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Nintendo Treehouse Live

[Video] Nintendo Treehouse Live: Paper Mario: The Origami King & Bakugan Champions of Vestroia Gameplay

The Nintendo Treehouse Live Presentation has come and gone and we got to see plenty of Paper Mario: The Origami King gameplay. The first part of the presentation showcases the introduction to Paper Mario: The Origami King with Mario and Luigi heading to Peach’s Castle on a Kart! The video continues by introducing Paper Mario’s… View Article
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Monster Truck Championship

[Video] Monster Truck Championship Gameplay Trailer

NACON and TEYON Studio have released a new gameplay trailer for their Monster Truck Game Monster Truck Championship. The game will launch on PS4, Xbox One, and Steam this October, with the Nintendo Switch version coming at a later date. You can check out the Monster Truck Championship Gameplay Trailer below along with game details and features… View Article
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[Video] It’s A Me, Mario! Getting Into Shape For Paper Mario: The Origami King

It has been too long since we last did an “It’s A Me, Mario!” video. With the new Paper Mario game releasing on July 17th for Nintendo Switch, we thought now was as good as time as any to bring back the Puppet Plumber. It’s A Me, Mario! is trying to get into shape for… View Article
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[Video] Nintendo Minute – We Play Paper Mario: The Origami King – Our Favorite Moments

Kit and Krystal are back with another Nintendo Minute. In this week’s video, the two share some of their favorite moments of playing the soon-to-release Paper Mario: The Origami King. They talk about the battle system, partners, gameplay among other things. If you would like to see the Nintendo Minute video, you can check it… View Article
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Dr. Mario

[Video] Dr. Mario – Fever – Burdeti Duo

If you enjoy listening to fan renditions of video game music, we have a charming video for you. In this video created by Andrei Burdeti, Andrei and his partner Jannie play Dr. Mario – Fever on the guitar and Piano. It is a warm parody that does lighten the spirits, especially with the current circumstances… View Article
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Pokémon Journeys

[Video] Sing along to the Opening of Pokémon Journeys (Full Song Lyrics)

For those of you lucky enough to reside in the US, you are free to start watching localized episodes of the latest Pokémon series, Pokémon Journeys on Netflix. (Hurry) However, thanks to the magic of the internet, for those who love to sing Pokémon theme tunes, it’s time to chime once more because the full… View Article
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[Video] A Whole Lot of Ninjala (Avatars, Story Episode & Online Multiplayer)

It’s time to show the ninja community exactly what we’re made of! Ninjala is available now on the Nintendo Switch and having indulged in some of what it has to offer, here’s a selection of various gameplay elements we recorded, including the entire Chapter One story episodes. Enjoy: See something you like? Let us know!  
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Pokémon Café Mix Gameplay

[Video] Check Out 10 Minutes Of Pokémon Café Mix Gameplay (Handheld Mode)

Pokémon Café Mix is out now on Nintendo Switch! The Free-to-play game is only available to play in handheld mode. We have recorded 10 minutes of Pokémon Café Mix gameplay which you can check out below. Please forgive the relatively poor footage, it was recorded with Motorola Moto G5. In Pokémon Café Mix, you get… View Article
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Pokémon Snap

[Video] Pokémon Snap Gameplay – Nintendo 64 (Wii U Virtual Console)

Let’s do the time warp again! With the announcement of New Pokémon Snap in development for the Nintendo Switch, of course, we had to do something to mark the occasion. While most of the Nintendo community have moved on from the Nintendo Wii U, we still have ours plugged in and could not help but… View Article
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[Video] The Isle Of Armor Gameplay (Pokémon Shield & Pokémon Sword)

The Isle of Armor DLC is now available to download and play for Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield. We didn’t wait long to download the DLC so we could embark on the next big adventure! We even recorded almost 2 hours of footage from going to the Wedgehurst Station in the Galar Region to completing the three trials… View Article
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Cris Tales Release Date Revealed In New Trailer

Crist Tales has finally been given a release date thanks to a brand new cinematic trailer that was presented during the PC Gaming Show. The release date wasn’t just for PC but for other platforms as well including Nintendo Switch. We will be able to jump in and play Cris Tales on November 17th, 2020…. View Article
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[Video] Obtaining Hidden Ability Galarian Meowth (Pokémon Sword & Pokémon Shield Mystery Gift)

Once more the time has come to boot up Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield, for another two Mystery Gifts are available now via the internet, with one such gift bestowing upon players a Galarian Meowth that has the Hidden Ability Unnerve. It is said, “The Ability Unnerve makes opponents too nervous to eat Berries during… View Article
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[Feature] Getting A Closer Look At Yooka-Laylee and the Kracklestone (Book)

Yooka-Laylee may have beaten the Impossible Lair but now they have to stop Dr Quack in an all new adventure. The Chameleon and Bat Duo have leaped out of the video game world and into the literary world literally! The pair’s newest adventure is a visual novel by Dreamprism Press titled Yooka-Laylee and the Kracklestone…. View Article
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[Video] Bioshock: The Collection Gameplay

Bioshock: The Collection is out on Nintendo Switch and it has three incredible games wrapped in one tidy package (unless you decide to purchase them separately). Anyhow, we have recorded gameplay of all three games that you can check out at your own leisure. If you are on the fence about picking up these game(s),… View Article
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[Video] Obtaining Hidden Ability Galarian Corsola (Pokémon Sword & Pokémon Shield Mystery Gift)

Once more the time has come to boot up Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield, for another two Mystery Gifts are available now via the internet, with one such gift bestowing upon players a Galarian Corsola that has the Hidden Ability Cursed Body. It is said, “If a Pokémon with the Cursed Body Ability is hit… View Article
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Clubhouse Games: 51 Worldwide Classics Pocket Edition To Be Downloadable Free In Japan

Clubhouse Games: 51 Worldwide Classics releases tomorrow (June 5th, 2020) on the Nintendo Switch. As well as the main title, there will be a “Pocket Edition” that will be available to download free on the Japanese eShop. Only four games will be packaged in the Pocket Edition and will consist of Dominoes, Connect Four, President, and… View Article
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[Video] Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition & Future Connected Gameplay

whether you are waiting for their copy of Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition to arrive or are sitting on the fence about buying it, we have recorded about two hours of gameplay footage of the game. Spread over two videos, We have recorded the first hour of Xenoblade Chronicles and the first 55 minutes of Future Connected. This includes… View Article
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[Video] Pokémon HOME: All Kanto & Galar Region Tasks Completed

Whilst not everyone is a complete fan of Pokémon HOME at the moment, there’s no denying how useful it can be, especially when like us, you can’t resist a good challenge and the Research Tasks it has on offer, are just too irresistible to ignore. So, having completed all Kanto Region Tasks and Galar Region… View Article
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