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[Editorial] Learning the Final Verse of the Song with Breath of the Wild’s Champions’ Ballad DLC

Last week, something truly incredible happened. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild beat Super Mario Odyssey for the title of Game of the Year at The Game Awards 2017 and at long last, the Champions’ Ballad finally arrived and we weren’t prepared for it. Continue reading [Editorial] Learning the Final Verse of the Song with Breath of the Wild’s Champions’ Ballad DLC


[Editorial] Metroid Missions (Musings on What a Mobile Metroid Game Could be Like!)

Hey guy! Welcome back to yet another Editorial penned by me, “Miketendo64’s Maniacal OverlordJack Longman, aka Jacktendo92!


This week, due to how things are going as far as Nintendo’s mobile games are concerned, being the resident theorist, I was tasked with coming up with what a mobile Metroid game could be like and after doing some thinking, “Metroid Missions” makes the most sense. Continue reading [Editorial] Metroid Missions (Musings on What a Mobile Metroid Game Could be Like!)

[Editorial] Fare thee Well #MarioWeek!

Time flies? Ain’t that the truth!


It was only around this time last week that I announced #MarioWeek would be getting underway at Miketendo64 and now I sit in the same seat as last week, typing up my farewell article to #MarioWeek! It is also a shame to end our Theme Weeks as while they are a lot of work, they are also a lot of fun. So as a last hurrah, how about we recap how the Miketendo64 team spent last week and believe it or not, we didn’t just completely spend it playing Super Mario Odyssey, as we did find time to produce lots of new content to the website: Continue reading [Editorial] Fare thee Well #MarioWeek!

[Editorial] My Best Mario Moment? The Day Mike Scorpio met Charles Martinet!

Hey guys, welcome back to yet another Editorial penned by me, “Miketendo64’s Maniacal OverlordJack Longman, aka Jacktendo92 and today I feel like talking about myself for once!

DSC_0222.JPG Continue reading [Editorial] My Best Mario Moment? The Day Mike Scorpio met Charles Martinet!

[Editorial] Nintendo Switch: A Gamer’s Best Friend and a Reviewer’s Worst Nightmare

Hey guys, don’t mind me, this is “Miketendo64’s Manical OverlordJack Longman, aka Jacktendo92 and today I’ve cooked up a little something just for you!

Image result for nintendo switch Continue reading [Editorial] Nintendo Switch: A Gamer’s Best Friend and a Reviewer’s Worst Nightmare

[Editorial] Not Another September 2017 Nintendo Direct Predictions Article

Hey guys, this is Jack here, aka “Miketendo64’s Manical Overlord” and I thought I would treat you to something a little different.


Given the quantities of articles that have been shared the last couple of days that all pertain to predictions for today’s Nintendo Direct, I decided “let’s not do that.” We already know we’re going to see more shown off about the confirmed games for Switch and 3DS, as well as learn some release dates for certain games and have the occasional surprise or two, but let’s keep it like that, a surprise. Continue reading [Editorial] Not Another September 2017 Nintendo Direct Predictions Article

Let’s Talk About… ARMS (And the Lack of amiibo)

If you’re reading this, it means you’re visiting the Miketendo64 website and it is Let’s Talk About time!

But what is Let’s Talk About? Well it’s our feature series that continues to evolve and as part of its evolution, we’ve taken it public, so that instead of just me or Mike Scorpio and I doing all the work, discussing all things Nintendo related, now you too can join in and have your say. So in light of that and eager to strike up yet another instalment, we took to Facebook and invited members of the groups Handheld Gaming Network and Nintendoholics to weigh in on the subject of ARMS and amiibo and this is the responses we got:

* * * * *

So Let’s Talk About ARMS. While amiibo themselves might not be a good fit for it, how do you feel about ARMS amiibo cards that act similar to baseball cards as they have the stats and that of a fighter on them?

Responses from Handheld Gaming Network:

Conner Amays: I don’t understand why “figures wouldn’t be a good fit”? Although the baseball card idea is neat, I don’t see why figures sound like a bad option.

Konner Bowen: Figures could be great. If they implemented certain non-game breaking power ups or additional weapons that weren’t overpowered or just cosmetic then people would love them.

DeAnne Williams: I like the figure idea more. I have hundreds of AC amiibo cards and I’m not going down that route again. Trying to trade and sell duplicates is a pain. It’s not as fun like card trading was as a kid when you could trade pokemon cards at school or with your friends. It is too time consuming and schedule conflicting doing that as an adult. Not to mention the cost of it all.

Rebekah Rose Jordan: If I were getting amiibos, it would be figure. Like DeAnne Williams, I have AC amiibo cards, and while they are neat and serve their purpose, I remember trying to trade duplicates and driving an hour out to east Jesus nowhere and no, I’m too old for that garbage.

Responses from Nintendoholics:

Trintin Chlok: I think that amiibo could be cool. And if each one came with a few detachable fists. So that way if you got them all you could mix and match. I’d get some.

Angelika Papasodora: I think the amiibo cards would be a great idea for Arms. I personally would like figurines better since I have started on an amiibo collection, but not everyone has the room for them. Collecting the amiibo cards are easier and efficient, and you could even put them in card sleeves and trade them. It would be cool if they did different art for the characters as well.

David Beaudoin: I would buy amiibo so hard. Also, they could easily utilize amiibo. Let you save your ARMS configuration to take with you to your friends’ house!

Anthony Reynolds: I really want amiibos. The cards can kick rocks. Bring me sweet sweet plastic. Also ARMS is an amazing fighting game. I think Splatoon has overshadowed it a bit. But people should really give it a chance. Great game. Online is fun. 2 player local play kicks ass. Characters are sweet. Definitely original.

Brian Irizarry: ARMS amiibo figures with detachable fists that can come in a blind bag would crush my wallet

(In response to Brian Irizarry:) Anthony Reynolds: Do not ever tell this to Nintendo. We’ll all go bankrupt.

* * * * *

Like I said, the discussions were short, but the responses were golden and since a whole lot has been said and I have yet to have the chance to have my say, I think it’s time I weighed in with my own comments.

I have never really been into the whole amiibo phase. Yes I do indeed own some, such as my still-in-the-box Rider Link and Guardian Breath of the Wild themed amiibo, but I’m not an amiibo collector and despite that, I was a bit disappointed amiibo wasn’t announced for ARMS. Granted it’s an entirely new thing and everyone could have hated the fighters so making amiibo could have turned into a huge loss for Nintendo as no one would want to buy figurines of characters they hate, but Nintendo could have least made amiibo cards of them.

They would be cheaper, could have been designed to be like baseball cards with fighter stats and possibly even their bio on one side, but it didn’t happen and it’s a shame. The amiibo could have been used to unlock additional ARMS, or even save your favourite loadout, so when you go round to a friends, when someone else, like your partner, has your Switch, at least by scanning in the amiibo card you can play as your favourite fighter, in your preferred colour, with your favourite ARMS, without having to go through the hassle of choosing everything.

But even if the amiibo cards of ARMS served no function at all, they’d still be worth getting as each one would be special and can easily be packaged up, like Nintendo did with the Animal Crossing cards. Sure they’re a hassle to collect that way, but what amiibo isn’t hard to get? Time and time again the ones we want sell out almost immediately, so why should it be any different with the cards? Also by going with card form, it would be a nice throwback to the time when Nintendo did cards of the Smash fighters when the original 64 game came out. (Those cards were awesome.)

Yes actual figurines of ARMS fighters would be better, especially of the ARMS were all interchangeable, but were that the case, not every fighter might get an amiibo. In fact only 5 might get that privilege, which wouldn’t feel right. This would have to be one of those times where it is all or nothing, as in all fighters get an amiibo figurine or none of them do and while it would be a little too costly and a bit of a financial risk, the risk is considerably less with amiibo cards, so I am disappointed it didn’t happen. But who knows? Maybe we’ll get lucky and when a sequel rolls out, so will a series of amiibo dedicated to it. (A boy can live in hope right?) Until such time though, ARMS not having amiibo is a wasted opportunity and nothing can possibly change that!

This has been another of our revised instalments of Let’s Talk About. Thank you reading. Thank you for supporting the series and if you wish to join in with the conversation, you can do so below by leaving a comment.

Until the next instalment, keep on gaming!

The 5 Best and Worst Nintendo 64 Games

Guest Article By: Rebecca Geizura of 1-Up Games


Although the Nintendo 64 only had 296 North American released games, there are still a few games that are plain terrible.  From bad graphics to poor level design, the games on this list are horrific.  


  1. Carmegeddon

This game is a sad knock-off the PlayStation game Twisted Metal. It was originally released for the PC in 1997, then it was ported to the Nintendo 64 in 1999.  The port was done poorly, and the Nintendo 64 version was done terribly.  The game drop frames constantly, and graphically it had less textures.  Carmageddon received a 2.4/10 rating from IGN.  It was one of the most forgettable games from the Nintendo 64.

  1. Blues Brothers 2000

The game is based off the Blues Brothers movie released in 1998.  The release was delayed so much that when the game was released, no one really cared about the movie anymore.  The game has a weird storyline, bad controls, and poor level design.

  1. Power Rangers: Lightspeed Rescue

Most of the buttons do nothing.  There is no jump, no crouch, no sidestep, nothing like that.  The enemies come out of the walls, and the boundaries very far apart.  You can run for minutes before reaching a boundary that stops you.  The creators couldn’t loop the music, so the music abruptly stops and starts up again.  The music also plays throughout the whole entire game except the title screen, so there is two music tracks in the whole game.

  1. Rugrats Scavenger Hunt

Released in 1999, the game is a Mario Party clone that fails to have the same multiplayer fun.  The core mechanics are too slow and complicated for any child’s attention span. This game should only be played when you are trying to go to sleep.  

  1. Superman 64

Immediately as the game begins, you have to fly through rings.  You don’t even have to get used to the controls.  If you miss a few of the rings, you lose.  On top of that, there is a time limit so you don’t have time to go back and fly through the ones you missed.  The controls are very sensitive; one wrong move and Superman takes a dive in the wrong direction. After you finally beat the first level, direction flash on screen.  It says something about cars, but there isn’t enough time to read it.  You have 5 seconds to complete the task.  If you don’t, you have to beat level one again.

Since you’ve read the worst Nintendo 64 games, here are the games that are still astonishing and magnificent today.


  1. Star Fox 64

This reboot of the Super Nintendo classic space shooter was not only a vast improvement, but also remains as the best game in the franchise.  It was one of the first Nintendo games to include voice acting and is often one of the most quoted games for it’s cheesy lines.   

  1. Super Mario 64

It was not only one of the best launch titles made, it was a major revolution in gaming.  Super Mario 64 had precise controls, spectacular camera angles, and visuals at the time that have never been seen before.  The Nintendo 63 may have had a tiny library of games when the console launched, but with this game, no one was bored.

  1. Super Smash Bros

This game spawned one of Nintendo’s most successful franchises.  It was a four player fighting game that created a new style of games called brawlers featuring some of Nintendo’s most popular characters beating each other for some violent fun.

  1. Goldeneye 007

This is the most successful licensed game ever despite coming out 2 years after the Goldeneye movie.  Added as an afterthought, the multiplayer mode was one of the main reasons for its success, and it became a pioneer for console multiplayer or first person shooters.

  1. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Not only is this the best game on the system, but it is arguably one of the best games of all time.  The gameplay has a flawless combat system, an lock-on mechanic, and a day and night system.  This is a true testament on how video games should be made.  The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time still stands up to games being released today.


If you are looking to play or purchase any of these games, please feel free to visit 1-Up Games.


Retro Games Could be the Future of the Switch and Mobile for Nintendo

*Guest Editorial*

What’s old is new again in the world of video games. It seemed like as soon as Nintendo announced the NES Mini Classic Edition in 2016 that people were already dreaming and speculating about a similar spin on the SNES. Those dreams came true when Nintendo announced that it’s releasing a SNES Mini Classic Edition in the fall of 2017, much to the delight of old-school gamers everywhere. The arrival of the SNES Mini is indicative of a larger trend in gaming toward nostalgia and classic titles, and Nintendo’s not the only company cashing in on the trend.

However, Nintendo is definitely at the forefront of the retro revival, and might also be executing it the best. We’ve known for a while that Nintendo will be rolling out an online subscription service similar to Playstation Now. The company has announced that the service will go live in 2018 and will include a number of NES classics like Dr. Mario and Super Mario Bros. 3. But that doesn’t mean that the new service will necessarily be replacing the beloved Virtual Console that has been a huge hit on the 3DS, Wii, and Wii U. There’s still no word on what the future of the Virtual Console will be and how it will dovetail with the online subscription model. Nintendo’s back-catalog of classic games is one of its greatest assets and it would behoove them to give the people that they’re so ready to pay for.

Nintendo’s one-time biggest rival has also tried to jump on the retro train, but with decidedly mixed results. Sega is looking to capitalize on the wave of nostalgia by porting many of hits most beloved titles to mobile devices for free. The series, entitled Sega Forever, includes iconic games like Sega the Hedgehog, Altered Beast, Kid Chameleon, and more. While this should have been a good reason for gamers to rejoice, the launch has been met with frustration rather than elation. The collection has received a lot of criticism concerning the quality of the emulation and while Sega recognized these issues, we can only hope they’re being proactive and fixing the problems. Bringing its old games to mobile devices should have been a slam dunk for Sega, but the way they’ve managed to screw it up should be concerning for Sonic fanboys everywhere.

Converting established games to mobile devices is often easier said than done. You could think that older games with their rudimentary graphics and gameplay would be a natural fit for powerful smartphones, but things are rarely that simple. Even so, it’s something that Sega should take the time to get right. With its massive audience, mobile is an essential part of the gaming business, and this is seen everywhere from major publishers like Nintendo to more casual developers like those in the online gaming industry. A quality mobile platform is a must-have for internet casinos and being able to properly recreate classic card games and slots for mobile devices is vital to their business. These games are hugely popular because they’re simplistic and effortlessly tap into the timeless nostalgia that has become so popular in recent years. This name-recognition and ease of play is much of the reason for their popularity, and is also why Sega and Nintendo are so keen to make the most of it.

It’s no surprise that game companies are going back to the well when it comes to the classics. Even though Nintendo continues to push the boundaries of what can be achieved in video games—have you played The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild?—they understand the importance of tapping into the adult audience that fondly remembers the games of its youth. The demand for the NES Classic proved that there’s a serious market for people looking to play old Nintendo games, and the company would be wise to do everything it can to cash in on it.

Satoru Iwata: Two Years On. The Man We Will Always Remember

Though this post will read as posted on July 10th, It will actually July 11th in Japan by the time this post goes live due to the different time zones around the world. As most Gamers will know, especially Nintendo fans. July 11th 2015 was the day Nintendo and the world lost an incredible man. Satoru Iwata, brought so much joy to the world. So much that some people didn’t even realise that Iwata San was behind most of their favourite franchises or that they just didn’t reconize the name.

Today marks the second anniversary of his passing so we just wanted pay our respects to the man once again for the joy he has brought into our lives. I also wanted to share our 1st year anniversary video which includes some chosen words from some of our Team Members here at Miketendo64 that we uploaded last year in respect to the late, great Nintendo President that was Satoru Iwata.

[Editorial] Master Sword Unleashed! (Surviving the Trial of the Sword)

After a lengthy wait, last week the very first DLC Pack for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild dropped and having spent a part of the weekend experiencing its every delight, it’s time to write about my favourite part of the whole thing!


Don’t get me wrong, the Travel Medallion, Hero’s Path, Master Mode, Korok Mask, Majora’s Mask, Midna’s Helmet, full Phantom and Tingle armour, are all great additions that do add to the game in their own way, but the Trial of the Sword is where the real action is at and that’s why today I would rather just write about that.

Trial (1)Trial (2)

Instead of being a minor feature, a secondary difficulty mode that allows players to experience the game at the harder setting, or just something else you can wear, the Trial of the Sword is actual content that does in fact have some form of an impact, what with providing the means to unlock the true power of the Master Sword. It also comes with new dialogue for the Great Deku tree and a new location to explore, in a bid to prove Link worthy of wielding the Master Sword’s true splendour.

Trial (3)Trial (4)

The only thing is, don’t go expecting the Shrine like experience to be a walk in the park. Even the Beginning Trials will soon have Link meeting a Terrible Fate if players aren’t careful and that is pretty cool! Why? Well if you can barely survive Trial of the Sword, than it means do not even try Master Mode just yet as you will not stand a chance, but hey aside from how dangerous it can be, the Trial of the Sword is actual a delightful experience.

Trial (5)Trial (6)

One that sees you being stripped of all that you have and having to take on enemies armed with nothing but your wits and Runes until you’re able to arm yourself and fight your way through it, until reaching the nice little rest area where you can catch your breath, open a chest or three, gather supplies and cook before getting back into the foray!

Trial (7)Trial (8)

And if you think the small enemies pose a problem, wait until you face the Moblins and Guardians and Lynels and various bosses that the Final Trials possess because that’s where the real fun begins and I had a great time playing through the whole thing, but because of the hassles that await, here’s a couple of tips to help you reach your eventual success and master the true power of the Master Sword.

  • Tip 1: Never forget your Runes! – While Bombs are good, they are not the only useful Rune you have in your arsenal as Stasis is great for freezing every kind of enemy you will encounter and can be used to put them on pause long enough for you to get in a few good blows.
  • Tip 2: Arrows are your Best Friend, but you need to Save them! – For the players who aren’t the most deadly in close-combat, you might want to take a step back and let your bow do all the talking, but while there are plenty of arrows to be found and acquired, try to make every shot count, especially since arrows are a great way of dealing with every boss you face and Guardians.
  • Tip 3: Never Leave a Chest, Barrel or Crate Behind! – While not every area has a crate, a chest or a barrel in, a lot of them do, so if you wish to stay alive, never move on to the next area until you are sure you have got everything first. The more ingredients you possess, the more meals you can cook with better effects.
  • Tip 4: Meals are Important! – With plenty of supplies being encounterable throughout the stages and rest areas, it’s important to put them to use whenever you can by cooking a complete meal, as the hearts they offer can be far superior to the ones you’ll get by eating food as you find it.
  • Tip 5: Knowing when to Use your Ancient Arrows! – When going through the Final Trials, 9 Ancient Arrows can be acquired and as tempting as it is to use them on every Guardian you face, you’re actually better of saving them for the Lynels, especially the one in the final room who’s Bomb Arrows will hit you wherever you try to hide.
  • Tip 6: Run towards the Lynels! – With Lynels being such formidable foes, it’s understandable to want to run away from them as soon as you see one but since running away from them isn’t an option, run towards them! By charging right at them, you can swiftly use Stasis to freeze them and be close enough to line up your shot and take them out with an Ancient Arrow.

 Trial (10)Trial (9)

But the most important tip is to have fun as it is all too easy to want to bow out in frustration, or totally lose your cool and enter pure rage, so have fun, do your best and if you fail, you fail. It’s okay to fail, after all not every Hero passes every challenge, so if you do bite the bullet, you can always learn from your mistakes and try again as that is the true way to be the Legendary Hero worthy of wielding the Master Sword.

Trial (12)

Plus all the grief and torment is worth it as the full powered Master Sword can be used a lot longer before needing to recharge and has twice the power than when previously paused. So without a doubt the Trial of the Sword is worth doing and is the best thing to be included with the DLC Pack. Should you wish to disagree, be sure to comment below, because as far as I’m concerned, I have said my piece and it is time to wrap this Editorial up, so that you can have yours, so have at it!

Trial (11)

Until next time, keep on gaming!



[Video] Why Nintendo Should Make Amiibo Cards For Switch

With Nintendo really pushing the Nintendo Switch with crystal clear advertising as to what it is, a home console on the go, and still driving the amiibo brand by announcing even more amiibo figures releasing throughout the year, it is fair to say that Nintendo are still on board with the Toys-to-life program. I love amiibo as it allows me to collect my favourite character and figure form an display them in all their beauty and the fact they can unlock extra content in games is a bonus, I fear that amiibo figures may not key in too well with the Nintendo Switch’s Streamlined “Gaming on the Go.”

Not everyone who owns a Switch, owns amiibo and those that do are not necessarily going to whip them out in public to scan on top of their console to earn some extra goodies or unlock a costume. Also with some amiibo figures being hard to find due to their limited availability, sure there must be an easier way to collect our favourite characters and still unlock the extra goodies in our favourite games. Well there is and it comes in the form of amiibo cards and allow me to explain how they can work better for both the consumer and Nintendo with our video below.


[Editorial] Who Needs Pokkén Tournament on Switch When it has ARMS?

With the final ARMS Global Testpunch, it’s time for an impressions piece/Editorial as I ask “Who Needs Pokkén Tournament on Switch When it has ARMS?

unnamed (1) Continue reading [Editorial] Who Needs Pokkén Tournament on Switch When it has ARMS?

[Editorial] Is The Nintendo Switch The Big N’s Answer Of Getting Into The Competitive Gaming Scene?

Most of us that watched the reveal trailer will most likely remember the final scenes which showed the Switch in a more competitive gaming scene with two teams playing against each other in Splatoon. Well with the line-up of titles on the Switch that involve competitive multiplayer like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers, ARMS and Splatoon 2, it certainly does seem like Nintendo is gearing that way to maybe bring back the Nintendo World Championships again but this time, on a global scale.

Of course, there is nothing written on paper or set in stone, this is just my humble opinion. I do think though that there is no smoke without fire and when Nintendo tease something, they usually follow up on it. I personally would like to see Nintendo not just have titles in the eSport scene but actually host their own tournament. Super Smash Bros has had its own tournament for years and there are a lot of incredible players, but how many of them are expert Mario Kart Racers as well or know how to splat their way to victory in Splatoon? This would would be a great opportunity for Nintendo to bring their own string of tournaments to the eSports community which all members of the globe can participate in.

Nintendo Tournament.png

The Switch is definitely geared up to be a multifunctional console with its different play styles and controller set-ups that it offers multiple options to play with others including Local multiplayer, Local Wireless play and Online Play that the Switch is designed to be played with others in mind and with the types of games that are on the system and more that are yet to come like Super Smash Bros, the Switch will no doubt become very popular with both casual and competitive gamers alike.

[Editorial] Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers vs. ARMS (The Fight isn’t On, it’s Already Over!)

Here at it is #StreetFighterWeek and such an occasion demands an original piece of Street Fighter content every day and today will be no exception!

Image result for ultra street fighter 2 the final challengers Continue reading [Editorial] Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers vs. ARMS (The Fight isn’t On, it’s Already Over!)