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Time flies? Ain’t that the truth!


It was only around this time last week that I announced #MarioWeek would be getting underway at Miketendo64 and now I sit in the same seat as last week, typing up my farewell article to #MarioWeek! It is also a shame to end our Theme Weeks as while they are a lot of work, they are also a lot of fun. So as a last hurrah, how about we recap how the Miketendo64 team spent last week and believe it or not, we didn’t just completely spend it playing Super Mario Odyssey, as we did find time to produce lots of new content to the website:


  • Super Mario Odyssey Unboxing: Believe it or not, when other media outlets were getting their copy of Super Mario Odyssey to review with plenty of time to spare to write a review, our one took a little longer to come to us. But we’re not complaining because our copy was physical and let’s just say Mike Scorpio got a little more excited than he should have when he filmed himself “unboxing” our Mario delivery, which you can see right here:

  • Reviews: Given the fact that we did receive a review copy of Super Mario Odyssey, it was only natural that we reviewed it (our longest and most surprising review ever I might add,) and we even got round to posting a Super Mario Sunshine review as well and both can be seen with the links below, along with a link to a review round-up piece we posted:








  • Mario & Me Interviews: Since Mario is a franchise that is loved by so many, it felt it was only right to do a reoccurring feature along those lines, so we did the Mario & Me We compiled a huge list of questions, sent them out to a whole bunch of people and during 7 days, we posted 13 instalments and a good few of them, were from developers no less. However not a single one was done by me as I felt me answering them would be vain, so instead I wrote an Editorial article on my own best Mario moment and you can see it and our whole Mario & Me interviews with the links below:






  • Original Features: In addition to everything mentioned above and news coverage, we even found time to ask a whole lot of questions on Twitter and post an all-new Let’s Talk About article, comprised of your answers and let a new writer pen a Mario article of their own doing and once again, links to them can be seen here:






As for what comes next for Miketendo64 now that our latest Theme Week    is over, well we’ll be going back to our normal way of doing things, but not before one last bit of fun and that is an incredibly Super Mario Odyssey giveaway and the details for it should be posted very shortly. So get ready to enter into another of our giveaways, because our latest one might just be our very best!


Until next time, keep on gaming!

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