Whether you started playing last week, or in the last couple of hours, one thing you might be at your wits end at, is trying to find the location of every Barney Stone in Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Torna – The Golden Country. But don’t worry, that’s what this guide is for.

Before we begin however, here’s a quick explanation on what Barney Stones are, they are a gem-like object that can only be found on the Tornan Titan and by breaking their seal and defeating the monsters that will appear, players can then claim the treasure of the Barney Stones for themselves.

As tempting as it is to just seek them out and get things underway, you will actually need to make your way to Yanchik Harbor in the Lasaria Region of the Kingdom of Torna, and do the Quest “Barmy Tale of Barney.”

Completing the quest will have you seek out the first of 4 stones and then allow you to interact with the rest of them, provided you’re able to hunt them down. But don’t worry, their whereabouts is detailed below:


Lasaria Region Barney Stones:


Torna Barney Stones
Stone #1: (Yanchik Harbor)

Starting Point: Yanchik Harbor

How to find it: Since this is part of a quest, all you need to do is follow the Quest marker and have Jin break down the obstruction with his Field Skill to enter the cavern where the stone is on a pedestal and touch it.


Stone #2: (Mernes Falls)

Starting Point: Secluded Boneway

How to find it: Skip travel to Secluded Boneway and proceed south, through the waterfall. You’ll soon find yourself in an area called Mernes Falls and the stone is in the cave pictured below:


Aletta Region Barney Stone:


Stone #3: (Millennium Grotto)

Starting Point: Lett Bridge

How to find it: Skip Travel to Lett Bridge, jump into Lake Sarleigh below and head over to the small island with a geyser. (You will need to raise the water level to the area if you haven’t yet.)

With Aegaeon’s Command Water Level 3, the geyser will hurl you towards a small cave opening and upon following it, not only will you discover a Secret Area / Viewpoint, but you’ll also find a slate and a Barney Stone.


Dannagh Region Barney Stone:


Stone #4: (Titan’s Ulcer)

Starting Point: Dannagh Desert

How to find it: Skip travel to Dannagh Desert and head toward the campsite. Head beyond that, by dropping down and following the rocky wall until you come upon an area where you will see a poisoned pond, Haze and and Aegaeon will need to use Field Skills to clear up the water and once they have, you will be able to access Titan’s Ulcer, aka the cave in which the last Barney Stone can be found in.

As always, we hope you find this guide helpful.



Happy #XenoWeek!

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