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[Editorial] Year 3 of Miketendo64 Begins!

If you are reading this, then it can only mean one thing, it is the 5th of May, 2017, which is the very same day Miketendo64 celebrates its 2nd anniversary/birthday. When Miketendo64 first come to life on the 5th of May, 2015, it was not the same site that it is now. It was merely… View Article
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Let’s Talk About… Snake Pass (The Indie Game I Just can’t Get Enough of)

Hello to you all, I am Jack Longman, and this is yet another written instalment of Let’s Talk About, the Miketendo64 feature series, where Mike Scorpio and myself express our views and opinions on all things Nintendo! Be it a singular game, a game series in general, consoles or even Nintendo’s latest activities, you can… View Article
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[Editorial] Should Nintendo bring their Mobile Titles to the Nintendo Switch?

Welcome to another Miketendo64 editorial and coming up on today’s piece, I’ll be arguing the Pros and Cons of Nintendo bringing their mobile titles to Nintendo Switch. Now straight away a few of you may be thinking “why would they want to?” and you would be right to do so. I adore Super Mario Run… View Article
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Driven by Hope and a Love for Zelda (May you Rest in Peace Gabe)

Life, as beautiful as it is, like a rose you would encounter in a garden, it is not without its cruel tricks and wicked thorns. That’s why a lot of us like books and video games so much, because they give us the chance to escape our own reality and the chance to be so… View Article
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Barcelona Games World and What I Made of It!

As I sit here writing this, I am currently aboard a train, with Barcelona gone from site. Barcelona Games World may continue for another two days, but for me it is over, but at least we made the most of it and now here’s an editorial on all that went down! The Trip There: The… View Article
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The Console That Spawned A Generation, The Nintendo 64

The year was 1996 and videogames were about to make a change for the better. On June 23rd, Nintendo released the Nintendo 64 and along with it, Super Mario 64. The game truly stood out against the rest. Not only did it bring the world’s most famous plumber out of two dimension and into the third… View Article
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