Because Niantic couldn’t keep them in their Poké Balls for any longer, 80 new Pokémon have only gone and invaded the real world, (talk about a total nightmare.) But because these new Pokémon require other ways to evolve them we’ve figured we’ll at least do one guide on how to evolve a certain Pokémon and since Tyrogue has three evolved forms, it makes perfect sense to dedicate this Pokémon GO guide to that lovable scamp!

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So how to evolve Tyrogue into the evolution you desire? Well before I answer that, first you need to make sure you get Tyrogue, who can be caught or hatched from an egg. Now because this is a guide, it is preferred you get your Tyrogue from an egg, since any Pokémon who hatches from an egg, generally has better stats and better stats is key!

 Next up you will need 25 Tyrogue candies to pay for the actual evolving and then whatever else you can get to level up your Pokémon’s CP after you’ve evolved your Tyrogue and now here’s the important bit about evolving Tyrogue, Stats.


In order to evolve Tyrogue into Hitmonlee, Tyrogue needs to possess an Attack that is higher than its other stats, but if it’s Defence is higher, than Tyrogue will evolve into Hitmonchan. However, should Defence and Attack match, can then evolve into either one, but if it has a higher Stamina/HP than the result will be evolving into a Gen 2, new to Pokémon GO Hitmontop. And just in case you don’t know how to check your Pokémon’s stats, you can of course use an IV Calculator, or use the in-game Pokémon Appraisal tool and your team leader will soon tell you your Tyrigue’s most impressive stat.

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And that is all there is to it, so getting the right Tyrogue evolution you want isn’t as hard as some believed it would be, but if you think you’d have better luck just catching its evolutions in the wild, by all means be my guest, just remember its evolutions don’t spawn all that often. But whatever you decide is entirely down to you!

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As always, we hope you found our little guide helpful.


By Jack Longman

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