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With Diablo III: Eternal Collection on Switch, one of it’s special features is is amiibo compatibility. You can use amiibo pretty much from the beginning of the game once you acquire the amiibo Portal from the Stash chest. When outside of towns, you can use the amiibo Portal to summon powerful monsters which will drop items like clothing and weapons which you can use, sell or upgrade. Our Little Guide will take you through the Steps of how to use amiibo in Diablo III: Eternal Collection.

When you first load up Diablo III: Eternal Collection, you are welcomed by this screen.


After taking the amiibo Portal and Legend Of Ganondorf item from the Stash crate, you can find the amiibo Portal in your Bag under Items.


When you click on the amiibo Portal, a rainbow coloured portal will appear.


You can scan amiibo once a day per player. If there are four of you, you can each scan once. Scanning amibo can by done as shown in the image below.


Blizzard have also announced that they are releasing their own Treasure Goblin amiibo that players can scan to take on Treasure Goblins in game and take their loot.


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