If, like the majority, you feel Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Pokémon: Let’s Go, Eevee! seems too easy and too lacking compared to core Pokémon games, you might want to consider the Master Trainers.

Once a player has become the Pokémon League Champion, an elite class of Trainers will show up in Kanto and they will certainly provide the challenge players feel the Let’s Go games are missing. But, what are they and where can you find them? Well, these are the very questions we’ll be answering in this FAQ:

Master Trainers guide

A Pokémon: Let’s Go Master Trainers FAQ:

  • What are Master Trainers? Master Trainers are an elite class of Trainers, who specialise in a particular Pokémon. They are considered the “strongest trainer for a specific Pokémon.”
  • How many Master Trainers are there? It has been said that there is a Master Trainer for every Pokémon in the Kanto region.
  • Where can I find Master Trainers? Master Trainers are reported to be scattered all over the Kanto region, with some said to be discoverable in:
    • Cerulean City
    • Pokémon Mansion,
    • Route 2
    • Route 11
    • Route 17
    • Route 18
    • Route 23
    • Viridian Forest
  • How do I unlock Master Trainers? To unlock Master Trainers, players must first beat the game, by becoming the Pokémon League Champion.
  • How can I tell Master Trainers apart from normal Trainers? Master Trainers are said to always be thinking about their favourite Pokémon and as such, a bubble will be present above their head, of their beloved Pokémon. They also have a different attire to other trainers. (Going by the pictures available, the attire is simply a different colour, so bug catchers will still look like bug catchers, only their vest is now red.)
  • What do I get if I beat a Master Trainer? By beating a Master Trainer, players can receive that Trainer’s title. So, if the Trainer is a Charizard Master, you will earn the title of “Charizard Master.”
  • What can I use Master Trainer titles for? Essentially, the titles are just for bragging rights, to show off just what kind of a Pokémon Master you are. This is done by having them displayed in-game during Link Battles.
  • What are the requirements for fighting a Master Trainer? In order to battle a Master Trainer, players are required to have the same Pokémon as them. An example of this would be a Pikachu Master will only battle you, if you yourself have a Pikachu. If you don’t because you’re playing Pokémon: Let’s Go, Eevee! you will need to catch one and then train it to be as strong as you possibly can. Items can not be used during these battles.
  • Are battles the only way to earn Titles from Master Trainers? No, some Master Trainers will actually have a simple request of you. One example is in the case the Ditto Master, whose request is his desire to see a “truly powerful Ditto.” Another request seems to task players with finding Sandshrew.
  • If I defeat all Master Trainers, will I finally be a Pokémon Master? We can’t say as far as the games are concerned, as there has been no mention of a Pokémon Master title yet, but you will certainly be a Pokémon Master in our eyes.
  • Is there a reward for defeating all Master Trainers? At this time, there has been no mention of such a thing, but we are expecting there to be a special title and we will update this FAQ when more details come in.
  • Is there any footage pertaining to Master Trainers? Yes there is and you can see it below:

Should, after all of the questions above, you feel we’ve missed something out, be sure to ask it in the comments, so we can add it to the list above and of course, answer it. We will also, in time, be providing a guide that will detail where each and every Master Trainer can be found.

Pokémon: Let's Go Master Trainers FAQ

Until then, we hope you found this guide helpful.

By Jack Longman

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