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Tomy Yoshi Wind-Up Capsule Toy Review

Kuribo reviews a new Yoshi toy out of Japan that has a cute and interesting feature!

While I don’t go often, Game Stop is an interesting place to wander around looking for figures.  Amidst all of the Funko Pops and Five Nights at Freddy’s toys, they usually have at least some Nintendo blind box stuff.  Nintendo Micro was easy to find there and they surprisingly had something from Tomy on my latest trip!  Tomy specializes in making Gashapon as they are known in Japan which are basically capsules you get out of a vending machine.  I saw Yoshi on the box and figured it was Yoshi themed but beyond that, I had no idea what I was buying but I figured if nothing else, it would make for an interesting review on the site.

tomy yoshi gashaponPrice – One of the reasons I feel this purchase was a gamble on my part is that there was no price to be found at my local Game Stop!  I was…

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Kirby (Kirby Series) Amiibo Review

Kuribo reviews the most recent Kirby Amiibo and determines which Kirby Amiibo is the best!

One of my favorite gifts this Christmas was actually an Amiibo I had somehow missed when it came out.  My significant other knew I wanted to get this Kirby and luckily, she got it for me.  I have wanted this Kirby for a while now because I’m a big fan of Kirby games and can’t get enough of the cute protagonist.  With that said, this Amiibo is pretty similar to the Smash Brothers one so it will be interesting to compare the two and I will discuss which one of the two I prefer like I usually do in a Battle Review.  But let’s talk about the pink vacuum first!

kirby kirby series amiiboBox – As always, I like to show off the box of the Amiibo for those who are curious.  The Kirby series looks nice overall and I’m a little sad I opened all of mine for reviews because they do…

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New World of Nintendo 2.5″ Inch Figures, Micro Blind Boxes, and Plush Hangers Spotted!

Kuribo reveals new World of Nintendo figures that will be hitting stores near you soon!

Not unlike the recent 4″ Inch Figure wave which suddenly appeared, Jakks Pacific sprung another release on us with little warning.  This time there are a number of surprises and a new type of product as well.  Special thanks goes to poisonluigi at the World of Nintendo Reddit for spotting these images on Jakks’ official catalog.

Here is a list with pictures of the different releases and my thoughts on these new figures will follow down below:

Series 2-5 2.5″ Inch Figures

8-Bit Star Luigi

world of nintendo 8-Bit Star luigi

8-Bit Toad

world of nintendo 8-bit toad


world of nintendo bokoblin zelda


world of nintendo mario

Yellow Yoshi

world of nintendo yellow yoshi

Plush Hangers



world of nintendo luigi hangers



world of nintendo boo hangers

Nintendo Micro Blind Boxes Wave Two

nintendo micro blind boxes wave two

It is great to see new World of Nintendo products from Jakks and while they could certainly strengthen their marketing (and how they relay news to collectors), nobody will complain about new figures and new ideas.  The 2.5″ figures generally look very good.  Yes, Yoshi is…

View original post 326 more words’s Most Wanted – Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door

Kuribo imagines what Paper Mario Thousand Year Door figures might look like.

As I think back on all of the great Nintendo figures we received this year, I can’t help but think about what could be next or what would Nintendo fans want next.  Greedy I know but I have always been a fan of Wario so you shouldn’t expect anything less!  In all seriousness, there is a beloved game that has not received any figure support and really deserves it.  That game is Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door.  With a charming cast and some sharp writing, it is easy to see why many Nintendo fans love this game.  While the flat, 2D design is both a blessing and a curse, the characters’ simplicity makes it easy to imagine them as figures even if it would be hard to articulate them properly.  For this reason, Amiibo may be the best hope of seeing Paper Mario figures.  Some custom artists like NBros have…

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Legend of Zelda 8-Bit Link Amiibo Review

Kuribo examines the new Retro Link Amiibo in his latest review? Is this 8-Bit style worth owning?

While it may not seem like all that long of a hiatus, not being able to work on the site has been very difficult the last week or so.  Moving has proven to be pretty stressful and time consuming but I am hoping the worst is over and I can get back to regularly updating the site now.  I want to get back into the swing of things by taking a look at an Amiibo that I think a lot of people have been interested in and some people may be having trouble finding at retail.  I don’t expect that this Retro Link Amiibo will be rare overall but I know I had to search a couple of retailers to find this Amiibo which was surprising in the current Amiibo climate.

8-bit retro link amiibo legend of zeldaBox – Much like the Ocarina of Time Link I reviewed, I think packaging looks pretty good on this…

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World of Nintendo Figure Price Guide

Want to know where to find the best deals on World of Nintendo figures? Check out the brand new guide!

One thing that I have noticed over the last few months is that there are more and more places selling figures and at very different prices.  This can make it hard if you’re just starting out or are a seasoned World of Nintendo collector that can’t keep up on the latest developments.  To help sort out what is available where and for roughly what price, I wanted to make a guide to help.  Keep in mind that this guide is not meant to tell you the value of any figures, just what a retailer is selling them for and what World of Nintendo products they carry.

I shop for World of Nintendo figures in several places but I can’t keep up with all of the retailers that sell it now and so if you have information to share whether it is covered here and might be incorrect or it needs…

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Peppy World of Nintendo 4″ Inch Figure Review

Kuribo examines a recent Star Fox figure release. Let’s do a barrel roll!

If you’re a World of Nintendo fan then you’ve probably been anxiously awaiting the release of the last member of the Star Fox team like I have.  I had some trouble finding Peppy in my area and was surprised when I braved a store I hate (WalMart) to see him sitting on the shelves in good supply and a cheap price.  Since the day Fox came out, I wanted to assemble the whole Star Fox team and with Peppy in my possession, that goal is finally completed.  Is Peppy worth the wait?  Let’s do a barrel roll and find out!  (Sorry, I couldn’t resist)!

peppy world of nintendo box frontBox – Since there isn’t anything new with Peppy’s packaging, I just want to show pictures of the box and the other new figures in this wave and move on to reviewing the figure.  I have yet to see Star Power Mario but I am definitely…

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World of Nintendo 4″ Inch Figures Wave 9 Revealed

Kuribo reveals new World of Nintendo figures coming from Jakks Pacific! Are your favorite characters getting new figures? Read on to find out!

Jakks Pacific is steadily cranking out the World of Nintendo figures and Entertainment Earth (a big seller of figures, statues, and pop culture items) have revealed the next wave!  Special thanks goes to for spotting this new release information.  Here is a picture of the new figures.

world of nintendo wave 9 figures Image courtesy of

Like the last couple of releases, there are things to be excited about here and things that are a little less so.  First off, there are a lot of repaints here.  We’ve already had a lot of Yoshi repaints and now we’re getting another one though the light blue looks good.  Wind Waker Link is not a great World of Nintendo figure and this one may not win over skeptics or people who already have a figure of this character.  Mario does look nice and the open hands are a welcome change.  Re-releasing Mario is never a…

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Orange Squid Splatoon World of Nintendo 2.5″ Figure Review

Love Splatoon? Find out if the relatively cheap ($5) World of Nintendo Orange Squid figure is worth owning!

With all of the Amiibo releases lately, I have to admit that I have not been doing a great job reviewing World of Nintendo figures lately.  Part of that is because I haven’t seen many of the newer releases in stores where I live.  One thing that did catch my eye recently is this Orange Squid from Splatoon in the 2.5″ World of Nintendo line.  Since Splatoon is quite popular and sure to be a big franchise for Nintendo going forward, I think many of you might be interested in this product and want to know if it is worth owning.

world of nintendo orange squid splatoon boxBox – World of Nintendo has debuted a new style of packaging for Splatoon and I think it looks fairly good.  I don’t know how I feel about the black background but I definitely like the paint splashes everywhere.  World of Nintendo rarely has as cool of packaging as…

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Looking for gift ideas for Nintendo fans this holiday season? Check out Kuribo’s holiday gift guide for Nintendo figures!

Whether you’re looking for something special for yourself this holiday season or someone close to you, is here to help you find an awesome Nintendo figure to give as a gift this holiday season!  This guide will focus on Nintendo franchises with major releases in the last few months and I will recommend figures and link you to a review on the site whenever possible so you can learn more.  I hope this helps you in your holiday shopping so that we can all have a very Nintendo Christmas!

super mario nintendo christmas happy holidaysFor the Mario fan on your list – Despite the recent Super Mario Amiibo release, none of the Amiibo feature Mario or Luigi. Instead, most of the characters in this wave come from Mario “side games” like Mario Party or the Mario sports games.  The quality on these figures is pretty high and at $13-14, you can’t go wrong with…

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Donkey Kong Amiibo Battle Review

Kuribo examines the Donkey Kong Amiibo to determine which one truly is the King of Swing in his latest Battle Review!

It is hard to believe that more new Amiibo are coming out later this week because I haven’t even had a chance to finish reviewing the Super Mario ones!  After a long Amiibo drought, it would be crazy to complain though.  We’re taking a look at the King of Swing, Donkey Kong today.  While he is not quite as different as the two Diddy Kong Amiibo are, each Donkey Kong Amiibo offers something unique.  So let’s jump in and see which DK Amiibo is the best!

smash brothers and super mario donkey kong amiibo boxPose – One of the biggest differences with these two Amiibo is the pose.  Both represent the character well but they are still different from each other too.  The Smash Brothers Donkey Kong shows DK mid-jump in a dynamic pose.  With his arms out, he looks like he is itching for a fight.  While this doesn’t represent the character at an iconic moment (especially…

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Wario Amiibo Battle Review

Kuribo examines Wario’s two Amiibo, including the new Super Mario one, to determine which one is the best figure.

As much fun as Diddy Kong was to review, I’m equally excited to bring you a review of the new Wario Amiibo facing off against the older Smash Brothers one.  Nintendo has perhaps played it a bit safe when it comes to Amiibo variations and alternate costumes for their figures and Wario is a nice exception to that.  You get two very different looks for one great character.  I’ve been a big Wario fan for many years which makes me extremely excited for this review.  After all, who doesn’t feel a bit lazy and yet want to be rich like Wario always does?  Let’s find out which one of these figures is worth your hard earned gold coins if you can only buy one!

wario smash brothers super mario amiiboPackaging – One area where it is hard to separate these two Amiibo is the box art.  Smash Bros. Wario has a really nice color that…

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Waluigi Super Mario Amiibo Review

Kuribo continues his Super Mario Amiibo reviews, this time tackling Waluigi. It was a long wait to get a Waluigi Amiibo, is he worth it?

Waluigi is one of those characters you probably never thought you’d see an Amiibo made of or at least not in the early days of Amiibo.  Waluigi has always been a side character and in fact, it has been rumored that Nintendo isn’t fond of the character and that it was basically Hudson’s idea when they made Mario Party.  Whatever the case, Waluigi has become a partner in villainy with Wario over time and is someone many people love.  I certainly enjoy his antics in Mario sports games and was excited to get this Amiibo.

waluigi super mario amiibo boxPackaging – As with all reviews, I like to show the packaging off for those who are curious.  The simple and clean Super Mario design works well here and is always nice to see.waluigi super mario amiibo sidePose – The pose is simple and actually bears a lot of resemblances to a figure that will be mentioned in…

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New World of Nintendo Trophy and Prototype Figures Announced!

Kuribo reveals the latest World of NIntendo figures announced by Jakks Pacific! Ooh, shiny!

I have been following some interesting rumors on the World of Nintendo Reddit (the people there do an awesome job of keeping World of Nintendo fans informed) closely but waited until there was official news before reporting on this.  There are new World of Nintendo figures in both the Trophy and Prototype series but the crazy thing is that they appeared in retail before Jakks Pacific announced them!  For those who don’t know, the Trophy series are repainted World of Nintendo figures that have a bronze metallic finish.  The Protoype series are black and white repaints of World of Nintendo figures.  In both of the pictures below, the new figures are on the right and the ones that are already out in some retailers are on the left.  Here is a look at these new figures:

world of nintendo trophy series link tanooki mario ganondorfworld of nintendo prototype figures Fox McCloud Skull Kid Link Olimar

Currently, the Trophy Series are Walmart Exclusives and the Protoypes are Target Exclusives.  Many…

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Boo Super Mario Amiibo Review

Kuribo investigates the paranormal and a new glow in the dark feature for the Boo Amiibo on!

Well this review will certainly bring something new to the table.  An Amiibo that glows-in-the-dark?  That is certainly a new challenge for me as a reviewer.  Boo is certainly an interesting release both for this reason and because he is one of the few regular enemies from any game that Nintendo has released an Amiibo thus far.  Could we see more of the common and beloved characters coming?  Perhaps it depends on the reception that Boo receives from Nintendo fans.  The big question most Nintendo fans have is: how good of a figure is this?

boo amiibo boxBox – This is perhaps the coolest looking Super Mario Amiibo packaging yet!  The black really looks slick and makes Boo stand out.  The Glows in the Dark message in the corner is also really cool to see.  It reminds me of Gold Mario and the message you see on it.

Rarity – It is…

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