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Nintendo Reveals Game Builder Garage – Coming This June

Nintendo Labo may be making it’s way to the recycling bin but the Toy-Con Garage will live on as its own Standalone Game. Nintendo America has just dropped a reveal trailer without any prior teases or announcements for Game Builder Garage. It takes the aforementioned Toy-Con Garage mode and turns it into its own game…. View Article
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First Area Gameplay

[Video] New Pokémon Snap – First Area Gameplay (Nintendo Minute)

Kit & Krysta are back with another episode of Nintendo Minute. This time around, the pair show off some first area gameplay of New Pokémon Snap, Florio Nature Park. The two set out to take photographs of Bidoof, Dodrio, Vivillion, Grookey, and Swanna, just to name a few, and have their photos evaluated by Professor… View Article
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Rottytops Refresh Transformation

[Video] Rottytops Refresh Transformation – Shantae and the Seven Sirens

Hey all! There is an Easter egg in Shantae and the Seven Sirens where if you use the Refresh Dance whilst next to Rottytops, she will actually turn human! The Rottytops refresh transformation doesn’t last long though and she immediately almost changes back into a Zombie. This was originally brought to our attention via a… View Article
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[Video] New Pokémon Snap – Overview Trailer

Nintendo has recently uploaded a New Pokémon Snap – Overview Trailer to their YouTube channel. It is the same trailer that released on the Japanese Pokémon YouTube channel about a week ago but it is now dubbed in English. The overview trailer is just over six minutes long and covers multiple aspects of the game…. View Article
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New Pokémon Snap - Nintendo Minute

[Video] Who’s That Pokémon? Featuring New Pokémon Snap – Nintendo Minute

Kit and Krysta are back with a new episode of Nintendo Minute and this time they are playing “Who’s That Pokémon?” featuring Pokémon that appear in New Pokémon Snap. The game consists of trying to guess what Pokémon the silhouettes belong to. Rather than spoil it for you in case you wish to play along,… View Article
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[Video] No More Heroes 3 – Series Digest Movie

Marvelous has uploaded a new trailer for No More Heroes III to their YouTube channel. The trailer was shown during the No More Broadcasting 5.1 GHm livestream last Thursday and serves as a recap of the No More Heroes series. The No More Heroes 3 – Series Digest Movir is fully voiced in English with… View Article
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[Press Release] Wired Presents A Diverse Line-up of Carefully Selected and Deeply Personal Indie Games For 2021 And Beyond

Watch the action-packed show again for tantalizing first looks on Wired’s upcoming games: Watford, UK – 29 March 2021. Wired Productions today announced eight titles coming to PC and console in the next year, revealed exclusively during the first ever Wired Direct, live on YouTube. Presented by Julia Hardy, Wired Direct gave viewers an… View Article
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Super Nintendo World Grand Opening

[Video] Super Nintendo World Grand Opening Ceremony – Universal Studios Japan

Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan has been officially opened to the public after a year-long delay. To commemorate its official inauguration, a grand opening ceremony was held. Both Universal Studios Japan President J.L. Bonnier and the creator of Super Mario Shigeru Miyamoto were present at the opening to properly mark the occasion. You… View Article
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Smash Bros. Ultimate Ver. 11.0.0

[Video] Pyra/Mythra Smash Bros. Ultimate Gameplay

With Pyra/Mythra from Xenoblade Chronicles 2 being the newest additions to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as part of the Fighter Pass 2 or purchasable separately, we have spent the last few days putting them through their paces. We have played through Classic Mode and the DLC Spirit Board, and listened to the 16 new music… View Article
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Pyra/Mythra Join Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Later Today

The Mr Sakurai Presents Pyra/Mythra presentation has been livestream es and revealed plenty of details on the new fighter joining Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as part of the Fighter Pass 2. As well as showcasing both characters movesets, a release date was also given… Today. That’s right, at some point later today in the US… View Article
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February Game Updates

[Video] February Game Updates For NES & SNES – Nintendo Switch Online

Nintendo has revealed the next wave of games to be coming to the NES – Nintendo Switch Online and SNES – Nintendo Switch Online. Coming February 17th, the likes of DOOMSDAY WARRIOR, Prehistorik Man, Psycho Dream, and Fire ‘n Ice will be launching on their respective services. You find a trailer for the February Game… View Article
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[Video] Fire Emblem Castle Conversations Fire Emblem 30th Anniversary

Nintendo announced last week that they would be sharing a video to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Fire Emblem series. The video, titled “Fire Emblem Castle Conversations” has now been published to the Nintendo Mobile YouTube channel. It features seven voice actors who lend their voices to the series’ iconic characters like Hector, Caeda,… View Article
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[Video] Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury Co-op Gameplay – Nintendo Minute

Kit & Krysta are back with an all-new Nintendo Minute. In their latest video, the pair are playing Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury together. In particular, they are playing the Bowser’s Fury part of the game in Co-op Mode with one of them playing as Mario and the other as Bowser Jr. You… View Article
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[Video] Searching For Hidden Pikmin in Super Nintendo World

Universal Parks News Today has been very busy uploading Super Nintendo World focused content to their YouTube channel. They have posted plenty of videos documenting every square inch of the theme park from the rides to the activities and stores. One such video focuses on the many Pikmin characters hidden around the park. You can… View Article
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[Video] Mario Kart Koopa’s Challenge & Yoshi’s Adventure Full Ride POV & Queue Tours

Universal Parks News Today has uploaded full video tours of the Mario Kart Koopa’s Challenge and Yoshi’s Adventure ride at Super Nintendo World in Universal Studios Japan. Both videos provide a tour of the queue areas leading up to the rides and a POV view of the rides in action. While it would be a… View Article
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Red Colony Secret Ending

[Video Guide] Red Colony Secret Ending (Nintendo Switch)

WARNING! Potential spoilers lie ahead pertaining to the Red Colony Secret Ending! For those of you playing Red Colony on Nintendo Switch, you may have heard of a secret ending to the game. It involves Maria finding her daughter Diana. We have been searching the game to no avail but the devs at RunicCodes have… View Article
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[Video] Six Quick Things! With the Director of Immortal Fenyx Rising – Nintendo Switch

A Six Quick Things! video for Immortals Fenyx Rising has been uploaded to the Nintendo YouTube channel. The video features the game’s director Scott Phillips from Ubisoft as he talks about the inspiration behind the game, favourite mythological character and more. If you are interested in hearing Scott Phillips’ insight, you can check out the… View Article
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[Video] Devs Play Red Colony

The developers of the 2D, side-scrolling horror survival game Red Colony, have gotten together to record a series of videos about the game. Developers Adam and Rune play through Red Colony together and talk about the development of the game and where the inspiration behind the game come from. After watching the videos myself, I… View Article
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[Feature] Giving Mario Kart Live: Home Cuircuit That Extra Panache With The Course Decoration Kit

Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit is a unique experience that gets even better when you get creative with your circuits. To give your circuits that extra pizazz, My Nintendo Account users in the US and Europe can claim the MK Live Course Decoration Kit for 600 Platinum Points plus postage (for us it was €6.99)…. View Article
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