Diablo III switch guide

Now that the official reveal for Diablo III has finally happened, details are coming in from everywhere and with so much to know, here is yet another helpful guide for Nintendo Switch owners looking to know just how different Diablo III will be this time around:

Diablo III switch guide

A Switch Owner’s Guide to Diablo 3 Eternal Collection:


September 13, 2018:

  • Diablo III: Eternal Collection launches November 2, 2018, it is 13.3GB to download and is available to pre-order right now. (Source)

August 31, 2018:

  • Due to its presence at PAX West 2018, news outlet Shacknews was able to approach Blizzard regarding Diablo III: Eternal Collection and received confirmation that the Switch release will support amiibo. However, it was not specified as to what the amiibo will do exactly. (Source)


August 30, 2018:

  • Diablo III has a rumoured December 21 release, which we ourselves covered and GameStop corroborates the release as a placeholder date. (Source)


August 21, 2018:

  • Just in case there was any doubt, the entirety of Diablo III: Eternal Collection will fit on a physical cart and not require a digital download. (Source)
  • Off-Screen Diablo III gameplay was captured during Gamescom and shared online. (Source)


August 20, 2018:

  • It was revealed that Diablo III for Switch, once featured a Master Sword, Hylian Shield and a green garb, only the Link attire was “leftover from testing that wasn’t intended to be in the game.” (Source)

August 16, 2018:

  • The previously leaked Diablo III Eternal Collection for Nintendo Switch is confirmed. (Source)
  • 2 New Diablo III trailers have been shared online.
    • Diabl0 III Eternal Collection announcement video for Nintendo Switch (Source)
    • Diablo III Nintendo Switch trailer (Source)
  • Diablo III Eternal Collection will feature all previously releases content such as the Reaper of Souls and the Rise of the Necromancer. (Source)
  • Switch Exclusives consist of plenty of Zelda goodies, such as the “Cucco companion pet, a Triforce portrait frame, and an exclusive transmogrification set that will let your heroes sport Ganondorf’s iconic armor.” Players will also receive unique cosmetic wings. (Source)
  • Diablo III on Switch will allow players to combine TV and handheld play. (Source
  • Diablo III for Switch took 9 months to port. (Source)
  • Similar with DOOM Eternal, Eurogamer posted a Diablo III interview today, which saw them speaking with senior producer Pete Stilwell. Extracts from the interview can be seen below: (Source)
    • Diablo III has a tentative Fall 2018 release. (Source)
    • Diablo III for Switch, has every feature (including expansions,) as existing console versions, but they “play a little differently.” (Source)
    • With Diablo III, Switch owners will be able to dive straight into Adventure Mode, without ever having to complete a campaign first. (Source)
    • Diablo III on Switch can be played with a single Joy-Con and support up to 4 players locally on a single console. The same can also be said for Online play and 4 Switches can be linked wirelessly. (Source)
    • Progress made when playing offline, will be automatically backed up when Switch players go online and the game does not even need to be launched for this to happen. (Source)
    • With cloud save data for Diablo III, players will be able to load their profiles onto a friend’s Switch, thus allowing them to play as their own characters. (Source)
    • At the moment, there is no feature for players to transfer their save files on other consoles to the Switch version. (Source)
    • With regards to performance, Diablo III will run at 60 fps “across the board” and have a 720p resolution when in handheld mode and 960p when docked. (Source)
    • Diablo III does not support cross-play but the door has not been closed on that yet. (Source)

 Thank you for reading. We hope you found our guide helpful.

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