining forces with us as we always strive to bring the best content possible to our followers. We hope you will enjoy their posts as much as we do and support their blog by giving them a follow as well. You can check them out here.

Goddess Statues Make A Return In Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

In the latest trailer of The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild, there is a scene that shows a goddess statue much like the one in Skyward Sword. It is known that Breath Of The Wild will have many Easter Eggs and references to many of the other games in the series but it is not known whether they will have any strong significance or ties to the other titles. For example, we know there are Statues of the Goddess Hylia in BOTW but don’t know if it is the Exact same statue from Skyward Sword (will we be able to go back to the Sacred Grove?).



Continue reading Goddess Statues Make A Return In Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

Mike Scorpio On… Fire Emblem (GBA)

After the release of Fire Emblem Heroes on Android and iOS Smart devices, I have reall been addicted to it. I thoroughly love the strategy of the game, the weapon triangle and the abundance of characters at your disposal that picking the right team can really give you an edge in battle. Like I have mentioned before in our “Fire Emblem Week,” I have never played a proper Fire Emblem game and I decided that after playing Fire Emblem Heroes and falling in love with it and with the advice of some of our readers to give it a go, I downloaded Fire Emblem (GBA) From the Wii U Virtual Console. So After playing it for a good few hours (I think I have invest 4 hours so far) I am ready to share my thoughts on Fire Emblem. Continue reading Mike Scorpio On… Fire Emblem (GBA)

(Random) Charizard is the Next Pokémon to be distributed to Sun & Moon

Following a recent poll by CoroCoro, fan favourite Charizard has been chosen to be the next Pokémon to be distributed to the Gen 7 games.

Continue reading (Random) Charizard is the Next Pokémon to be distributed to Sun & Moon

Friday Favorites: Fire Emblem Games

Double Jump Share their thoughts on their favourite Fire Emblem games for #FireEmblemWeek! Thanks Girls!

Double Jump

Double Jump Kris Mii Thank God it’s Friday! How was everyone’s week?

Joining in on Miketendo’s #FireEmblemWeek, I’m still riding high on the Fire Emblem hype that’s come with the announcement of all the new games. Did anyone else get Fire Emblem Heroes for mobile devices yet? Or do some of you prefer the full games, like in my list down below? Please note that I have not played every Fire Emblem game to date and that the below list is just my personal favorites.

ce75. Sacred Stones

The Sacred Stones was my first foray into the Fire Emblem world, and I’ve never regretted it. I remember picking this up from Toys R Us ages ago and, while I was a little apprehensive of the perma-death aspect of the game, I still decided to give it a go. It was a fantastic challenge, especially when I made myself restart battles whenever one of my soldiers…

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Fire Emblem Heroes: A Nintendo Mobile Review

Ok, so after playing around with the app for the better part of a day, I think now is a good time to review Fire Emblem Heroes. To start off, I didn’t know what I was getting myself in for, as I have already mentioned before that I have never really played an FE game before (I shall refer to Fire Emblem as ‘FE’ for the duration of this review) so whether that works in my favour as an independent reviewer or not will depend on you. I like to think it will help make my opinions less biased as I will not be constantly attempting to compare it to the FE games on Nintendo consoles and instead review it for what it is, a Mobile game from Nintendo.

So, what is Fire Emblem Heroes? It is a turn-based strategy game where you must move your units around a map per so many squares and defeat all of the enemy units before they eliminate all of yours, think chess meets Warhammer. Each unit has a specific set of skills and moveset which may aid or hinder the flow of battle and it is your job as commander (or “summoner” as you are referred to in the game) to utilize each unit to the best of their abilities.



So let’s talk story. You are a summoner that has been given the power to summon heroes from all over the FE universe to stop Princess Veronica of the Emblian Empire for controlling all world including Askr where this game is set. You are recruited by Anna who is the commander of The Order Of Heroes and fight alongside new characters of the series, Siblings Prince Alfonse & Princess Sharena to rescue heroes of the FE series from their contracts with Princess Veronica and convince them to join your cause. The story is simple enough to follow and engaging enough to continue through Story mode to see how it ends as you fight to put an end to the Emblian invasion and find out the identity of the Masked Man.



As mentioned before, it is a turn-based strategy game that has you moving your units around a grided map to engage the enemy units and defeat them. It is a simple process but the challenge of the game is doing so without losing vital units that could be essential in achieving victory in each battle. From what little I have played of Fire Emblem Fates. The gameplay seems relatively identical and the ease of playing on mobile is simplified to the ability to use one hand if you want to.

Easy to learn, difficult to master isn’t really the case here but mistakes on some of the Special maps can cost you, literally, as some items that are required to continue playing after failure must be earned or purchased with real money. You can get around some of this with the new My Nintendo rewards that offer some of thes items for the cost of 100 platinum points or so but they are limited so once you have redeemed all you can from My Nintendo, you will be back to level grinding and credit card abusing.


Game Features

FE Heroes has plenty of modes on offer including competing against other player’s teams in Arena Duels, or buffing up your team via Training Tower, taking on Special Maps for a limited time or going to the in game shop to buy essentials to max out your team members and make them stronger. If you are not liking your current team members, you can summon other heroes to join your team instead and train them up to make your team the best it can be. It is addictive and fun to play and can be played in small doses or long sessions depending on battery life and internet coverage. There are also Google Play Games functionality that also keeps track of game progress and rewards you for completing certain tasks. My Nintendo also has a similar feature that rewards you with Platinum coins which you can use to redeem FE items from the My Nintendo rewards page.



The graphics to the game are actually very good and clear. The levels may look relatively simplistic but still up to par with what you can expect from a mobile game. The Menu screens and text are very sharp & clear as are the characters in both sprite and avatar form and character attack animations are very fluid. In fact, I can’t find anything to really criticise about the graphics as even the movie sequences look stunning!



The music and sound effects are so good that it really captures the atmosphere of the game. The added voice narratives at certain points in the game help to make you feel part of the games as the characters talk to you personally rather than you as a character in the game. The music really does make it feel like you are playing something epic and that you are on a quest to rid the world of evil (at least it does with me anyway).


I guess it is time to cover the pros and cons of Fire Emblem Heroes


  • Fun to play and quite addictive.
  • Plays just like a Fire Emblem game but without the whole marrying and other complex mechanics.
  • Easy to learn and and offeres different tiers of difficulty after completing chapters.
  • Grinding doesn’t feel like a chore but a pleasure as your team conquers your enemies.
  • Each level is relatively short and can easily be played for short periods of time.
  • Makes you actually want to play a Fire Emblem game on a Nintendo Console.
  • Free To Play. The only payment needed is via Microtransactions when trying to buff up your team faster than anybody else.



  • Drains a lot of battery life very quickly. Think Pokémon Go but you won’t have to leave the house (I guess you can always leave it charging whilst playing.
  • Relies on a constant internet connection to play. Unless you have wifi or a good data plan, you will be eating through 3G & 4G like it’s about to go out of date.
  • Internet connection error. Though not so much now, I guess Nintendo have upped the server but when doing the initial download, you had to keep spamming the retry button until the message finally went away.


This is actually a very fun game to play and I have enjoyed it very much so. I am considering trying more Fire Emblem games when the opportunity presents itself and if you have yet to give Fire Emblem Heroes a go than be sure to do so as I give this cool little title…








Fire Emblem Heroes Gameplay (Video)

With Fire Emblem Heroes well and truly out on most smart phone devices around the world, I thought I would upload my own gameplay video of the game in action. The video starts from the first Intro video and plays through the first couple of practice levels. Hopefully anyone who has a slight interest in adding Fire Emblem Heroes to their smart phone will be encouraged to do just that after watching our gameplay video (or not).

I will admit that the audio is not the best in the world and at one point comes out of sync for some reason which I don’t know why and I have saved it multiple times but to no avail. I am using Mobizen on mobile and Camtasia 8 on PC,