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Luigi Open Hands World of Nintendo 4″ Figure Review

The reviews on aren’t slowing down for the holidays. In this review, we take a look at the new “Open Hands” Luigi to see if this version of the character is the one to buy or not.

I don’t think it is an understatement to say that the Open Hands Mario that I reviewed relatively recently was a revelation for World of Nintendo figures.  Open Hands Mario felt much more poseable and easy to display with the new hands.  So when I saw that Open Hands Luigi was coming out, I was definitely excited.  When looking over my collection, I was surprised that I only have the Cat Luigi figure so getting another Luigi seemed very worthwhile.  Is this Luigi’s chance to shine or will his brother get all of the accolades and attention yet again!?

Luigi World of Nintendo 4" Figure Box Front Open Hands Super Mario Jakks PacificBox – While I’ve long said Jakks Pacific should come up with other Mario themed packaging art, when opening this figure, I realized that they really need to do a Luigi design.  It can be green and Luigi can replace Mario’s picture on the front.  That would be a nice way…

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Raccoon Mario PDP Pixel Pal Review

Who doesn’t want a retro Mario figure that lights up!?! Check out Kuribo’s review of Raccoon Mario and see if he is where you should start your Pixel Pal collection!

I’ve really enjoyed both of the Pixel Pals I bought and have had to maintain some self-control not to collect all of the Mario ones out there.  One Pixel Pal I have had my eyes on for quite some time is Raccoon Mario.  Not only is it a great power-up from my favorite Mario game of all time but my local Best Buy had it on sale for $13 (instead of $15) so buying it seemed like a no-brainer!  How does this Pixel Pal rank next to the regular Mario from Super Mario Bros. 3?  Let’s find out!

Raccoon Mario Super Mario Bros. 3 Nintendo PDP Pixel Pal Box FrontBox – It looks like PDP is making it so all of the figures from a particular game will share the same color and design.  That makes sense and means the boxes look nice on your shelf.

Raccoon Mario Super Mario Bros. 3 Nintendo PDP Pixel Pal UnlitUnlit – Once I got Raccoon Mario out of the box, I was struck by…

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Urbosa Zelda: Breath of the Wild Amiibo Review

If you haven’t had enough Zelda: Breath of the Wild then you may be wonder if you should get the new Champions Amiibo. We take a closer look at Urbosa and are pleasantly surprised. Read on to find out why!

Do you remember the days when Amiibo used to come out every couple of months in a big wave?  This year Nintendo has been able to crank out new figures seemingly every week!  I was doing a good job of keeping up until the Zelda: Breath of the Wild Champions Amiibo is when I finally got overwhelmed and didn’t buy any on launch day. Fortunately, I have been able to find some around me still and finally bought one to review.  Before I get into the review, I do want to note that I have not played Zelda: Breath of the Wild yet so that makes it a little more challenging for me to review these figures in the sense that I don’t know who these characters are.  If nothing else, you will get an opinion on the figure and the character design without any bias playing the game may…

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Mario (Super Mario Maker) World of Nintendo Review

Not to be outdone by Amiibo, World of Nintendo has a new Mario figure from Super Mario Maker. Read on to see if this version of Mario is worth your hard earned money!

While it is not a new phenomenon in World of Nintendo, one of the figure line’s greatest strengths is that Jakks Pacific will make figures that Nintendo hasn’t made Amiibo of yet.  This is certainly the case with Super Mario Maker where Nintendo strangely did not make an Amiibo of Mario’s “construction” outfit.  Fortunately, if you’re a fan of Super Mario Maker, your wait for a figure of “construction” Mario is over!

Mario Super Mario Maker World of Nintendo 4" Figure Box FrontMario Super Mario Maker World of Nintendo 4" Figure Box BackBox – The most interesting part of this box is actually on the back where you see what else has been included in the wave.  No Iggy Koopa!?  Only two other figures!?  This is a very strange wave and unlike any I have seen in World of Nintendo.  Hopefully Jakks Pacific delivers another full wave of 4″ figures soon!

Mario Super Mario Maker World of Nintendo 4" Figure with GoombaAccessories – I want to start with the most interesting part of this figure.  Surprisingly, this version of Mario…

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New Mario World of Nintendo Figures Spotted?

Can you ever have enough Mario figures? Of course not! And fortunately, Kuribo has some tantalizing news to share of new Mario figures coming to World of Nintendo.

There has been a bit of a lull in recent weeks with World of Nintendo and yet, a new wave has hit retailers near me recently (and will be reviewed on the site in the near future!) and now we have rumors of new figures!  Sharp-eyed Reddit user, PSIPancakes, shared images of figures that not only look legitimate but appear to be coming soon to retailers like Amazon.  Here are images of both figures and you can visit the links to Amazon below as well:

Hammer Bro World of NintendoHammer Bro. listing on Amazon

Metal Mario World of NIntendoMetal Mario listing on Amazon

Both of these figures look pretty solid but a Hammer Bro figure is definitely more exciting than another Mario repaint.  The articulation on Hammer Bro looks really good if the final product matches this image.  Metal Mario is a classic power-up from Mario 64 but the figure itself is a bit generic and could use…

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Blooper 2.5″ Inch World of Nintendo Review

Kuribo reviews a figure of a character that only a true Mario fan would recognize and want! Read on to find out if Blooper is a figure you should own.

One of the cool things about the World of Nintendo 2.5″ inch figure line is how many obscure characters get turned into figures.  You would have never guessed that Tingle got a figure and now we have Blooper, which is a figure diehard Mario fans want but many casual fans may not know.  Another advantage of 2.5″ inch figures is that they fit in surprisingly well with 4″ inch figures which makes them a great addition to your collection.  Since there are already tons of Mario figures, having Blooper fit in with those larger figures would make it attractive to collectors.  With that said, let’s see what this figure from Jakks Pacific has to offer!

Blooper World of Nintendo 2.5 Figure Box FrontBox – While there is nothing new with the packaging figure, I want to note that it is not a recent release and is something I just happened to spot at Toys R Us and…

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Bowser Super Mario Odyssey Amiibo Review

Kuribo wraps up his review of the Super Mario Odyssey Amiibo in his review of Bowser! Should you get the most rotten member of the Mushroom Kingdom for your Amiibo collection? Find out in this review!

It is time to close out the Super Mario Odyssey Amiibo reviews with none other than his royal rottenness, Bowser!  Bowser is one of my favorite Nintendo villain and and this new look for Bowser is really different than anything we’ve seen before.  Bowser may never win in a Mario game but do we win if we pick up this figure?  Let’s find out just how good this new Bowser is!

Bowser Super Mario Odyssey Amiibo Box FrontBox – As I’ve mentioned in my other two reviews, the box art is excellent for this Amiibo and is among Nintendo’s best work.  They keep raising the bar when it comes to Amiibo packaging and deserve a lot of credit for doing so.

Bowser Super Mario Odyssey Amiibo Box Back NintendoFunctionality – The amount of use you can get from this Amiibo is very high so that is a big plus in its favor.  You get the entertaining Bowser costume for Mario and the ability…

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Princess Peach Super Mario Odyssey Review

Kuribo continues his look at the new Super Mario Odyssey Amiibo with the Princess Peach figure! Is this the Amiibo Peach fans have been waiting for? Read on to find out more!

If there is one character who could use an even stronger Amiibo than they already have, it is Princess Peach.  Both of her Amiibo that have come out so far have some strengths but also some major weaknesses that keep them from being as cool as they could be.  Is the new Super Mario Odyssey Amiibo the figure Princess Peach fans have been waiting for?  Let’s take a closer look and find out!

Princess Peach Super Mario Amiibo Box FrontBox – I praised the packaging in my recent review of the Mario Amiibo and the Peach art is quite possibly a little better.  The large image of Peach really draws your eye to this Amiibo and highlights the comedic nature of these three Amiibo too.

Princess Peach Super Mario Amiibo Box BackFunctionality – While Mario is one of the best characters to get an Amiibo for because he works in nearly every game, Peach is not a bad bet either.  This Amiibo…

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Mario Super Mario Odyssey Amiibo Review

Mario Mania is back and to celebrate the release of Super Mario Odyssey, Kuribo is reviewing the new Mario Amiibo! Find out if this new figure is worth adding to your collection.

Has there been a more anticipated game than Super Mario Odyssey this year?  I can’t think of many and even for someone like me who does not have a Switch yet, I was still pumped for the release of the game because I knew we were getting new Mario figures alongside.  These Amiibo have a lot of character to them and offer something different than any other Mario figure we’ve seen.  With that said, let’s jump in and take a closer look at the latest Mario Amiibo from Nintendo!

Mario Super Mario Odyssey Amiibo Box FrontBox – Nintendo put together an interesting design for these new Amiibo boxes.  Red, gold, and white obviously work well with Mario and look classy for a wedding but if you look closely, there is an atlas-like style to the background that really looks cool and fits the theme of Super Mario Odyssey.

Mario Super Mario Odyssey Amiibo Box BackFunctionality – On the back of the Amiibo…

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Mario Super Mario Bros. PDP Pixel Pals

Kuribo reviews a figure of Mario from the original Super Mario Bros. that can light up! Just how cool is this figure? Read on to find out!

It has been a little while since I reviewed a Pixel Pal but I really enjoy my Super Mario 3 one and have been on the lookout for Nintendo ones, I just haven’t come across any others.  That all changed this week at my local Best Buy who is now carrying these and they had a Mario one no less!  I picked it up and am excited to review another Pixel Pal for you.

Mario Pixel Pals PDP Super Mario Brothers Box FrontBox and Contents – The style of this box is very similar to the Super Mario 3 Pixel Pal with the brick motif and colors from the Nintendo game it is based on.  The box art isn’t amazing but I do like it and appreciate that it is mostly collector-friendly.  What I mean by this is that you can take out the figure and put it back in the box later if you want though the…

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Figure Collecting 102: Investing in Nintendo Figures?

In a different style of article, Kuribo examines how good of investments various Nintendo figures have been and shares his thoughts on whether it is a good goal to have in the hobby or not.

A while ago I started a line of articles called Figure Collecting 101 that are geared towards beginning collectors to help them get started in this hobby.  Now I’m going to write what I’m calling Figure Collecting 102 figures which are for someone who is collecting and are about topics that might be more of interest to that type person.  I hope you enjoy this new article and if you have any suggestions for something you’d like to see covered on the site, please let me know in the comments below!

One of the things that attracted me to collecting figures/toys is that they seem to be a fairly decent thing to invest in.  Unlike baseball cards or collectible card games which I collected before figures, the value of toys is a lot more stable and predictable.  So many of a given toy are made and then stores stop selling…

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Goomba and Koopa Troopa Amiibo Review

Kuribo reviews the latest Amiibo release in what has been a busy fall thus far. Are these latest Amiibo worth your hard earned money? Read on to find out!

One of the things that has surprised me the most about Amiibo now that we’re just about two years into the releases is that Nintendo has mostly refused to make figures of common enemies from their video games.  For a while now, your best bet to get figures of common enemies was limited to World of Nintendo but that is finally changing.  First, we got the underwhelming Bokoblin for Breath of the Wild and now we finally get some iconic Mario enemies!  How do Bowser’s minions translate to Amiibo form?  Let’s take a closer look and find out!

Koopa Troopa Amiibo Box Front Super Mario NintendoGoomba Amiibo Box Front Super Mario Nintendo Mario & Luigi SuperstarBox – Nintendo may still be recycling the same Super Mario packaging style for quite some time now but I still really enjoy it.  The simple, clean look works well with these Amiibo and it is always a challenge for me to open figures in such nice looking packaging but I suffer…

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New World of Nintendo 4″ Figures Revealed

Images of the new Mario Maker and Breath of the Wild figures from World of Nintendo have been spotted. Read on to see more and get analysis of these upcoming releases!

While I’ve covered the news that Mario Maker and Link from Breath of the Wild are coming to World of Nintendo already, Toywiz, has revealed some of the actual packaging and figures you will see on store shelves in the near future.  Special thanks goes to Reddit user PSIPancakes who spotted these figures on Toywiz’s website!  Seeing initial promo shots of figures and comparing them to the final result is always interesting and in this case, I think both of these images warrant some attention.

Mario Super Mario Maker 4" Inch Figure World of Nintendo

Let’s start with the better of the two.  Mario in his Mario Maker gear looks great!  I love pretty much all of the World of Nintendo Mario figures and this one looks like a must-buy for me.  My only criticism is that Mario’s hammer looks to be small for the size of his hands but I’m guessing they did this to make it fit…

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Mario Statues Spotted at New York Comic Con

First 4 Figures shared some of their newest Nintendo statues at New York Comic Con. Read on to see pictures of these amazing new Mario pieces!

While I don’t cover every piece of Nintendo statue news here on the site, sometimes I see something that catches my eye and I want to share with you.  Special thanks goes to ToyArk for photos from the event! This week is New York Comic Con which is generally good news for figure fans especially if you like Marvel, DC, or Star Wars but this year, First 4 Figures who make Nintendo statues also are there with some exciting new products to unveil.  The biggest of which is none other than his royal rottenness, Bowser!  Everything about this statue looks awesome, from the pose, to the flames, to that really cool-looking base!  It is certainly not cheap ($700!) but First 4 Figures really does an excellent job with their statues.

Bowser Statue Super Mario Nintendo First 4 Figures Image courtesy of

While Cat Mario is a release that has been well publicized already, seeing the special “shiny”…

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Zelda Figure Buying Guide Updated!

Kuribo has completed the update to the Zelda Figure Buying Guide and it is now up to date for 2017. If you want to see what kind of figures are available for Zelda fans, be sure and check it out!

I was able to make a pass through all of the Zelda Figure Buying Guide and believe it is now up to date with all of the 2017 figure releases.  I hope you enjoy all of the new content including World of Nintendo and new statues!  If you do spot any figures that are missing from the guide, please let me know that as well.  I always want the guide to be as accurate as possible and I appreciate all of your feedback.  To check out the Zelda Figure Buying Guide, click here!

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