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As you venture further into Starlink: Battle For Atlas, more options and features begin to become accessible. You will be able to convince Outposts to join your cause against the Forgotten Legion. There are four types of Outposts that each have their own benefits to aid the Alliance. Our Starlink: Battle For Atlas Outpost Guide aims to explain what Outpost does what and why you should try to have a balanced number of each on every planet.

Later on in the story, you will also be able to build Starlink Towers. These help to unite planets under the flag of the Alliance and are necessary on certain planets to reach other parts of the Atlas System.

The Four Outposts are:

  • Observatory
  • Refinery
  • Workshop
  • Armory


  • Max Level Benefit: Uncovers 30% of planet surface
  • Collects: Organics, Cores

Observatories are your eyes on each planet. They scan and map the planet’s surface and help highlight placemarks on the map like wreckage sites and building ruins. Upgrading them requires organic materials or cores and are the easiest to upgrade with materials only. By offering to help them, you can convince them to join your cause which will earn you experience on your ship and weapons. Observatories work better when spaced well away from each other but just close enough so that their scan radius just overlaps each other. This will uncover pretty much all a planet has to offer and with 4-5 well placed observatories, you can convert other outposts into refineries to maximise electrum income.



  • Max Level Benefit: Adds 15,000 to Electrum Shipments
  • Collects: Metals, Cores

Refineries generate income in the form of Electrum for the Alliance which can be used to purchase mods, upgrades and construct outposts. Upgrading them can be done with selling Metals and/or Cores or direct upgrades at the cost of Nova. If you have plenty of Nova to spare, it is worth considering upgrading to the second stage with Materials and then upgrading the third stage with Nova. The cost of Nova is quite low but if you have an abundance of materials, you can just as easily upgrade the refinery with them instead.



  • Max Level Benefit: Creates Rare Mods for purchase
  • Collects: Organics, Cores

Workshops can provide you with mods, for a fee. They will also develop stronger mods over time that can be beneficial to your ships. Upgrading them to the second stage uses little materials. The third stage can be quite costly so if you don’t have enough materials, it is better to fork out for a direct purchase upgrade at the cost of electrum and Nova, you can get away with placing one or two of these on every planet as Mods can be bought, cloned and upgraded when you upgrade the Mod Foundry in the Equinox menu.



  • Max Level Benefit: Helps better protect planets during your absence.
  • Collects: Metals, Cores

Perhaps the most important outpost of all, Armories helps train mercenaries to protect the planets they are built on. They will also fight against opposing forces and can get other outposts to join your cause. The most helpful of all is that the mercenaries will also fight alongside you when trying to take down Legion Extractors. Armories are the most costly to upgrade and will require a large amount of resources to upgrade to the maximum stage. If you have a spare 300,000 electrum and a few Nova cores, it is worth paying the upgrade outright to save your materials to upgrading other outposts. Having three or four Armories on a planet is normally enough to fight back enemy forces on Normal mode, though you will still need take out the Legion Primes and capture ruins directly.


We hope you found our Starlink: Battle For Atlas Outpost Guide helpful. If you have any suggestions or would like to provide feedback, please feel free to leave your comments below.


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