[Feature] Is Retro Studios’ New Game Almost Ready?

There have been heated debates over Retro Studios if they are doing more than one game. Did they cancel other games they were making? Have they been in trouble until they got Metroid Prime 4? Some job listings on Retro Studios’ own website may have answered a few questions for us. Retro is Hiring For… View Article
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[Feature] Great Games Overlooked On Nintendo Switch You Should Play!

The Nintendo Switch has a ton of great games that gamers enjoy. Breath of the Wild, Mario Odyssey, Fire Emblem, Pokemon, Smash, and Luigi’s Mansion 3, to name a few. However, like any successful system, some gems get overlooked. These games are great, but they didn’t sell or get the attention that they should’ve. I… View Article
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Partner Showcase | September 2020

[Feature] Let’s Talk About The Nintendo Direct Mini Partner Showcase | September 2020

Nintendo fans have clamored for new game information in 2020. They love their directs, and they want one now, so Nintendo has started doing showcases with 3rd parties. These are short, but they showcase new games for the Nintendo Switch. There has been a lot of mixed reactions to these showcases by fans. They want… View Article
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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

[Feature] The Importance of Being Patient With Video Games Delays

Video game fans are unique. They hate it when games are unfinished and don’t live up to their expectations, but they also hate it when a game gets delayed. Gamers forget that delaying a game can help its quality. Don’t get mad at a game delay. That shows the developers and publishers care about the… View Article
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