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Pokémon Sun & Moon Fifth Global Mission Commences! Get Ready To Hatch Some Eggs!

The Next Global Mission For Pokémon Sun & Moon has begun and this time players have to hatch as many eggs as they possibly can to reach a goal of 200,000 eggs hatched. If completed by April 10th, 23:59 UTC all players will receive 2000 FC for their troubles and the mission will be classed as a success. You can also get double reward if your game save data is connected to a Global Link Account. If you contribute 3 or more hatched eggs to the mission, you will receive a rare candy and if the secondary goal of 400,000 eggs get hatched between all players, those with Global Link accounts will also recieve a Love Ball.



Some Characters Will Be Bunnying Up in Fire Emblem Heroes

The Japanese Twitter Account is at it again with revealing even more things coming to the game. in their latest Tweet it shows a silhouette of three heroes with what looks to be bunny ears perched on their heads. we only have to wait until the 30th of March for when all will be revealed.

FE bunnies.png

Source: Fire Emblem Heroes JP (Twitter)

Several Changes Coming To Fire Emblem Heroes. Increase In Stamina, Position Changes & More

The Japanese Twitter account for Fire Emblem Heroes has divulged that several changes and updates will soon be coming to the game. Fortunately the details have been translated by Reddit user Van24 and it by the looks of it, these changes will be quite welcoming.

Firstly and probably the most beneficial, at the beginning of each battle, you will be able to change your unit’s starting positions to better suit your attack strategy. You will be abble to swap them around as much as you like providing you haven’t made the first action. If you do, you will no longer be able to move them around.

Adjustments have been made to how much experience is earned by characters depending on their Star ranking. Lower Star rank units will earn more experience from low level enemies than Higher Star rank units would against the same enemies.

Stamina will also be increased to 99 as opposed to 50 and can be restored up to 99 with the use of Orbs and Stamina potions.

We should be able to see these changes come into play with a new update that launches sometime in April.

Are you still playing Fire Emblem Heroes? Will you be looking forward to these updates? Please be sure to let us know in the comments below.


Source: Reddit (r/FireEmblemHeroes)

(Video) The Making Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild “Bonus Session”

After the release of a three-part Making Of series that looks behind the scenes of the creation of Nintendo’s Biggest game to date, Zelda: Breath Of The Wild. Nintendo have just uploaded a extra “Bonus Session” episode which has a number of the Developers that worked on Breath Of The Wild talkingabout their favourite aspects of the game including favourite characters, shrines and more. You can see for yourself in the video below.

If you have yet to see any of the other videos in the Making of Series that look at the creation of the “Open-Air” concept, Characters and the beginning of it all, you can find them on our previous post (Video) The Making Of The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild.

Source: Nintendo (YouTube)

[Interview] Miketendo64 Twitter Based AMA with 13AM Games’ Alex Rushdy Recap

Since we love conducting interviews, and like to give back to our fans whenever we can and get them involved with our antics whenever possible, we wanted to find a way to merge all of those things together, and we did.

We decided we’d reach out to some devs to see if they would be up for doing some Twitter based AMAs (Ask Me Anything) and one particular 13AM Games dev was all too happy to take us up on our AMA invite and while the AMA is now well and truly over, here’s some of the very best highlights of our AMA with Alex Rushdy:  Continue reading [Interview] Miketendo64 Twitter Based AMA with 13AM Games’ Alex Rushdy Recap

Nintendo Treehouse Will Live Stream the First event of the Splatoon 2 Global Testfire

Love Splatoon but unable to participate in the Global Testfire this week because you don’t own a Nintendo Switch? Not to worry, Nintendo has you covered.

The Nintendo Treehouse team will be on hand to live stream the very first event, which kicks off at 12:00 p.m. PT (15:00 p.m. ET/19:00 p.m. UTC for the UK,) on Friday the 24th of March. So even if you can’t play yourself, at least you can get a proper look at the game is really like and what you can expect from the full game. Make sure you save the link below:

But if you do own a Switch, in that case be sure to study the image below as it contains the controls you will need to commit to memory if you expect to win and remember, Stay Fresh!


Source: Nintendo

More on Super Mario Run’s Version 2.0.0 Update

With Super Mario Run’s new update and android release slated for release two days from now, even more details regarding the update has come to light!

First up, get ready to rebuild your Kingdom as new items are coming to the shop, which includes Blue Yoshi’s House. Naturally Blue Yoshi’s House will unlock Blue Yoshi as a playable character, but certain requirements will need to be met in order to purchase the house in the first place.

But the biggest reveal is something the free players of Super Mario Run will enjoy most. Once the update rolls out, a Challenge from Bowser will be available and it allows free players to take on World 1-4 without having to pay for the full game and provided they beat it, additional levels will be added to Toad Rally, as well as the means to earn both Green and Blue Toads. (Prior to the update, free players could only get Red Toads.)

While that covers everything from today’s Super Mario Run news, should any more details regarding the update come to light, you can expect to read about them all right here and if there’s not, you can expect our full coverage of the update on Thursday. So until then, keep on gaming!

Source: @SuperMarioRunJP (Twitter)

New Switch Animation On My Nintendo Website

As most My Nintendo users will already know, every time you log into the My Nintendo website, they are greeted with several different animations of their Mii avatar doing various things like fishing, floating on balloons, painting and also playing videogames on Nintendo consoles. There is now a new animation that extends on the playing videogames as your Mii Avatar can now be seen playing Zelda: Breath Of The Wild on the Nintendo Switch with the Neon Joy-Cons in hand. You can see the new animation via the Gif below.

Miketendo64 Presents: A March 21st Twitter Based AMA with 13AM Games’ Alex Rushdy

Do you love Runbow, Pop Pirate Plus and 13AM Games? Would you love to be able to ask 13AM Games anything you want? Well we might have something that will interest you.


While we can’t give you the means to question the whole of the 13AM Games staff, we can give you the opportunity to question Alex Rushdy, the Director of 13AM Games as we will be interviewing him on Twitter for the whole Twitterverse to see. But you haven’t heard the best part, it’s not just going to be us asking him questions as we’re also inviting YOU to ask Your questions as well! Continue reading Miketendo64 Presents: A March 21st Twitter Based AMA with 13AM Games’ Alex Rushdy

April 27 Will See Nintendo’s Fiscal Year Earnings Release

On April 27th, Nintendo will be giving an update on their financials with their next Fiscal Year Earnings Release. Naturally, Nintendo will also be giving an update on their perfomance for the overall Fiscal Year on March 31st which should shed some light on Switch Sales as well.

April 27th 2016 was when Nintendo announced that the Switch will be releasing in March 2017 and that Zelda: Breath of The Wild would also be launching on Switch as well and that it was the only confirmed game at E3 2016 For Nintendo. Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing Titles for mobile were also announced on this date. That doesn’t mean that Nintendo will do something similar this year but you never know.


Source: Nintendo (Japan)

Fire Emblem Heroes To Get New Features, Check Your Notifications

Fire Emblem Heroes has picked up momentum and is still rolling out new features to keep players entertained. The latest News from the Notification tray states that there will be new ways to expand your heroes’ abilities, new rules for combat,  heroes can now inherits skill by merging allies and much more. You can see the whole notification in the image below.


Source: Fire Emblem Heroes In-App Notification


(Video) The Making Of: The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

Nintendo Of America have just uploaded a new web series that dives into the Making Of The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild. The series is broken in to three episode and look into the how it began, the characters and story and the “Open-Air” Concept. If You are a Zelda Fan or even if you aren’t but are enjoying Breath Of The Wild regardless, you may find this series very interesting to watch. Because we are such nice guys and girls here at Miketendo64, we have done you the favour of having to look for these videos on Youtube and you can watch them directly below. Alternatively you can find them on Nintendo’s YouTube Channel. 

Please note that these videos may contain spoiler to Breath Of The Wild, If you don’t want any Spoilers, turn away now.

The Beginning


Story & Characters


Open-Air Concept


Source: Nintendo (YouTube)

Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Elixir Guide

The Legend Of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has indeed broken from tradition of collecting hearts to restore your health and has also added environmental dangers that can harm you as well, be it atop of Icy mountains or Active Volcanoes to even braving the desert or running amok amidst a thunderstorm. To replenish life you have to cook items you have gathered and make dishes to increase the amount of hearts you can recover (Check out our Cooking Recipe Guide for more information). However, while some foods do have extra effect bonuses, sometimes you don’t want to waste a dish that could help you out later on just for an effect boost, this is where elixirs come in so allow us to present to you our Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Elixir Guide!
Continue reading Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Elixir Guide

Buying Physical Games Finally Pays off with My Nintendo

The biggest thing with regards to My Nintendo that always annoyed me, was the fact that every time I buy a physical title, I’m not rewarded for it.

I don’t buy digital games because I despise them, I just don’t buy them purely because I like to be able to look at the box art. I enjoy taking the cart/disc out of its box and putting it into my console/handheld. You don’t get that feeling when you buy a digital title and because of that, I didn’t rack up many Gold Points with My Nintendo, but that has now changed.

If you buy a physical Switch title and register it to your console, you can now earn Gold Points for My Nintendo, and the more expensive the game, the more points you will earn. Only thing is though, compared to the points you would get if you brought digitally from the eShop, the points for buying are next to nothing, which in my opinion sucks. It feels like they are finally giving us what we want with one hand, whilst slapping us in the fact with the other, but it is what it is.

There is no changing it and at least some Switch rewards are to be added very soon, so that will distract us from our stinging cheeks for a bit and if you think I’m being over the top, please feel free to comment as such in the comment section below;

Source: My Nintendo (Missions)