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[Video] Fire Emblem Heroes’ Spring Festival is Almost Here!

After already being ousted by Nintendo of America yesterday and , just in case there was any doubt about who the bunny-eared Heroes, those doubts can now cease.


Shared to YouTube, a new video confirms the presence of a costumed Lucina, Chrom, Xander and Camilla, as well as a new Paralogue story and quests and you can see the video right here!

Source: Nintendo Mobile (Twitter)


[Random] 10 Million Android Downloads and Counting! (Super Mario Run)

Super Mario Run hasn’t even been available in the Google Play Store for even a week and already the free to download title has surpassed 10 million downloads (and now we know how many Mario fans with android devices, were left waiting for so long.)


However this does not mean the 10 million new players purchased the full title as many android users have taken a leaf out of iOS device owners book, and are constantly complaining about the $10 dollar price tag, but I have said it time and time again, Super Mario Run is worth the $10 dollar single payment, but at the end of the day, the decision rests with you, but way to go Super Mario Run! That’s another 10 million in the bag!


Source: Google Play Store

Some Characters Will Be Bunnying Up in Fire Emblem Heroes

The Japanese Twitter Account is at it again with revealing even more things coming to the game. in their latest Tweet it shows a silhouette of three heroes with what looks to be bunny ears perched on their heads. we only have to wait until the 30th of March for when all will be revealed.

FE bunnies.png

Source: Fire Emblem Heroes JP (Twitter)

Fire Emblem Heroes April Update Now Detailed In the In-Game Notifications

After the Japanese Twitter Account for Fire Emblem Heroes revealed that changes and updates were coming to the Mobile App, The in-game notification tray has now prompted players of the changes they can expect to come to the game starting March 31st and also sometime in April. You can see the details of the Notifications listed below. Continue reading Fire Emblem Heroes April Update Now Detailed In the In-Game Notifications

[Editorial] Should Nintendo bring their Mobile Titles to the Nintendo Switch?

Welcome to another Miketendo64 editorial and coming up on today’s piece, I’ll be arguing the Pros and Cons of Nintendo bringing their mobile titles to Nintendo Switch.

Now straight away a few of you may be thinking “why would they want to?” and you would be right to do so. I adore Super Mario Run and I even enjoy Fire Emblem Heroes and while they are a great mobile representation of the videogame series’ they represent, its a whole different ballgame if they were playable on one of Nintendo’s available home consoles. But then again, whilst they may not be the best representation, they would still act as great introduction titles for gamers who have never played a single Mario/Fire Emblem game. Titles that could get new to Nintendo/Switch owners interested in buying Super Mario Odyssey, Fire Emblem Warriors, Fire Emblem Switch and even the Mario/Rabbids game we’ve been hearing Ubisoft are working on. Continue reading [Editorial] Should Nintendo bring their Mobile Titles to the Nintendo Switch?

Several Changes Coming To Fire Emblem Heroes. Increase In Stamina, Position Changes & More

The Japanese Twitter account for Fire Emblem Heroes has divulged that several changes and updates will soon be coming to the game. Fortunately the details have been translated by Reddit user Van24 and it by the looks of it, these changes will be quite welcoming.

Firstly and probably the most beneficial, at the beginning of each battle, you will be able to change your unit’s starting positions to better suit your attack strategy. You will be abble to swap them around as much as you like providing you haven’t made the first action. If you do, you will no longer be able to move them around.

Adjustments have been made to how much experience is earned by characters depending on their Star ranking. Lower Star rank units will earn more experience from low level enemies than Higher Star rank units would against the same enemies.

Stamina will also be increased to 99 as opposed to 50 and can be restored up to 99 with the use of Orbs and Stamina potions.

We should be able to see these changes come into play with a new update that launches sometime in April.

Are you still playing Fire Emblem Heroes? Will you be looking forward to these updates? Please be sure to let us know in the comments below.


Source: Reddit (r/FireEmblemHeroes)

[Event] Gold Goombas Will March again in Super Mario Run

With Super Mario Run now available on both android and iOS devices, the timing couldn’t be any more perfect than to get the second Gold Goombas event underway!


While not much has been said in today’s forewarning notification, the event will most likely be like last time, which sees Gold Goombas appearing in the World Tour and by squishing a whole ton of them players can go on to fill out Stamp Cards and earn Gold Goomba related statues. Here’s the requirements and rewards we had to aspire too the last time the Gold Goombas were in town:

Continue reading [Event] Gold Goombas Will March again in Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run Daily Bonuses & New Items

With the release of Super Mario Run on Android comes new daily bonuses to keep players interested to at least login once a day. These bonuses can include coins, rally tickets and decorations for your Mushroom Kingdom. Each day rewards a different bonus which you can check out in the Notification list below.

smr 1

That’s not all though as new items have also been added to the game to bring some sparkle over the Mushroom kingdom with the use of fireworks from cannons. See the image below for details.

SMR new items

Source: Super Mario Run In-App Notification

[Event] Grand Hero Michalis is Ready for Battle! Are You? (Fire Emblem Heroes)

A few days ago we had the preview event, but now it is time for the real thing. The battle against Michalis has begun.


As always, to challenge Michalis, players will need to head over to Battle maps and select the difficulty in which they’d like to challenge him on (Hard and Lunatic.) But beating him is no easy task as not only is the battle difficult enough on Hard mode, but should a single unit fall in battle, it’s game over, so if you’re an easy battle, think again. However should you possess an army of powerful Heroes, success can be yours, and by emerging victorious on Hard mode you will of course win a 3 Michalis, but should you beat him and his friends on Lunatic mode, you will of course walk away with a 4 Michalis. Continue reading [Event] Grand Hero Michalis is Ready for Battle! Are You? (Fire Emblem Heroes)

[Event] The “Play Every Day Login Event” is Now Underway in Super Mario Run

Just in case Super Mario Run’s android release and Version 2.0.0 update wasn’t enough of an incentive to get players playing, maybe the new event will!


The new event is the “Play Every Day Login Event,” an event that will see players rewarded for logging in on a daily basis and providing them with items such as Toad Rally Tickets, coins and even buildings. Continue reading [Event] The “Play Every Day Login Event” is Now Underway in Super Mario Run

[Event] Tough Times Await in Fire Emblem Heroes Thanks to Newly Added Lunatic Quests

With Fire Emblem Heroes ever continuing to be the game that keeps on giving with constant content, yet another event has gotten underway and it will test players mettle!


Essentially the event is nothing more of a personal challenge as new Special Quests have been added and it’s up to the players to try and achieve them or ignore the, but if you choose former, it will be no easy task. Why? Because the new quests require players completing certain levels in the Main Story (levels from Chapters 1, 5 and 9) in Lunatic mode and all four allies must survive and depending on the level, there’s an additional requirement as well. Continue reading [Event] Tough Times Await in Fire Emblem Heroes Thanks to Newly Added Lunatic Quests

[Update] Here’s Everything we Know about the Super Mario Run Version 2.0.0 Update

Super Mario Run has finally run its way to android devices, and with it comes a great number of changes that also affects the iOS version of the game as the huge Version 2.0.0 update is available right now!


In fact this update is so massive that there’s quite a bit to it, so much so we’ve got no choice but to share it all here, and more! I hope you have a few minutes to spare. Continue reading [Update] Here’s Everything we Know about the Super Mario Run Version 2.0.0 Update

Super Mario Run has Run its Way to the Google Play Store

Good things come to those who wait and you android owners have waited long enough.


While it is not the 23rd of March in Europe or North America, it is in Japan and Australia and that hasn’t stopped Nintendo from releasing the app worldwide and finally bringing it to the Google Play Store, so if you’re eager to try it out for yourself, the time is now!


Source: Google Play Store


More on Super Mario Run’s Version 2.0.0 Update

With Super Mario Run’s new update and android release slated for release two days from now, even more details regarding the update has come to light!

First up, get ready to rebuild your Kingdom as new items are coming to the shop, which includes Blue Yoshi’s House. Naturally Blue Yoshi’s House will unlock Blue Yoshi as a playable character, but certain requirements will need to be met in order to purchase the house in the first place.

But the biggest reveal is something the free players of Super Mario Run will enjoy most. Once the update rolls out, a Challenge from Bowser will be available and it allows free players to take on World 1-4 without having to pay for the full game and provided they beat it, additional levels will be added to Toad Rally, as well as the means to earn both Green and Blue Toads. (Prior to the update, free players could only get Red Toads.)

While that covers everything from today’s Super Mario Run news, should any more details regarding the update come to light, you can expect to read about them all right here and if there’s not, you can expect our full coverage of the update on Thursday. So until then, keep on gaming!

Source: @SuperMarioRunJP (Twitter)

[Event] Time to go Earn 12,000 Universal Shards from Fire Emblem Heroes’ Helping Hand Event

Unable to level up your favourite Heroes because they either keep dying in battle, or you just don’t have enough Shards and Crystals? Not to worry, the new event will take care of that!


The new event is the Helping Hand event and instead of adding a new map, it adds new quests that are easy enough to do, as you only need to KO 5 enemy units, whilst using specific units. (Colorless, Red, Green, Blue, Calvary, Armoured, Infantry and Fliers.) Continue reading [Event] Time to go Earn 12,000 Universal Shards from Fire Emblem Heroes’ Helping Hand Event