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[Editorial] My Best Mario Moment? The Day Mike Scorpio met Charles Martinet!

Hey guys, welcome back to yet another Editorial penned by me, “Miketendo64’s Maniacal OverlordJack Longman, aka Jacktendo92 and today I feel like talking about myself for once!

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[Review] Rogue Trooper Redux (Nintendo Switch)

Developer: TickTock Games

Publisher: Rebellion

Platform: Nintendo Switch (eShop)

Category: Action & Adventure

Release Date: 17th of October, 2017 (EU & NA) Continue reading [Review] Rogue Trooper Redux (Nintendo Switch)

Sonic Mania Patch Inbound To Fix Bugs And Bring “Super Sonic” Button

The official Sonic The Hedgehog Twitter account has announced that Sonic Mania will be receiving a patch to fix some of the bugs that the game has been experiencing including with the Switch Home button and other issues. The patch will also be bringing with it the inclusion of the “Super Sonic” button.

We have included the Tweet here;

[Video] Fire Emblem Heroes Live Action Trailer

To help promote the latest summoning event “Choose Your Legends” banner. Nintendo have released a live-action trailer which features characters like Roy, Lucina, Lyn, Ike and even the Black Knight. You can check out the trailer for yourself below.

[Video] Worms W.M.D For Switch Official Announcement & Trailer

After the news that Worms W.M.D is coming to the Nintendo Switch. Team 17 have issued an official announcement along with a trailer showing what new features are coming in the Switch version. There is a new “Space” theme along with two new forts, “Mushroom” and “Tree House.” Check out the official Announcement below along with Worms W.M.D Switch trailer.

You asked for it and now you’re getting it! The Worms are getting ready to battle anytime, anywhere as they invade Nintendo Switch later this year in Worms W.M.D. With a gorgeous, hand-drawn 2D look, brand new weapons, the introduction of crafting, vehicles and inhabitable buildings, plus the return of some much-loved classic weapons.

In Worms W.M.D for Nintendo Switch, you’ll be able to embrace the full Worms experience with all the game’s campaign missions, levels, customisations and updates with over 80 weapons and utilities at your fingertips. These include our Liberation theme and campaign update as well as the much requested, fan favourite Forts Mode! But wait, there’s more!

The Worms have called in a crate drop that’s landing on Nintendo Switch first, jam packed with a megaton of brand new content. So dust off your Bazooka and prepare for: – A brand new theme – Space! – Two new Forts – Mushroom and Tree House. – New customisations including three new outfits and three new gravestones to mourn the passing of your portable invertebrate pals.

The Worms’ greatest minds have been working away furiously and are excited to share that Worms W.M.D for Nintendo Switch includes support for single Joy-Con play, local wireless multiplayer as well as hot seat, local and online multiplayer.

So wherever you are, whoever you’re with, the time has come to saddle up your Concrete Donkey, polish your Holy Hand Grenades and re-cape your Super Sheep as you prepare to rain hell upon your friends (and enemies) later this year!

[Video] Monster Hunter Double Cross X Zelda: Breath Of The Wild DLC

Capcom have released a new video that show that Monster Hunter Double Cross on Nintendo Switch will be getting Legend of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild DLC. This will allow your character to don the Champions Tunic and dress your Felyne companion up as a Korok. You can see for yourself in the video below.

Monster Hunter Double Cross is currently only available for Japan so we in the West will have to wait a little longer to see if Capcom will launch it over here as well, along with the DLC of course.

[Video] The Art Of Legend Of Zelda Masterclass (Japan Expo)

Nintendo UK have uploaded a video to their YouTube Channel of The Art Of Legend Of Zelda Masterclass that was presented at the Japan Expo in France. Eiji Aonuma was there to host the Masterclass and gave all the attendees a great insight into the world of Hyrule.

You can check out the video below.

Source: Nintendo UK (YouTube)

[Video Review] The Girl And The Robot (Wii U)

Trying to change the formula a little, I have decided to do my review for The Girl And The Robot in video format. I feel that sometimes games are just not justified enough with written words and images alone so rather than just talk about the game, I can show you it at the same time.


My official Score for The Girl And The Robot is an honest 7/10. Gameplay is fine and the Music does help set the tone but there doesn’t feel to be any real drive or story development which is a bit of a shame because the game could really benefit from it but still a nice game nonetheless.

[Editorial] Is The Nintendo Switch The Big N’s Answer Of Getting Into The Competitive Gaming Scene?

Most of us that watched the reveal trailer will most likely remember the final scenes which showed the Switch in a more competitive gaming scene with two teams playing against each other in Splatoon. Well with the line-up of titles on the Switch that involve competitive multiplayer like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers, ARMS and Splatoon 2, it certainly does seem like Nintendo is gearing that way to maybe bring back the Nintendo World Championships again but this time, on a global scale.

Of course, there is nothing written on paper or set in stone, this is just my humble opinion. I do think though that there is no smoke without fire and when Nintendo tease something, they usually follow up on it. I personally would like to see Nintendo not just have titles in the eSport scene but actually host their own tournament. Super Smash Bros has had its own tournament for years and there are a lot of incredible players, but how many of them are expert Mario Kart Racers as well or know how to splat their way to victory in Splatoon? This would would be a great opportunity for Nintendo to bring their own string of tournaments to the eSports community which all members of the globe can participate in.

Nintendo Tournament.png

The Switch is definitely geared up to be a multifunctional console with its different play styles and controller set-ups that it offers multiple options to play with others including Local multiplayer, Local Wireless play and Online Play that the Switch is designed to be played with others in mind and with the types of games that are on the system and more that are yet to come like Super Smash Bros, the Switch will no doubt become very popular with both casual and competitive gamers alike.

[Video] This Week Is #StreetFighterWeek!!!

With the upcoming release of Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers coming to Nintendo Switch, we at Miketendo64 will be celebrating by hosting #StreetFighterWeek!!! We will be sharing videos and posts relating to all things Street Fighter (whilst posting the usual stuff as well). If you would like to participate by sharing your stories, please be sure to send us an email at:

You can also private message us via Facebook & Twitter as well!

Mike Scorpio On… The Nintendo Switch

I have at last managed to get my hands on Nintendo’s newest console, the Nintendo Switch. After playing around with it for a few days and getting to learn it’s features and modes of play, I have found it to be a very enjoyable system. I was put off in the beginning because I wasn’t ready to give up on the Wii U yet and the fact that the Switch had a relatively weak launch line up and depended heavily on the success of The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild to sell units.

Zelda Breath of the Wild.jpg

Well I will admit that it was hasty of me to feel that way and when I had the chance to get hands on with it, I was surprised with how much I actually like it. Though the Joy-cons can feel quite small in the hands, the actual tablet of the Switch is a decent size and displays gameplay beautifully. I was never one for handhelds as I prefer the better resolution of Home consoles and playing on a bigger screen but the Switch merges both worlds together and the fact that you can play Home console games like Legend Of Zelda & Mario Kart 8 on the go with stunning graphics won me over. The option to dock the Switch to play on the TV was the icing on the cake and now that the dock will soon be available to buy separately means I can now play on literally an TV in my house (Especially the big one in my lounge). 

Switch Dock

I especially like the fact that the console comes with two controllers already which means multiplayer games with friends right of the bat. Super Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Super Bomberman R & Splatoon 2 can be played on a single Switch console or linked across several consoles via local wireless or online which really opens up the options to play with friends both nearby and around the world. Of course, you can kind of already do that on a home console with friends and play online but to be able to do it literally anywhere with anyone is a big win.


I did have some gripes with the console where sometimes the right Joy-Con wouldn’t read connected to the Switch or make the “Click” sound, yet would charge no problem but after sliding in and out of the wrist strap connector a few times, it now connects and reads fine. The personalization of your Mii Avatar of Profile pic is more diverse and gives you a lot of options including background, Expression, pose and up to 12 characters to use for your username. It’s a shame it isn’t 13 characters, so I could have Miketendo64 as my profile name but Mike M64 will just have to suffice. there is also an option to change the Theme of the Switch but it is rather limited between Black or White. It doesn’t bother me too much but I can see the possibility to add other Themes like the 3DS. A Zelda, Super Mario or Splatoon theme would be nice to liven it up and make each Switch more personal but I suppose we may have to wait until Nintendo offer them up as My Nintendo rewards.

My Nintendo Switch Rewards

I touched on the lack of Launch titles earlier but after waiting a few months before playing with the Switch, there are actually some solid titles on it. I have never played a Bomberman game but Super Bomberman R is a pretty good title to play alone or with friends. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is worth it just for the revamped battle mode and some of the third party titles don’t cost an arm or a leg to purchase. However, bear in mind that the Switch only has 32 gb memory so if you are going to be downloading most of your games, you will want a good internet plan and some Micro SD cards with plenty of memory space.


As regards to features. The share button is a well needed and a long-time waiting addition that allows gamers to share screen shots of their gameplays and share them via social media. Nintendo have said that the possibility to share video captures has been taken into consideration but it is not known when or even IF it will happen. Regardless, the option to directly take screenshots and then upload them online is a vast improvement over the debacle of doing it on the Wii U in which you had to hit the home menu, load up the browser and then you will be prompted to share. Features that have not yet been added including an Internet Browser, YouTube or even Virtual Console I thought was a poor move on Nintendo’s part but now I realise that the console doesn’t really need them. They would be welcome additions for sure but are not necessarily essential as there are plenty other devices that can offer them and We know that the Virtual Console is coming eventually but when it constantly repeats the same games with every generation, I feel that unless it is going to start bringing Gamecube games to the Switch, there is really no need for it on the Switch if you already have most of the games in the Virtual Console Library already on the Wii, Wii U & 3DS.


On the whole it is a very good console and may have just converted this Home console Gamer into a handheld aficionado. I am already eyeing up what kind of accessories to buy with it and what games I should get on it next, including pre-orders for Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers, ARMS & Splatoon 2 and I look forward to taking my Home console gaming experiences with me on the go so well done Nintendo for bridging the gap between Home consoles & Handhelds, whilst still maintaining quality games and wrapping it up into a pretty sleek package. You have managed to take what made the 3DS so popular and created a console the Wii U always strived to be but never managed, hat’s off to you.

Switch Feature 2

What did you think of my thoughts on the Nintendo Switch? Do you own the console and think differently? What features would you like to see come the console? LEt us know in the comments below.


Miketendo64- Two Year Anniversary!!!!

Wow! That came around quickly. Has it really been 2 whole years since I unleashed Miketendo64 onto the world. We are still trudging along, gaining gradual momentum. We have at last recieved recognition from Game Developers (From 13 AM Games Up to Konami & SEGA!!!) and other Media outlets alike. Our Fans and followers that have devoted their time to read our posts and leave comments mean a great deal to us and we are honoured to have such an incredible fan base.

At the end of Year One, we reached 40,000 views and over 1,000 followers. In Year Two, we have doubled our followers and have had 200,000 more views. We can’t thank enough for helping us reach these milestones but we are going to try to strive to be even better this year as we move into our third year of operation.

For Year 3, we will be making some changes. We will be engaging more with our Followers via Social Media and here on Miketendo64 and also we will be inviting you all to play with us online on the Nintendo Switch. We will also be organizing tournaments and competitions in which the victors can win some great prizes so make sure to brush up on your Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Skills and get ready for Splatoon 2 & ARMS because it could win you some goodies.

We will also shifting focus from covering every single news article that comes from the web and instead provide coverage on more important news but will continue to share smaller pieces through our social media sites. Covering every bit of news between two people is very time consuming and takes us away from the joys of interacting with you guys. By lightening the load of covering every single snippet of “News, ” we will be able to build up more of a relationship with our followers.

You can also expect more theme weeks from us including the up and coming Street Fighter Week to celebrate the release of Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers on Switch this month May so if you have anything Street Fighter memories, collections or anything relating to our next theme, feel free to share them with us at: and we will post them during Theme Week.

We will have more Reviews and Interviews for you to read at your leisure to talk about the games that release this year & the next. We will also be working on adding more guides to the site for various games like tips, secrets, how to obtain certain items and much more to just give you a nudge in the right direction when you get stuck.

Thank you all for sticking with us and we hope to continue to entertain you again for another year and many more to come.

Until Next Time, Keep On Gaming!




Fire Emblem Heroes Voting Gauntlet #2 Round One Match-Ups Unveiled

The Fire Emblem Heroes’ second Voting Gauntlet event commences tomorrow, and the first round match-ups have now been unveiled. Just like before in the last Voting Gauntlet, In round one, you can pick any of the eight characters’ teams. If your team wins, you’re stuck with them in the next round as well, If your team loses on the other hand, you get to chooes another hero instead in the next round. The match-ups are:

  • Subaki vs Beruka
  • Palla vs Minerva
  • Cordelia vs Cherche
  • Hinoka vs Camilla

If you need to strengthen any of your team members before the event, you can do so in Navarre’s Grand Hero Battle which has begun today and runs until April 9th. You can also take advantage of the new Summoning focus featuring Caeda, Effie, Kagero and Sophie are also available for the duration of the event

A Personal Thank You To You All! 2,000 Followers Reached!!!!

Wow! I can’t believe that we reached 2,000 collective followers! It wasn’t that long ago that we was celebrating 1,000. To All of you that Liked us on Facebook, Follow us on Twitter and Tumblr, subscribed to our WordPress Site directly and everywhere you may find us, Thank you all so much for your constant support to our little website. What started as a blog and a means to share Nintendo news to the masses has truly grown into something incredible. From a whimsical interest that expressed the thoughts of just one person (yours truly), to what has now become an outlet of Nintendo news, reviews, interviews and so much more due to the help of an incredible team of talented individuals that contribute periodically to Miketendo64. Continue reading A Personal Thank You To You All! 2,000 Followers Reached!!!!

(Opinion) Mike Scorpio On Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

WARNING! This Post May Contain Minor Spoilers!

I have been trying to find the words to describe this game and the time to write them. Alas, I have finally managed to find both and will now take my time to express my thoughts about The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild. I was never a fan of the name to start with and when the game was announced, I did feel a little disappointed that Nintendo’s biggest Zelda Game to date was named like a Discovery Channel Program. Name aside I still had high hopes for this game and the long wait that all of us Zelda fans have endured had me bordering fanatical obsession, constantly scouring the Internet for news that would shed more details about what was to be the best game ever coming to the Wii U (and the Switch).

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