First June had come and gone and now the same has happened with July! Summer is flying by way too fast, but hey, at least the Miketendo64 team is getting to spend it playing some really fantastic games, such as Octopath Traveler. But, since July has ended, as part of another Miketendo64 Review Round-up, here’s the full list of games we spent playing and reviewing:

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Nintendo Switch: (Miketendo64 Official, DLC & Previews)

(DLC) 9/10 (Recommended)Sonic Mania Plus (by Solid Jack)

9/10 (Recommended)Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of DANA (by Solid Jack)

9/10 (Recommended)BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle (by Ali@Nintendo)

9/10 (Recommended)Inside (by Renan)

9/10 (Recommended)Bomber Crew (by Jonathan Ober)

9/10 (Recommended)Pool Panic (by lucariocios)

8/10 (Recommended)Octopath Traveler (by minusthebrant)

8/10 (Recommended)Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker (by Mike Scorpio)

8/10 (Recommended)Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy (by Mike Scorpio)

8/10 (Recommended)GO VACATION (by Mike Scorpio)

8/10 (Recommended)Ghost 1.0 (by Solid Jack)

8/10 (Recommended)Piczle Lines DX 500 More Puzzles! (by Solid Jack)

8/10 (Recommended)Runbow (by minusthebrant)

8/10 (Recommended)SpiritSphere DX (by Switch Nindies)

8/10 (Recommended)Limbo (by Renan)

8/10 (Recommended)Hand of Fate 2 (by Mike Scorpio)

8/10 (Recommended)20XX (by Mike Scorpio)

8/10 (Recommended)Pode (by Jonathan Ober)

8/10 (Recommended) The Journey Down: Chapter Three (by Renan)

8/10 (Recommended) The Journey Down: Chapter Two (by Renan)

8/10 (Recommended) Miles & Kilo (by Double Jump)

8/10 (Recommended)Squids Odyssey (by minusthebrant)

7/10 (Pleasant)Code of Princess EX (by Solid Jack)

7/10 (Pleasant)Tanzia (by Solid Jack)

7/10 (Pleasant)Holy Potatoes! A Weapon Shop?! (by lucariocios)

7/10 (Pleasant)Guts and Glory (by Solid Jack)

7/10 (Pleasant)VSR: Void Space Racing (by Mike Scorpio)

7/10 (Pleasant) Candle: The Power of the Flame (by Jonathan Ober)

7/10 (Pleasant) Fossil Hunters (by Jonathan Ober)

7/10 (Pleasant)Drawful 2 (by Double Jump)

7/10 (Pleasant)Burnstar (by Double Jump)

7/10 (Pleasant)Figment (by sodamancer)

7/10 (Pleasant)Dream Alone (by sodamancer)

7/10 (Pleasant)Spheroids (by Solid Jack)

6/10 (Pleasant) Super Destronaut DX (by minusthebrant)

6/10 (Pleasant) State of Anarchy: Master of Mayhem (by minusthebrant)

6/10 (Pleasant) Touhou Genso Wanderer Reloaded (by minusthebrant)

6/10 (Pleasant) Mushroom Wars 2 (by minusthebrant)

6/10 (Pleasant) Pato Box (by minusthebrant)

6/10 (Pleasant) The Journey Down: Chapter One (by Renan)

5/10 (Pleasant)ASSAULT GUNNERS HD EDITION (by Camjo-Z)

5/10 (Pleasant)The Wardrobe (by Camjo-Z)

5/10 (Pleasant)Bloons TD 5 (by lucariocios)

3/10 (Avoid) The Mooseman (by Jonathan Ober)

3/10 (Avoid) Paranautical Activity (by lucariocios)

(Preview) Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Pokémon: Let’s Go, Eevee! (by Mike Scorpio)

(Preview) Starlink: Battle For Atlus (by Mike Scorpio)

(Preview) Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker Toad (by Mike Scorpio)


Nintendo Switch: (Miketendo64 Shared)

6/10 – Mario Tennis Aces (Originally posted on Wizard Dojo by themancalledscott)


Nintendo 3DS Family Systems: (Miketendo64 Official)

8/10 (Recommended)WarioWare Gold (by Solid Jack)


amiibo & Other Figurines: (Miketendo64 Shared)

Hammer Bro World of Nintendo 4″ Inch Figure Review (Originally posted on Nintendo Figures by Kuribo)


PlayStation 4: (Miketendo64 Shared)

10/10 – Dark Souls Remastered (Originally posted on Wizard Dojo by themancalledscott)


*Editor’s Note: The 10/10 score on Dark Souls Remastered marks themancalledscott’s 9th perfect score to be given in a review. 


From all of us on Team Miketendo64, we thank you for stopping by to check out our Miketendo64 Review Round-up and hope you look forward to what we have in store for you review-wise, for the month of August.

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Until next time, keep on gaming!

By Jack Longman

In 2015, when rumours of the NX and Zelda U were everywhere, my brother and I started Miketendo64 and we've been running it ever since. As the Editor-in-Chief, I have attended video gaming events in three different countries, been to preview events, and penned more than 4,000 articles to date, ranging from news, to features, reviews, interviews and guides. I love gaming and I love all things Nintendo. I also love Networking, so don't be afaid to reach out. Email: / Website: YouTube channel:

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