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A Brazilian gamer with a great love for playing Nintendo games, and a hobby of writing about his gaming experiences and thoughts.

Even though that is what I mainly do for fun, I also love listening to music (especially rock) and watching movies (especially animations), so also expect a few posts on those matters.

Celeste Review

Originally posted on Nintendobound:
With Celeste, players will unearth two sorts of joys: the temporary happiness of performing miraculous platforming tricks, and the everlasting knowledge that they have just experienced a journey for the ages Life is full of sudden and brief moments when one is overcome by the unexplainable…

Axiom Verge Review

Originally posted on Nintendobound:
Even if some of its aspects could have benefited from additional specialized help, in level design the one-man effort of Axiom Verge stands side-by-side with the best installments of the classic saga that inspired it As a testament to the simple ingenuity of the Metroidvania gameplay…

Yooka-Laylee Review

Originally posted on Nintendobound:
The act of rebellion executed by Yooka-Laylee is only partially successful; however, its numerous positive aspects validate the existence of collectathons in contemporary gaming, and that is its finest achievement Yooka-Laylee smells like an act of rebellion. Prior to its release, the fifteen years that had passed ever…

Ever Oasis Review

Originally posted on Nintendobound:
Through light stumbles and heavy falls, Ever Oasis will be able to please – to different and somehow uncertain degrees – anyone who wants a dose of role-playing thrown into their Animal Crossing, or vice-versa In a world that is overrun by Chaos, a dark force of…

Monster Hunter Stories Review

Originally posted on Nintendobound:
By mixing and matching elements of Monster Hunter and Pokemon, Monster Hunter Stories offers a charming, albeit flawed, look into a universe that is often portrayed as rough and gritty If the evolution of this planet’s species had taken a slightly more awesome and brutal path…

Metroid: Samus Returns Review

Originally posted on Nintendobound:
No game could have possibly made up for the thirteen years that went by without a new Metroid sidescroller, but Samus Returns is as close as Nintendo could have gotten to total redemption Nintendo’s fondness for looking back on the company’s treasured past and reviving many…

Sonic Mania Review

Originally posted on Nintendobound:
Sonic Mania was born with the intention of being a celebration, a simple gift to the hedgehog and his fans on the 25th birthday of the release of the saga’s first game, but it ends up being much more than that Fans always know what they…