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Just because the party started with Super Mario Party back in October 2018, it doesn’t mean it’s over just yet, because even without additional content, the game still offers plenty hours’ worth of content and it’s time to highlight a feature you might have been sleeping on!

While Birdo is not available as a playable character in the latest party offering, she has made multiple party appearance since Mario Party 7 and she is key to fully completing the game.

You see, while not everyone may set out to collect the game’s 108 stickers, Birdo does, in fact, play a key part in obtaining them all and it’s all because of her Mario Party Quiz.

Provided you meet certain requirements, such as collecting the game’s Star Gems and unlocking the unlockable characters such as Pom-Pom, Birdo will have plenty of questions to ask you and by answering them correctly, new stickers can be earned, but what if you answer incorrectly?

Mario Party Quiz birdo

Well, you can either resign in defeat or immediately shut the game down and load it up again. Doing the latter will enable you a second chance to get it right and since there are plenty of stickers you can get from Birdo and you can only answer up to three questions a day, naturally getting them all right, will help you get them all sooner.

But what about the questions themselves and where to find Bird? Well, finding Birdo is the easy bit, simply start up the game and from the entrance, head left and keep going left until you see here, much like in the video below:

As for the questions, although it is quick fire quiz, the good news is every question only has two possible answers, the right one and the wrong one, but it is up to you to select what you believe is the correct one.

Should you answer correctly, Birdo will sing your praises and present you with one of her prized stickers and if you don’t, let’s just say you won’t be getting a sticker. Either way, once the current line of dialogue has ended, you will need to talk to her again, should you wish to tackle the next question. A couple of question examples can be seen here:


*Correct answers are in red.


Super Mario Party guide

Question: “What does the Golden Dash Mushroom add to dice rolls?”

Option 1: 10

Option 2: 5


Question: “Which item subtracts two from a rivals’ dice roll?”

Option 1: Minus Mushroom

Option 2: Poison Mushroom


Question: “Which item warps you close to a Star Space?

Option 1: Golden Pipe

Option 2: Warp Box


Question: “Which character has a balanced dice block with only 3s and 4s?”

Option 1: Peach

Option 2: Daisy


Question: “Which of these characters has a dice block with a 0 face?”

Option 1: Luigi

Option 2: Peach


Question: “What’s the highest number on the Koopa Troops’s dice block?

Option 1: 18

Option 2: 10


Question: “What’s the name of the group of led by Bowser that joined Super Mario Party?

Option 1: Bowser’s Shadows

Option 2: Bowser’s Minions


Question: “How many turns are left when the Homestretch event activates?”

Option 1: 3 turns

Option 2: 5 turns


Question: “After the Homestretch event, what does the Bad Luck Space turn into?

Option 1: Bowser Space

Option 2: Extra Bad luck Space


Question: “How much does the Golden Pipe item cost in the shop?

Option 1: 20 coins

Option 2: 10 coins


Question: “What do you get when you and your ally roll the same number in Partner Party?”

Option 1: Items

Option 2: Coins


Question: “What do you do with your teammate when you’re happy in Partner Party?”

Option 1: Thumbs up

Option 2: Shake Hands

Additionally, should you a summarised list of Birdo details we have shared above, you can find one right here:

  • Unfortunately, Birdo is not a playable character in Super Mario Party
  • Birdo can be found to the left of Partner Party
  • Birdo can ask up to 3 questions a day
  • Answering Birdo’s questions can earn you stickers
  • Should you get a question wrong, a quick reset will give you another chance.
  • Questions you answer incorrectly can be asked of you at a later time
  • Birdo’s questions always give you a 50-50 chance of getting them right
  • Sometimes, having specific characters in your group is required for Birdo to ask you questions
  • Collecting the Star Gems of Super Mario Party is also a requirement for Birdo asking you more questions.
  • Birdo is responsible for giving players the Golden Oar


As always, we hope you found this guide helpful. More Super Mario Party guides can be found here!

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