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Chain Chomp 2.5″ Figure World of Nintendo Review

Kuribo reviews a figure of a classic Mario enemy and explains how you can use it for some fun displays.

I don’t often pick up 2.5″ figures because there are so many released and I think the 4″ figures are more interesting to own and review but occasionally something unique comes out in this size or just catches my eye.  That was the case with this Chain Chomp that I spotted in Target recently.  The price was great at $3.50 and I had a hunch that I could use this in a fun way with some of my existing figures.

Chain Chomp World of Nintendo BoxBox – This might be the first 2.5″ figure I’ve purchased that comes in the open box packaging.  These first were used at Walmart but because I don’t shop there, I’ve never actually seen them in person.  I think Jakks came up with this idea to let a child touch the toy and which in turn makes them that much more likely to beg their parents to buy it.  Not…

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The Weekly Wizard: Issue #10: Should We Be Saying Goodbye to the 3DS?

Tye Dillinger
“Let’s hear it for issue number 10!”

Hello and welcome to The Weekly Wizard, the part of Miketendo64 brought to you by the nefarious outlaw responsible for Wizard Dojo, where I talk about current goings-on with Nintendo, or take a look at their past.



The Nintendo Switch has been out for nearly a month, and with its release and rapid success, Nintendo has almost immediately abandoned its predecessor, the Wii U. The Nintendo Switch serves as the logical evolution of Nintendo hardware, as it combines their home console output along with that of their handheld systems. Nintendo no longer needs to separate development teams between hardware divisions, and no longer needs to relegate certain franchises to certain systems. Continue reading The Weekly Wizard: Issue #10: Should We Be Saying Goodbye to the 3DS?

IGN Talk With Zelda Devs About Breath Of The Wild

IGN recently caught up with Zelda: Breath of the Wild director Hidemaro Fujibayashi, technical director Takuhiro Dohta, and art director Satoru Takizawa to talk more indepth about the development and creation of the game which brought up some very interesting comments.  Some topics that were brushed on include starting out with a small team, the 2D prototype that represents the original Legend Of Zelda on NES, creating The Great Plateau first and building the map around it afterwards, How guardians came to be and more.

Below is a summary of the interview. You can find the full article at IGN here. I would also like to point out that most of the topics that were touched upon were also discussed in Nintendo’s three-part Making Of… Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild which you can check out in one of our previous posts (Video) The Making Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild.

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[Update] New Figures & Balance Patches (Pokémon Duel Version 3.0.5)

To the players of Pokémon Duel, Version 3.0.5 is available to download now and for those of you who have yet to hit update, here is everything you can expect from the update, which includes balance patches which we’re going to get out of the way first: Continue reading [Update] New Figures & Balance Patches (Pokémon Duel Version 3.0.5)

[Event] Tough Times Await in Fire Emblem Heroes Thanks to Newly Added Lunatic Quests

With Fire Emblem Heroes ever continuing to be the game that keeps on giving with constant content, yet another event has gotten underway and it will test players mettle!


Essentially the event is nothing more of a personal challenge as new Special Quests have been added and it’s up to the players to try and achieve them or ignore the, but if you choose former, it will be no easy task. Why? Because the new quests require players completing certain levels in the Main Story (levels from Chapters 1, 5 and 9) in Lunatic mode and all four allies must survive and depending on the level, there’s an additional requirement as well. Continue reading [Event] Tough Times Await in Fire Emblem Heroes Thanks to Newly Added Lunatic Quests

[Event] Making Waves with Pokémon GO as the Water Festival Event Gets Underway

When you live in-land with no body of water in close proximity, it can be rather hard to encounter some Water-type Pokémon, only thanks to a new Pokémon GO event, all of that is about to change.


The event is the Water Festival, and because the likes of encountering Magikarp, Squirtle, Totadile and plenty of other Water-types, was hard enough already, now it’s not as all of them will be appearing more often and there’s also a new hat for your avatar to where as well. But because we don’t want to spoil what the hat is just yet, you can read about it here, as part of the official announcement. Continue reading [Event] Making Waves with Pokémon GO as the Water Festival Event Gets Underway

Tetris Attack Review

Wizard Dojo looks at one of the best puzzle games ever.

Wizard Dojo

In 1995, Nintendo released Panel De Pon on the Super Famicom. It was something akin to an inverse Tetris. A falling-block puzzle game where the blocks ascended from the bottom of the screen, as opposed to falling from the top. In 1996, Panel De Pon was brought stateside under the name Tetris Attack, swapping out the original Panel De Pon characters with a motif based on Yoshi’s Island. The game was later re-released on the Nintendo 64 with yet another new title, Pokemon Puzzle League, using characters and visuals from the Pokemon anime. While Pokemon Puzzle League is the version that has seen subsequent releases through Nintendo’s downloadable services, the Yoshi’s Island aesthetic makes Tetris Attack the most endearing version of this overlooked gem of a puzzler.

As stated, despite having the name Tetris in its title, Tetris Attack works as a reversed version of the falling-block puzzle genre made…

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Let’s Talk About… Breath of the Wild (Incorporating Hard Mode with DLC)

Welcome back to Let’s Talk About! The Miketendo64 series that comes in written, video and recorded form and in today’s edition, Mike and I are back to voice our views and opinions quite literally in today’s Let’s Talk About Podcast!


Coming up in today’s show, it’s been getting some perfect scores, the mere mention of dlc sent a lot of us into an outrage and it doesn’t have a Hard Mode! Let’s Talk About Breath of the Wild! Continue reading Let’s Talk About… Breath of the Wild (Incorporating Hard Mode with DLC)

[Review] “X” Marks the Spot with Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove

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Developer: Yacht Club Games

Publisher: Yacht Club Games

Platform: Nintendo Switch (eShop)

Category: Action, Adventure & Platformer

Release Date: 3rd of March, 2017 Continue reading [Review] “X” Marks the Spot with Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove

Shantae: Half-Genie Hero Review

If it were a game from a brand new franchise Shantae: Half-Genie Hero could be easily called great. It is not overly lengthy, clocking in at about eight hours if players go for full completion, but it has a satisfying duration nevertheless; it is beautiful to look at; it packs a solid soundtrack; and it has charm, humor, and level-design prowess. However, as the fourth installment in a series that has always excelled in the way it borrowed elements from Metroid and Zelda, and stuck them in the shoes of a platformer, it ends up falling short of that status. Newcomers are far more likely to thoroughly enjoy it than longtime fans, for while the former will see it as a truly delightful action-platformer with some notable quirks, the latter are bound to view it as not just a missed opportunity, but a step back, one that apparently fails to materialize half of what made its prequels so beloved in the first place.


It shifts its focus away from what made the franchise unique and directs its attention towards action-platforming, stripping a portion of its originality and leaving it adrift among a sea of similar titles

half_genie_hero1Supported by a devoted fanbase that poured their hearts and hard-earned cash into a successful Kickstarter campaign, the Shantae franchise leaps from its handheld origins towards home consoles with its fourth installment: Half-Genie Hero. As a series that, with each passing game, slowly polished the edges of its unique gameplay style, culminating with the spectacular The Pirate’s Curse, one could expect Half-Genie Hero to be a continuation of the process; a game that would lean over the few lessons learned and improvement opportunities found in its prequel and catapult Shantae to a new-found level of greatness. However, even though the game does attempt to stretch its wings further than ever before – perhaps to make it more suitable…

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The Weekly Wizard: Issue #9: All Hail the King (Dedede, that is)

Welcome to The Weekly Wizard, the segment of Miketendo64 brought to you by the nefarious cad responsible for Wizard Dojo, where I talk about the current goings-on with Nintendo, take a retrospective look back at their past, or just share some thoughts on the Big N. Whatever I feel like.


Yes, I know this edition of The Weekly Wizard is late. Things happen. Plans change. I get lazy there are unavoidable circumstances. What can I say? I know you all have been at a total loss without my ramblings and my gifs for a whole extra day, but hopefully this late edition of TWW will make up for lost time. Continue reading The Weekly Wizard: Issue #9: All Hail the King (Dedede, that is)

Super Mario Run’s New Characters Consists of Different Coloured Yoshis

Because Green just isn’t enough!

 Following the reveal of a new 2.0.0 update coming to Super Mario Run and the tease that additional information would follow, the first of the additional information has come and as well as revealing just who exactly the new characters are, it also gives us a release date and that date is the 23rd of March! So while android users get to experience the delights of Super Mario Run for the first time, iOS users get a reason to play it again!

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Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Champion Weapons Replacement Guide

Most of you that have been playing Zelda: Breath Of The Wild, be it on the Nintendo Switch or Wii U, you will no doubt have come to a point in the game where you have used one of the Champion’s weapons and have it break on you. Though they are awarded to you after recapturing the Divine Beast by the chief of the people that the said Divine Beast is to supposedly protect, these weapons are much stronger and durable but not unbreakable and will eventually have to be discarded.

All is not lost however, as there are masons of sorts in each of the four hometowns of the Champions that can replace the Champion weapon associated with their champion. The Zora mason can replace Mipha’s Trident, the Goron mason can replace the Daruk’s Sword, The Rito mason can replace Revali’s Bow and Buliara can replace Urbossa’s Scimitar and Shield. To replace each item comes at a cost which requires certain materials to forge them. Most being a weaker version of the weapon, a diamond and 5 pieces of flint or wood. Check out the slideshow below which shows you which characters you will need to talk to in order to recreate the appropriate Champion’s Weapon.

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You can only replace the champion weapons if you have already owned them. The masons won’t forge you replacement weapons until you have beaten the Divine Beast that threatens their land and possessed the original Champion’s weapon which is awarded to you by the Chief of their Race.

Bokoblin Zelda Breath of the Wild Amiibo Review

Kuribo examines what is surely one of Nintendo’s ugliest Amiibo and shares his thoughts on whether it is worth your cold hard cash!

What is the ugliest Amiibo you own?  No matter how you answer, chances are good you don’t like the paint or pose and not the actual character design.  Bokoblin takes Amiibo in a more grotesque direction that is somewhat uncharacteristic for Nintendo franchises.  This makes the Bokoblin something different than anything we’ve seen before.  The only question is: do we actually want an Amiibo that is “ugly” to look at?

Bokoblin Zelda Breath of the Wild Amiibo BoxBox – One part of this Amiibo that is not bad to look at is the packaging.  Even the leering Bokoblin in the background looks nice on the box art.

Bokoblin Zelda Breath of the Wild Amiibo FrontPose – Bokoblin have generally been pig-like creatures in Zelda and this one not only has that appearance but to make it look even more repulsive, it is short and hunch-backed.  That limits how dynamic the Bokoblin can be posed but he certainly looks angry and ready to fight something…

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Fire Emblem Heroes Offers More Missions To Earn Orbs In The Training Stratum

For those of you still playing Fire Emblem Heroes on Mobile, You are probably getting to the point where you may have to fork out actual money to get your hands on the ever increasingly difficult to obtain orbs. Well more missions have been added that reward you with those much needed orbs to be able to summon stronger and better Heroes. You can see the new mission requirements below.


I don’t know about you but they will surely come in handy, I am getting a little weary of keep summoning the same 4 heroes every time. it would be nice to get somebody other than Shanna, Hana, Henry & Clarine all the time but maybe that’s just me.


Source: Fire Emblem Heroes App