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Hello again Campers, I hope you’re not sleeping in because a brand new event has just kicked off in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp and it’s none other than Leif’s Spring Flowers Event and here is our guide for it:


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What is Leif’s Spring Flowers Event?

Much like the Rover’s Garden Safari and Lottie’s Gothic Rose Festival events, Leif’s Spring Flowers is an event that makes use of the garden once again. Only this time it is Leif who has come to visit you, in the search of ladybugs.


What’s in it for Us?

Should you assist him with collecting ladybugs, by planting special Spring flowers, you can earn yourself new floral goodies that includes the Spring Garden (Fore) terrain that can be used for your campsite.


*Limited-time furniture and clothing may become available again in the future.

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When is the Event Happening?

The event schedule for Leif’s Spring Flowers, is as follows:

  • Leif’s Spring Flowers event is live now, having started on February 26, 2018 at 22:00 PT/February 27, 2018 at 07:00 CET and ends at 21:59 PT/06:59 CET on March 8/9.
  • Like with the previous garden focused events, Leif’s Spring Flowers event, is divided into two parts with the second part beginning on February 3/4 at 22:00 PT/07:00 CET.


*Yellow Sleeping Beauties obtained during the first half of the event, can be exchanged for Pink Sleeping Beauty seeds. Also, rewards for the first part of the event can still be collected during the second half.


And now that the whole “What is it?” out of the way, it’s time to talk about How to Play:


Step 1: Seeds

In the usual fashion, the ladybugs Leif is requiring, are attracted by very specific kind of plants and there are a few ways you can go about getting them. White Clover Seeds can be obtained via purchasing them directly from Lloid and randomly rewarded via fulfilling animal requests, whereas Yellow Sleeping Beauty seeds can only be obtain via animal requests.


Step 2: Plants

Once you have the seeds you need, it is imperative for you to plant and grow them, because when the Spring plants grow, they will attract certain rare creatures. In the case of the White Clovers, a Pink Flower Ladybug will be drawn, whereas Yellow Flower Ladybugs are drawn by Yellow Sleeping Beauties.


Step 3: Catching your Prey

Once your flowers have done their job and attracted something, it is time for you to do yours and catch them. To catch the ladybugs, you must first click on a ladybug hovering over a plant, press capture or capture all and then your avatar will try to catch the bug and I say try because you can fail. The more you catch, the better the rewards you can get, but because you can fail, you can always give it a miss yourself and let Lloid do it for you, but you will have to pay for the privilege with Leaf Tickets.

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Step 4: Share the Love

It’s all well and good you catching the ladybugs for yourself and getting some great rewards, but if you have a friend who is struggling, you can actually go to their garden and give share bats with them, so that they can try catching them, get rewards for it and then pass them on to another friend. It is a bit time consuming we’ll admit, but it’s a nice thing you can do and it does stop you from having to grow more plants, all because you failed to catch a ladybug and now need to grow a new one to attract another ladybug. Also by sharing, Leif will on occasion, give you more seeds to grow more of your own seasonal plants.


And now, to round this whole thing out, here are some helpful tips, just to help you out even further:

Pro Tips: (Before and After the Event)

  • Leaf Tickets can be used get Lloid to catch rare creatures for you.
  • Rare Creatures available during Leif’s Spring Flowers event include:
    • Pink Flower Ladybug (Available from February 26/27 at 22:00 PT/07:00 CET)
    • Yellow Flower Ladybug (Available from February 26/27 at 22:00 PT/07:00 CET)
    • Purple Flower Ladybug (Available from March 3/4 at 22:00 PT/07:00 CET)
    • Navy Flower Ladybug (Available from March 3/4 at 22:00 PT/07:00 CET)
  • Seasonal Plants available during Leif’s Spring Flowers event include:
    • White Clovers (Available from February 26/27 at 22:00 PT/07:00 CET)
    • Yellow Sleeping Beauties (Available from February 26/27 at 22:00 PT/07:00 CET)
    • Pink Sleeping Beauties (Available from March 3/4 at 22:00 PT/07:00 CET)
  • When the event is over, all plants and creatures in your inventory will be converted into Bells and ladybugs will no longer appear in your garden.
  • Seasonal plants you harvest can only be exchanged for items from Lloid, whilst the event is ongoing.
  • None of the seasonal plants can be cross-pollinated.
  • Seasonal plants can be planted when the event is over, as long as you have the seeds for them.
  • Lloid will not sell you Seasonal Seeds when the event is over and completing Animal Requests will not let you earn them either.

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As always, we hope you found our little guide helpful.


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  • Can someone tell me what the Spring Garden (fore) is?
    I earned it, but there’s no item for it in my inventory.

    • You have to go to your campsite and click on the little grid button like you are going to change your furniture, and then click the little trees symbol near the top of the screen to change your foreground or middle ground.

  • this is amazing information but my app keeps crashing on my iPhone 7 it’s updated but it won’t let me get into my garden anyway someone can help

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