Super Mario Party Unlockables Guide

To become a true Super Star in Super Mario Party, you will need to collect Gems. There are five in total and they can be obtained by completing certain tasks. We have put together our own Super Mario Party Gem Guide detailing what each gem is and what needs to be done to obtain it.

*Warning! Potential Game Spoilers Ahead.

  • Gem of Tenacity Clear every stage in Mario Party.
  • Gem Of Spirit – Clear Hard Difficulty in Sound Stage.
  • Gem Of Courage Reach all five goals in River Survival.
  • Gem Of Love – Clear every stage in Partner Party.
  • Gem Of Passion – Clear every Stage in Challenge Road.

Super Mario Party Gem Guide

After you have all five Gems, you will be rewarded with a cutscene with Toad and Toadette presenting the winner with the victory podium. Congratulations! You are a true Super Star.

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