Metroid Dread

[Feature] Why Metroid Dread Is My Game of the Year!

I’ve played plenty of top-notch games this year. From Super Mario 3D World+ Bowser’s Fury to the two Monster Hunter games and Bravely Default 2. But, in my humble opinion, nothing beats Metroid Dread for the best game I’ve played in 2021. Dread is an amazing achievement from top to bottom and I want to… View Article
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Is the Nintendo Switch OLED Overpriced?

The Nintendo Switch OLED has been unveiled, and there are no shortages of opinions on it. Some people think it is great and worth the extra 50 bucks, and some people think the system isn’t a big enough upgrade to warrant the extra 50 bucks. Who is right? That is a good question, so I… View Article
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Resident Evil Revelations 3

[Feature] Games I Want To See From Nintendo At E3 2021

Hey all, Michelle here! E3 2021 is less than 2 weeks away, so it is time to get excited. During E3, Nintendo is going to reveal their next line of upcoming games for the next six months and beyond. With this in mind, I would like to share with your four games I would love… View Article
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Animal Crossing New Horizons 1st Year Anniversary

[Feature] Happy 1 Year Anniversary Animal Crossing New Horizons!

Animal Crossing: New Horizons celebrates its 1 year anniversary. I take a look back at how this game became such a success and a safe haven for many as they struggled through a very turbulent year. Animal Crossing: New Horizons Brought Wholesome Fun in Scary Times Animal Crossing: New Horizons has done so much for… View Article
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Animal Crossing

[Opinion] Signs You Are Playing Too Much Animal Crossing!

I love Animal Crossing! From the adorable characters, relaxing play, and charming gameplay, Animal Crossing has kept millions of people entertained during a horrific pandemic. I’ve seen people play over 1,000 hours of AC! That got me thinking, are we playing too much Animal Crossing? Is it too much of a good thing? If so,… View Article
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Shmubedi Boo

[Review] Shmubedi Boo (Nintendo Switch)

Developer: Dmytro DerybasPublisher: Dmytro DerybasPlatform: Nintendo SwitchVersion Reviewed: eShop DownloadCategory: Adventure, Platformer, Action, MultiplayerNo. of Players: Up to 4 playersRelease Date: October 07, 2020 (Worldwide)Price: $9.99 USD   HISTORY: Platformers can provide some of the biggest challenges in gaming. Games such as Super Meat Boy and Super Mario Maker 2have made the hardest of the hardcore scream… View Article
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Next Level Games Acquisition

Nintendo Can Make Next Level Games Their Next Retro Studios!

Nintendo has a great lineup of first-party studios. From Monolith Soft to Retro Studios, Nintendo has some of the most talented developers in the industry. Now,  you can add Next Level Games to the list. Next Level Games is a talented, but small studio. They are comprised of 50 developers, but they make some of… View Article
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Animal Crossing: New Horizons

[Feature] Will Animal Crossing Sell 50 Million?

No game in 2020 has been bigger than Animal Crossing New Horizons. ACNH has sold over 26 million copies since March 20th. That is amazing, especially considering AC is on one platform. Gamers and nongamers alike flocked to New Horizons like Wal-Mart shoppers to the last roll of toilet paper. With no signs of slowing… View Article
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Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity

[Feature] How Well Will Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity Do?

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity comes out in two days. Nintendo Is betting on this game to be their big holiday title. I can see why. It tells the backstory of BOTW, so it fills in the gaps from Breath of the Wild about what happened that lead up to the events in BOTW. Dynasty… View Article
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Hollow Knight

[Feature] Why You Should Buy Hollow Knight!

The Switch is home to tons of great indie games, from Stardew Valley, Hades, and Dead Cells. The Switch gives you the best lineup of Indie games. All the games I mentioned are fantastic, but one game stands above them all… Hollow Knight! Hollow knight by Team Cherry is my favorite Metroidvania game. If you… View Article
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Retro Studios

Retro Studios Is Expanding Their HQ Thanks To Nintendo’s 500K Investment!

For the past two years, tons of clickbait articles have circulated the web saying that Retro Studios is in trouble, that they can’t finish a game, and that Nintendo will shut them down. People like me, who knew better, didn’t believe one word of it. I knew Retro was fine, and they were going to… View Article
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Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon & Blade of Light

[Feature] Will Other Older Fire Emblem Games Make it to the West?

Fire Emblem went from cult favorite to one of the biggest franchises for Nintendo. Thanks to the huge sales of Three Houses, Fates, and Awakening, the original Fire Emblem is making it’s way to the west for the first time. That is great for people who’ve never played the original FE. FE has gotten many… View Article
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Majora's Mask 20th Anniversary

[Feature] Happy 20th Anniversary to The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask!

I know, this is late, but happy 20th anniversary to The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask! It is one of my favorite games of all time. I like even more than Ocarina of Time. That may be controversial to say, but hear me out before you get the pitchforks and torches. Maybe you’ll understand why… View Article
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[Feature] Will A 2D Metroid Game Release on the Switch?

2D Metroid Games Rock 2D Metroid games are some of the best games ever. From Super Metroid to Metroid Zero Mission, 2D Metroid games have given gamers classic memories and gameplay that inspire gamers today. Many modern games have been influenced by 2-D Metroid games. Dead Cells, Hallowknight, and Hades owe a lot to the… View Article
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[Review] Breakpoint (Nintendo Switch)

Developer: Studio AesthesiaPublisher: The Quantum Astrophysicists GuildPlatform: Nintendo SwitchVersion Reviewed: eShop DownloadCategory: Action, Arcade, Fighting, StrategyNo. of players: 1 playerRelease Date: September 24th 2020Price: $4.99 USD HISTORY: Studio Athesia is an indie video game studio that is comprised of 2 employees who love making indie games. Breakpoint first released on Mac and IOS back in… View Article
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[Feature] Is Retro Studios’ New Game Almost Ready?

There have been heated debates over Retro Studios if they are doing more than one game. Did they cancel other games they were making? Have they been in trouble until they got Metroid Prime 4? Some job listings on Retro Studios’ own website may have answered a few questions for us. Retro is Hiring For… View Article
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[Feature] Great Games Overlooked On Nintendo Switch You Should Play!

The Nintendo Switch has a ton of great games that gamers enjoy. Breath of the Wild, Mario Odyssey, Fire Emblem, Pokemon, Smash, and Luigi’s Mansion 3, to name a few. However, like any successful system, some gems get overlooked. These games are great, but they didn’t sell or get the attention that they should’ve. I… View Article
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Partner Showcase | September 2020

[Feature] Let’s Talk About The Nintendo Direct Mini Partner Showcase | September 2020

Nintendo fans have clamored for new game information in 2020. They love their directs, and they want one now, so Nintendo has started doing showcases with 3rd parties. These are short, but they showcase new games for the Nintendo Switch. There has been a lot of mixed reactions to these showcases by fans. They want… View Article
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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

[Feature] The Importance of Being Patient With Video Games Delays

Video game fans are unique. They hate it when games are unfinished and don’t live up to their expectations, but they also hate it when a game gets delayed. Gamers forget that delaying a game can help its quality. Don’t get mad at a game delay. That shows the developers and publishers care about the… View Article
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