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Nindie Preview: Rocket Fist

While I began getting acquainted with Rocket Fist I wasn’t quite sure what to make of it. The controls were simple to understand, and the action was intense and frantic. Yet, underneath that simplicity, there was plenty of room for skill and even strategy. In the back of my mind there was a thought that was clawing to get out, a realization it took some reflection to finally put into words: In many ways this is what Bomberman used to feel like to me when it got its most intense.

Multi-Player Action

I’m not sure that even videos can properly convey the very fast-paced experience you get with this title. Find a fist, look for your shot, point and fire, retreat, try to stun someone with a fist so you can have it, look for a power-up, or maybe even look for an opportunity to throw your fist at one another player is trying to pick up to create some glorious chaos! If you’re feeling really daring you may even be able to time it so you can catch someone else’s punch… but you’d better have that timing nailed to get away with it! That’s just the bare basics, but once you layer in various obstacles that create a variety of angles for your shots, elements like walls that raise or lower on the press of a button, or moving conveyor belts that can speed you up or slow you down, it makes for quite a challenge to both your skills and your ingenuity!

The single-player Adventure mode is actually not so different from playing the multiplayer Versus mode, you just are progressing through various challenges until you get to a Boss fight, then move onto the next sector. That said, it does do a pretty good job of introducing concepts to you little by little, so you’re not just thrown into the mix and expected to understand everything while you’re busy dying. You can also rock Versus mode by yourself against bots and I was happy so far to find them challenging without also being cheap, though the dead “ghosts” did seem to try to team up on me from the sides.

Meet Uncle Knuckle… He doesn’t like you

While the space for local multiplayer gaming on the Switch is about to get pretty crowded in the coming months I’m thinking Rocket Punch has a shot at capturing a safe chunk of people looking for some fast and crazy fun. It has a cartoony and colorful look, it brings the action to you in a hurry, and at least for me it inspires a nostalgia for local multiplayer games I enjoyed with friends on the SNES. Will check out the final version once it makes its way to the Switch and give you the full details then!

This preview is based off of the current PC build of the game, there is no known date for its debut on the Switch at this time.

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Nindie Preview: Death Squared

If Snipperclips would be considered the cute and quirky puzzle game in the Nintendo Switch family, 30 levels into Death Squared I’m thinking it would be the drunk uncle. It has a pretty offbeat sense of humor (flashes of Portal’s GLaDOS quickly come to mind), is a bit weird, but then will turn on a dime and get downright mean. If you like a challenge, though, I’d say that in this case it’s a good thing!

Learn to be very wary of those spikes!

The game is all about puzzling, conquering levels composed of a variety of obstacles and death traps (sooo many ways to die), in order to progress and move on to the next of the Story mode’s 80 levels. If you’re inclined to step up the level of insane coordination the game also offers a 40-level Party mode that will double the number of robots you’ll have to weave through a tangle of even more devious challenges.

What’s really great about the Story mode is that since each robot on the screen only requires a single joystick to control you can easily choose to play through it by yourself. It does require quite a bit of mental dexterity, at times, to remember which joystick is controlling which robot. That said, it is far less clumsy than having to press a button to switch control back and forth, also allowing for challenges that require both robots to move at once. You can obviously choose to play this mode with a friend as well, and whether having another person makes the game easier or harder will likely vary.

That moment you realize you may need to start over

What this also means is that the game’s Party mode can be played with only 2 people, each controlling 2 of the robots. Only having briefly tried this I will say that as hard as it can be to play Story mode by yourself, having 2 people each manage 2 robots at once steps up the difficulty quite a bit more.

Robot stacking, you’ll need to do it in a number of ways and often

There’s still a lot of content left for me to check out in the game but even within the fraction of the content I’ve unlocked I’ve seen some great mind-bending and patience-testing puzzles. Every few levels there’s typically yet another element added to the pile of things you have to contend with so there’s not been an opportunity to get comfortable, and that suits me just fine.

This preview is based off the current release version of the game for the Nintendo Switch (barring a Day-1 patch). Its current release date is July 13th!

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Nindie Preview: Rocket League

Of all the upcoming Indie titles coming to the Nintendo Switch there’s none that I’m more genuinely excited for than Rocket League. Not so much for the opportunity to play it, my current logged game time for it on Steam stands at 491 hours, but for the opportunity for more people to be able to share in what I consider to be my favorite competitive “sports” game ever.

Ooooh yeah…

At it simplest level the game sounds a bit silly: Rocket-powered cars, playing soccer (or some variant) in a closed arena. Uhm… yeah. Well, I’m here to tell you that once you get your first goal off the wall or manage to make a daring last-second save you may just get hooked in. Getting started can be a challenge. Figuring out whether you want to play with your eyes ahead or on the ball (though it is confusing at first this view is highly recommended), learning to “feel” where the goal is, and working to develop your aerial skills are all important but there’s one thing probably more important than any other: Learning to figure out and play to where the ball is or will be going instead of simply chasing it (Damn you crowders and ball chasers, don’t be one of these people!).

Getting past technique there are a pretty crazy variety of ways to play, and the great news is that on a periodic basis Psyonix has continued to add new modes. Not all of them are great or popular, but I appreciate the continued effort they’ve put into the game a good 2 years in and there’s no sign of them stopping. First you have the standard matches, whether played casually or ranked, going from 1 v 1 up to 3 v 3. These are the bread and butter matches and where I personally (in ranked, typically 3 v 3) spend the majority of my time. In addition there’s a 4 v 4 and aptly-named Chaos mode, Hoops mode (somewhat as silly as the one in ARMS and I’ve never had much fun with it), Snow Day mode (replace the ball with a hockey puck), Rumble mode (my favorite alternative mode with a variety of ridiculous power-ups to spice the game up), and the newest mode called Dropshot (the arena floor for either team can be damaged by the ball, eventually falling away, the holes then become “goals”). Bottom line, there’s probably something for everyone and you can keep things from getting stale pretty easily.

Boots, boxing gloves, spikes… anything goes in Rumble Mode

There is a also a single-player Season mode, assuming it would come to the Switch as well, and it does do a fair job of putting you up against Bots that can play a generally good game. This is the place to hone your skills a bit after hitting the basic Training Mode that will cover fundamentals. Online play, as always, can be a “dangerous” place when your skills are lacking, though thankfully as a whole I consider the Rocket League community about the most consistently polite among the online games I’ve played. If you don’t have ready access to online play this mode can serve you well enough but you’d really be missing out on the best the game has to offer.

Dropshot is a game spent mostly in the air

I can (and probably would) talk all day about the game but in the end you’ll have to check things out for yourself to make up your mind. Even with all the hours I’ve put in, and with the skills I’ve developed, there is still a significant amount of technique the people who are very good at the game have over me. Some of the aerial goals you’ll see will simply blow you away and the good news is that if you get up your courage and refine your skills you’ll find that you can pull those moves off as well. It’s when you connect on those crazy impulses and score or block that the game makes you a fan, you just need to have the nerve to try.

This preview is based off of the current PC version of the game. There is no announced date or final list of features for the Switch version but cross-platform play has been confirmed so it should be comparable in what it offers.

Nindie Preview: Flat Heroes

I know this is just meant to be a preview but the Early Access version of the game I’ve already played on PC is enough to make me say it here: This is absolutely a game people should be paying attention to. As a single-player reaction/puzzler it is devious and brilliant, as an exhilarating exercise in testing your ability to use a tight moveset to survive it is inspired, and with a group of friends there is a great mix of both simplicity and nuance driving fast-paced multiplayer fun. Screen shots and even video can’t quite do justice to the experience I’ve had checking the game out, but I fear because of its minimalist appearance people will mistakenly pass it by.

4-Player Chaotic Action in Versus Mode

Flat Heroes is precisely what I am looking for in an indie title, and that so often is missing in mainstream offerings: the purity of a great idea impeccably executed. What looks to have begun as an exercise in working control mechanics to an extremely satisfying level of quality has been turned into a gauntlet of maddening challenges.

While the campaign starts out feeling more like a simple-ish puzzle game you’ll quickly begin to see signs of what’s to come. It very effectively begins to nudge you towards learning the control mechanics like double-jumping and sticking to walls, as well as the various enemies you’ll need to contend with. With each level new combinations of enemies and level designs will push you to further refine your skills and then each world culminates in a boss fight to test what you’ve learned. Perhaps it is the years of playing too many games with underwhelming boss battles talking but every boss battle is a challenge and several of them are downright brutal to take out.

On top of the single-player campaign (that can optionally be played in multiplayer as well) there’s also then a Survival Mode and a multiplayer-focused Versus Mode. Survival mode requires little explanation, it is a gauntlet of challenges on a single level that will test all of those evasion skills you’ve mastered. Though the enemies and placements will remain the same for each round every match will inevitably play out differently the moment you begin moving. Through persistence and a bit of luck you’ll then unlock additional levels to further test your skills. Versus mode offers a variety of relatively simple game modes that will pit you against up to 3 friends or CPU opponents. Gameplay is fast and chaotic, seemingly perfectly suited to a raucous time with your friends locally.

Boss Fights (That Are Actually Hard)!!!

As the game, at this point, is still not finished there may be additional additions and/or changes made but I’m very eager to see how the game ends up, it is already a very compelling and challenging package!

This preview is based on the Early Access version of the game currently available on Steam. If you’d like to sample the gameplay there is an available demo you can check out of Survival Mode here or on Steam.

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Not Yet Nindies: Indie Titles I’d Love to see on Switch [Part 1]

The goal of this exercise is to shed light on independent games out there that I’ve had a great time playing and that would seem to be well-suited to playing portably on the Nintendo Switch. Nothing is listed here because of any special insights and there’s no “wink wink” to any of it. It is purely a listing of indie games I enjoy, that perhaps you should check out if you’d like where they’re available currently, and that would be awesome on the Switch.

Rocket League

OK, so the pitch sounds absolutely ridiculous to anyone who isn’t familiar with the game. For the uninformed you just need to imagine 3-on-3 soccer played with rocket-powered cars. Completely crazy, yes, but in execution it is a game that is slowly inching towards my all-time most played game second only to the hat simulator also known as Team Fortress 2. 

Rocket League is a legitimate eSport, it is fast, it is fun, and it is the only “sports” game I’ve ever stuck with for any significant amount of time. Even now, though the game has been out for quite some time, there are still new modes and enhancements being made to the game on a regular basis. Nintendo, please make this happen!


This one just came out and I’ve only just begun to play it but it is a roguelike with style and fun to burn, the only pain is it would be even better in portable form. You’re roughly a bounty hunter using your grappling hook, your gun, and some skilled execution to bring down your targets. A really good time, it is the newest big indie roguelike darling for a reason.

Nuclear Throne

OK, so this one is getting pretty old, and I’m also aware the toolset it was made in isn’t currently supported by the Switch. But when the details on the system were announced this was the first game I really got into wanting to see in a portable form!

Another rogue-like the itch for this will be scratched somewhat when Enter the Gungeon hits but, overall, I still prefer Nuclear Throne and the characters you get to choose from. Their play styles can be quite radically different and it is a whole lot of aggravating fun!

Super Mega Baseball

While I’d seen it available in the nVidia store for the Shield TV and had also heard some positive buzz it wasn’t until I took it for a spin that I began to understand why people like it. I suppose it has just been such a long time since I’ve played a fun arcade-style baseball title that I’d practically forgotten they could be made.

Stylistically distinct it can look a bit goofy but make no mistake, there’s both accessibility and depth to be had in this game, a combination that can sometimes be tough to put together in balance. Until Nintendo would decide to make their own baseball title this may be the most ideal option in the current market for making a splash on the Switch.


What an odd but engaging title this one is. Imagine a speed-runner mixed heavily with platforming elements, but that your platforms are actual tractor trailers crashing into things and each other. As it progresses there get to be even more diabolical puzzle elements that will force you to use your brains as well as your reflexes to control your flying through the air and hopefully not crash and burn. The quick round nature of the game would be especially well-suited on the Switch.

Mike Scorpio On… The Nintendo Switch

I have at last managed to get my hands on Nintendo’s newest console, the Nintendo Switch. After playing around with it for a few days and getting to learn it’s features and modes of play, I have found it to be a very enjoyable system. I was put off in the beginning because I wasn’t ready to give up on the Wii U yet and the fact that the Switch had a relatively weak launch line up and depended heavily on the success of The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild to sell units.

Zelda Breath of the Wild.jpg

Well I will admit that it was hasty of me to feel that way and when I had the chance to get hands on with it, I was surprised with how much I actually like it. Though the Joy-cons can feel quite small in the hands, the actual tablet of the Switch is a decent size and displays gameplay beautifully. I was never one for handhelds as I prefer the better resolution of Home consoles and playing on a bigger screen but the Switch merges both worlds together and the fact that you can play Home console games like Legend Of Zelda & Mario Kart 8 on the go with stunning graphics won me over. The option to dock the Switch to play on the TV was the icing on the cake and now that the dock will soon be available to buy separately means I can now play on literally an TV in my house (Especially the big one in my lounge). 

Switch Dock

I especially like the fact that the console comes with two controllers already which means multiplayer games with friends right of the bat. Super Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Super Bomberman R & Splatoon 2 can be played on a single Switch console or linked across several consoles via local wireless or online which really opens up the options to play with friends both nearby and around the world. Of course, you can kind of already do that on a home console with friends and play online but to be able to do it literally anywhere with anyone is a big win.


I did have some gripes with the console where sometimes the right Joy-Con wouldn’t read connected to the Switch or make the “Click” sound, yet would charge no problem but after sliding in and out of the wrist strap connector a few times, it now connects and reads fine. The personalization of your Mii Avatar of Profile pic is more diverse and gives you a lot of options including background, Expression, pose and up to 12 characters to use for your username. It’s a shame it isn’t 13 characters, so I could have Miketendo64 as my profile name but Mike M64 will just have to suffice. there is also an option to change the Theme of the Switch but it is rather limited between Black or White. It doesn’t bother me too much but I can see the possibility to add other Themes like the 3DS. A Zelda, Super Mario or Splatoon theme would be nice to liven it up and make each Switch more personal but I suppose we may have to wait until Nintendo offer them up as My Nintendo rewards.

My Nintendo Switch Rewards

I touched on the lack of Launch titles earlier but after waiting a few months before playing with the Switch, there are actually some solid titles on it. I have never played a Bomberman game but Super Bomberman R is a pretty good title to play alone or with friends. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is worth it just for the revamped battle mode and some of the third party titles don’t cost an arm or a leg to purchase. However, bear in mind that the Switch only has 32 gb memory so if you are going to be downloading most of your games, you will want a good internet plan and some Micro SD cards with plenty of memory space.


As regards to features. The share button is a well needed and a long-time waiting addition that allows gamers to share screen shots of their gameplays and share them via social media. Nintendo have said that the possibility to share video captures has been taken into consideration but it is not known when or even IF it will happen. Regardless, the option to directly take screenshots and then upload them online is a vast improvement over the debacle of doing it on the Wii U in which you had to hit the home menu, load up the browser and then you will be prompted to share. Features that have not yet been added including an Internet Browser, YouTube or even Virtual Console I thought was a poor move on Nintendo’s part but now I realise that the console doesn’t really need them. They would be welcome additions for sure but are not necessarily essential as there are plenty other devices that can offer them and We know that the Virtual Console is coming eventually but when it constantly repeats the same games with every generation, I feel that unless it is going to start bringing Gamecube games to the Switch, there is really no need for it on the Switch if you already have most of the games in the Virtual Console Library already on the Wii, Wii U & 3DS.


On the whole it is a very good console and may have just converted this Home console Gamer into a handheld aficionado. I am already eyeing up what kind of accessories to buy with it and what games I should get on it next, including pre-orders for Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers, ARMS & Splatoon 2 and I look forward to taking my Home console gaming experiences with me on the go so well done Nintendo for bridging the gap between Home consoles & Handhelds, whilst still maintaining quality games and wrapping it up into a pretty sleek package. You have managed to take what made the 3DS so popular and created a console the Wii U always strived to be but never managed, hat’s off to you.

Switch Feature 2

What did you think of my thoughts on the Nintendo Switch? Do you own the console and think differently? What features would you like to see come the console? LEt us know in the comments below.


(Opinion) Mike Scorpio On Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

WARNING! This Post May Contain Minor Spoilers!

I have been trying to find the words to describe this game and the time to write them. Alas, I have finally managed to find both and will now take my time to express my thoughts about The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild. I was never a fan of the name to start with and when the game was announced, I did feel a little disappointed that Nintendo’s biggest Zelda Game to date was named like a Discovery Channel Program. Name aside I still had high hopes for this game and the long wait that all of us Zelda fans have endured had me bordering fanatical obsession, constantly scouring the Internet for news that would shed more details about what was to be the best game ever coming to the Wii U (and the Switch).

2017032021451500-F1C11A22FAEE3B82F21B330E1B786A39 Continue reading (Opinion) Mike Scorpio On Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

Jacktendo Selects: My Top 10 Switch Games of March 2017

Hello and welcome to the first instalment of Jacktendo Selects, a new monthly feature in which will see me countdown my favourite games on Switch in the month that they came out and reveal the game I’m most looking forwards to from the following month!

There won’t always be 10 games listed in every instalment, but for this instalment there is! But there are some rules. A game can only appear in this list, if I have personally played it, reviewed it and if it is a full game, so the likes of Splatoon 2’s Global Testfire Demo will not be featuring an appearance. Continue reading Jacktendo Selects: My Top 10 Switch Games of March 2017

[Feature] Splatoon 2 Global Testfire First Impressions

It is Friday the 24th of March and the Splatoon 2 Global Testfire is now underway, but with the first event over, it’s time to sit back, take stock of the event and air some first impressions of colourful sequel.

So what do I think of Splatoon 2 after having played it for nearly an hour? Well, I like it, the opening tutorial features clear instructions and smooth gameplay, but that smooth gameplay soon dissipated when I tried my hand engaging in Turf Wars. Granted that could have been down to my own internet connection, but being as so others were also experiencing issues similar to myself, it’s doubtful. Continue reading [Feature] Splatoon 2 Global Testfire First Impressions

Let’s Talk About… Super Mario Run (Still no Sign of the android Release)

Welcome back to Let’s Talk About! The Miketendo64 series that comes in written, video and recorded form and in today’s edition, Mike and I are back to voice our views and opinions quite literally in today’s Let’s Talk About Podcast!


Coming up in today’s show, it didn’t have a Mar10 Day tie in. There has yet to be any talk of its forthcoming android release  and it’s almost as if there’s been put on the back burner! Let’s Talk About Super Mario Run! Continue reading Let’s Talk About… Super Mario Run (Still no Sign of the android Release)

Let’s Talk About… Super Mario Run (It’s Time For a Big Content Update!)

If you are reading this, then it means you have come here expecting to check out our latest instalment of Let’s Talk About, but I’ve got some bad news for you. This is not a written edition! And it’s not a video version either! Welcome to another LTA Podcast edition, the kind that allows you to listen to what we have to say whilst doing other things. In today’s piece, it can be played with just the one hand. It took a gaming series loved by many to a new platform and its release on Apple devices annoyed a good few of us! Let’s Talk About Super Mario Run! Continue reading Let’s Talk About… Super Mario Run (It’s Time For a Big Content Update!)

“Switch Anticipation, part 1: Top 20 Third-Party Games of the SNES”


“The suspense is terrible! …I hope it’ll last.”
-Gene Wilder, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory


Switch anticipation has reached a fever pitch. I’ve thrown out all of my throw pillows and replaced them with square cushions with embroidered Switch icons. I’ve taken down all of the lousy wall-art and pictures of my “family” to paint the walls Nintendo red. I’ve made up an excuse about having a head cold so I could get out of work on launch day. I’ve watched the Switch trailers so much I see them in my sleep. I’ve scoffed down every rebuttal and negative review the hacks on YouTube have conjured up against Nintendo’s victorious handheld-home console fusion. And lastly, I set fire to all my Sony and Microsoft consoles in a kind of funeral pyre, watching them turn to cinder and ash.

One of the things I’m looking forward to most with the Switch is the possibility of changing gears (see how I avoided using the word “switch” there?) for Nintendo and bringing us the third-party games that made some of their past consoles so great. Take the Super Nintendo for example, which I would consider to be the greatest console ever next to the NES. The Super NES was crowded with some of the best Nintendo titles of all-time but also some definitive and exemplary third-party titles.

If Nintendo can find the balance of delivering that kind of content again, I have no doubt that the Switch will usher in a new utopian era of world peace and global self-realization. Or at the very least, it could just be a way awesome console. They did it before. Hopefully they can do it again.

Since we’re all hoping for some solid third-party titles for the Switch, let’s remind ourselves of a time when Nintendo dominated in this arena. Here are my choices for the top 20 third-party games on the SNES neither developed nor published by Nintendo.

It was tough to pick just twenty…

evo#20. E.V.O.: Search for Eden (1993)

Let’s start off this list of unique games with a bang, an eons-long, highly addictive, prehistoric bang. E.V.O. is notable for being so memorable and for being so fun that I completed it and still wanted more. Work your way up the evolutionary food chain from an ichthyoid predator to a thunderous lizard-monster and beyond, arming and “upgrading” your creature in true survival of the fittest fashion by devouring lesser animals for points. Finally, you can make that puppy-monkey-baby you’ve always wanted so you can rule the world and exterminate the dinosaurs. Finally.

maxresdefault#19. Contra III: the Alien Wars (1992)

So much dudebro fun and so little time. Contra III strips down the gruesome difficulty and adds in hideous monsters from outer space for one of the most enjoyable run and gun games on the SNES. We don’t really associate this macho image with Nintendo these days, but some of the Nindie titles they showcased resonate with old school games like Contra III, namely Shakedown Hawaii.

super_castlevania_iv_us_box_art#18. Super Castlevania IV (1991)

No listicle of the 8-bit and 16-bit eras would be complete without the mention of at least one Castlevania game. In this case, I went with Castlevania IV because it has the word “super” in front of it and because it’s a remake of the original from the NES. Nintendo has since distanced themselves from the dark and the supernatural, but things seem like they’re coming back around. Expect to see a lot more from Konami on this list. Now if only they could get it together and come out with another Castlevania for Nintendo’s newest console.

2363935-snes_lostvikings_2#17. The Lost Vikings (1993)
Silicon & Synapse/Interplay Entertainment

An innovative, multi-character, puzzle-platformer like this would be perfect for the Switch. Puzzle games especially have a pick up and play kind of feel to them which would feel right at home with Nintendo’s new baby. The Lost Vikings was awkwardly hip and presented a real challenge for players dedicated enough to solve its many stages. I’d snap up something like this in a heartbeat.

snes_out_of_this_world_p_8x486e#16. Out of this World/Another World (1992)
Delphine Software International/Interplay Entertainment

Eric Chahi’s pre-indie scene indie adventure was an early, early cinematic masterpiece that inspired Hideo Kojima and Fumito Ueda. That sentence alone should really make you want to hunt it down and play it for yourself, and furthermore wish for more games like it for the Switch. The modern artsy game (JourneyRime, AbzûBoundHyper Light Drifter) with its minimal dialogue and emphasis on surreal imagery owes a lot to the pioneering of Another World. It’s time for Nintendo to bring back the art!

snes_mortal_kombat_p_tsvlpu#15. Mortal Kombat (1993)
Sculptured Software/Acclaim Entertainment

Just one of several definitive fighting games from the SNES, Mortal Kombat had its violence and gore famously dialed down by Nintendo. Nobody is asking Nintendo to ditch their “family friendly” appeal. It’s what makes them Nintendo. It’s what gives them their charm. However, the inclusion of Mortal Kombat on the SNES and other more adult games on the Switch is a step in the right direction in terms of variety and marketing to a much more mature audience. The brilliance of the 16-bit era is that it did just that. You could play your innocent Super Mario World and then the very next minute uppercut someone into a pit of spikes.

2840359_orig#14. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles In Time (1992)

TMNT4TIT is still one of the best side-scrolling beat ’em ups you can find, a great translation of a great arcade style game. If there’s anything the world needs more of, it’s beat ’em ups. Think of the Nintendo Switch’s capabilities in wireless local multiplayer and you’ve got the base foundation for a truly epic beat ’em up. Yeah, if some developer could get right on that, that’d be great. And no, Arms doesn’t count.

maxresdefault-1#13. Breath of Fire II (1995)

This is what made the SNES so good: tons of RPGs. Breath of Fire II may not have been even close to the best RPG on the 16-bit system but it was Capcom’s and only Capcom’s. It wrestled with high ideas of philosophy, destiny and religion, heavy subjects for Nintendo’s console, though it suffered from an… inconsistent translation, let’s say. There are some fine looking RPGs on the horizon for the Switch. Is it too much to ask for a new Breath of Fire title, Capcom’s answer to Final Fantasy?

snes_final_fantasy_2_p_xfzkj6#12. Final Fantasy IV (1991)

Speaking of which, Final Fantasy IV (then II) remains one of the most influential RPGs of all time. It relied heavily upon traditions yet paved the way with its innovative ATB system to fuse action gameplay with role-playing gameplay, which we’re still benefiting from today. Nintendo would do well to employ this winning formula of tradition fused with innovation, without sacrificing either for the sake of the other.

6960232_orig#11. Street Fighter II (1992)

Who can forget the game that practically built the tournament fighting genre as we know it? Anyone who played it was hooked. Didn’t matter if you’d never played a fighting game before. It was fast-paced, relentless and addicting. It was so wildly popular you could find an opponent in nearly anyone, and that is something which Nintendo could monopolize on right now. Come out with a fighter so widely embraced that I can walk right up to another person, a perfect stranger, with a Switch of their own and fully expect them to be ready to face me in said fighter. That’s what it was like in the 90’s, except we couldn’t carry around our Super Nintendos or arcade cabinets…

2363865-snes_harvestmoon#10. Harvest Moon (1997)

We wouldn’t be talking about Stardew Valley and its brand new multiplayer features coming to the Switch if there was no original Harvest Moon. This addicting farming sim spawned generations of sequels, spin-offs, clones and copies all the way up to Nintendo’s newest console. I already know we’re getting the updated version of the latest and best homage to this classic game, so there’s not much to complain about. The Switch is absolutely built for Harvest Moon, to play it on the fly in short intervals.

maxresdefault-2#9. Soul Blazer (1992)

I came across Soul Blazer almost accidentally and decided to pick it up. I enjoyed the heck out of it. It’s a hidden gem that’s both Zelda-esque and also evocative of Final Fantasy. A beautiful collision. Now that Square has picked up the suffix of Enix, the world awaits with bated breath at the possibilities in store for the Switch, like Octopath Traveler. That’s high on my list.

snes_super_ghouls_n_ghosts_p_w1m4u5#8. Super Ghouls ‘n Ghosts (1991)

Capcom proved their love for all things ghoulish and spooky with one of the most recognizable games from the SNES. Super Ghouls ‘n Ghosts was a rock hard platformer with so much Gothic appeal, Vlad the Impaler was rolling in his coffin when this came out. Can the Switch return to a time when games were actually both fun AND bearably difficult? I hope so.

aladdin_snes_box#7. Disney’s Aladdin (1993)

Am I going to get sued for using this image? See, that’s the point. Licensed games used to be Nintendo’s bread and butter. Nowadays, video games based on movies and cartoons have largely taken a dive in terms of quality, though there are a few exceptions out there. If the Switch can somehow get back to featuring solid, impressive licensed games like Disney’s Aladdin then, well, you’ve got all kinds of built in interest and hype right there. Give me a Moana platformer! Take my money!

2364727-snes_zombiesatemyneighbors#6. Zombies Ate My Neighbors (1993)

LucasArts was once the height of playful weirdness and nothing matches the beautiful oddity that is Zombies Ate My Neighbors. With an emphasis on two-player simultaneous play, fighting back hordes of the undead and pop culture references was never more delightful. A game like this which is built in sets of stages utilizing either split screen or wireless co-op would excel with the Switch’s design philosophy. Forget Ghoul Patrol, can we get something along the lines of Zombies Ate My Neighbors 2?

snes-earthwormjim1-vgo#5. Earthworm Jim (1994)
Shiny Entertainment/Playmates

“Off the wall.” No, it’s not wet paint. It’s the development platitude Nintendo needs right now. They’ve continued to churn out some of the great titles we’ve come to expect from them, but that’s just it, ain’t it? In some ways, Nintendo has become pretty predictable. Time has shown that we’re all waiting for the next Mario and the next Metroid. The world is drooling for Breath of the Wild. But Nintendo used to shock us. We already know making sequels for Earthworm Jim doesn’t work, so perhaps some of the more peculiar games to come could give Nintendo a little more of that magic word they call “variety”.

maxresdefault-3#4Secret of Mana (1993)

Elegant, optimistic, and different, Secret of Mana remains one of the most beloved titles from its time. And no wonder. What other RPG included so much real-time action? What other RPG allowed you to bring a real life friend along for the journey? It’s this kind of innovation that pushed the Super Nintendo to the top. Secret of Mana was also an epic. Yes, the uniqueness of the Nindies is charming and most welcome but we’re all craving for the real RPG experiences with Nintendo again.

snes_mega_man_x_p_xky270#3. Mega Man X (1994)

Capcom once ruled the day with so many awesome titles for the Super Nintendo but none of them was better than Mega Man X. This is how you reboot a franchise. One of the best games on the system was this third-party action side-scroller starring an edgier Blue Bomber in a more violent and dystopian world. The peachy hairs on the back of my neck stood up at the mere mention of my boy Mega Man during the Nindies Showcase, when they announced Blaster Master Zero. What happened with Mighty No.9 was a tragedy so I’m not necessarily asking for a new Mega Man, just a line of games which live up to the sheer integrity of Mega Man X.

snes_final_fantasy_3_p_wgtfw8#2. Final Fantasy VI (1994)

Never forget that what is arguably the great Final Fantasy of all time found its home on a Nintendo console. Final Fantasy VII would’ve ended up with Nintendo as well, if not for cartridges. But VI proved that Nintendo’s hardware could support the highest standard of graphics, storytelling and RPG gameplay possible. Square was one of the biggest voices on Nintendo’s consoles once upon a time and nothing makes me happier than seeing them come alongside Nintendo again. Will we get a game as conclusive a FFVI on the Switch? Only time will tell but remember that this is the equivalent of a massive, non-Nintendo triple A game.

1255-1#1. Chrono Trigger (1995)

There can be only one and that one for me will always be Chrono Trigger, no matter the list, no matter the subject, no matter the question. The answer is always Chrono Trigger. It’s not only the greatest Square game nor even the greatest SNES game… it’s the greatest game in existence, in my opinion. It’s everything the ultimate third-party game for Nintendo needs to be: beyond beautiful, musically inspired by dreams, open-ended, traditional and innovative, uniquely storied, and memorable to the point of being haunting. Nothing can ever top it. Or am I wrong? Ball’s in your court now, Switch.

Thank you to Miketendo64 for the invitation to contribute! And now, dear NPCs, I’m sure you can think of plenty others! What are some of your favorite third-party games from the Super Nintendo?

-The Well-Red Mage  rmage2

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