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Downloads vs Revenue (Super Mario Run & Fire Emblem Heroes)

And just like that, Gacha has proven its worth once more!

Earlier on today it was revealed that Super Mario Run has nearly been downloaded 150 million times (around 78 million of which had happened before the end of January) and that’s great, but just because it has been downloaded that many times, it doesn’t mean that is also the number of times players have opted to purchase the game’s entire content outright. Continue reading Downloads vs Revenue (Super Mario Run & Fire Emblem Heroes)


Fire Emblem Heroes Live Stream Coming Tomorrow (April 28th)

More News will be coming about Fire Emblem Heroes during a 10-minute Live Stream tomorrow (Friday 28th). It is not known what will be shown during the stream but if you want to watch it, it will be hosted at the following times.


– 8:30 PM PT
– 11:30 PM ET
– 5:30 AM in the UK
– 6:30 AM in Europe

You’ll be able to watch the stream as it happens below.


The Stream has only been announced for Japan at this current time but the news shared during the stream should apply to all all regions where the game has been released.

Source: Fire Emblem Heroes (YouTube)

Fire Emblem Echoes Artwork Released Via Nintendo Treehouse On Tumblr

The Folks over at Nintendo Treehouse have uploaded some artwork of the characters you will encounter in Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows Of Valentia. The images come from the art book that comes with the Limited edition of the game and portrays artwork of the main protagonist Alm along with Clair, Faye & Lukas who will join your army during as you progress through the game. The post from Nintendo Treehouse also includes a short biography and gives insight each of the characters which you can see in full here.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Source: Nintendo Treehouse (Tumblr)

Fire Emblem Heroes: World Of Radiance Now Available To Play

Mobile Game Fire Emblem Heroes has receive some more levels to play with some new features (nothing major). The new levels have been added to Main Story Arc (as opposed to the Paralogues) and can be found in the latest entry as World Of Radiance. There are five new levels to play, each with three different difficulties. Ike and company are the latest Summoning focus and bring with them their unique set of Skills. You can see it all below. Continue reading Fire Emblem Heroes: World Of Radiance Now Available To Play

Fire Emblem Heroes- New Heroes In bound (World Of Radiance)

Nintendo have released a new video on their Nintendo Mobile Channel announcing some new heroes coming to Fire Emblem Heroes. Ike himself along with Mist, Soren & Titania from Fire Emblem: Path Of Radiance will be available for the next summoning focus and a whole new chapter to the Paralogues will be added “World Of Radiance.” It has not been stated when we will get this next chapter but you can check out the trailer below.

Source: Nintendo Mobile (Youtube)

Fire Emblem Heroes Celebrate Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows Of Valentia Japanese Release

Fire Emblem Heroes celebrates the Japan release of Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows Of Valentia by providing new quests and rewards focused on the Pegasus sisters, Palla, Catria & Est. You can also use the Summon Focus to obtain Heroes from Fire Emblem Heroes like Alm, Clair & Faye. Here is the In-Game Notification below.

fe 1

Here is the list of the rewards that you can currently earn through the duration of the event.


[Event] World of Shadows Comes to Fire Emblem Heroes

Good Friday has come and with it, more content has come to Fire Emblem Heroes and it is of course the World of Shadows content we heard about earlier this week.


So what exactly was added? Well first up there are new Heroes available thanks to the new World of Shadows Banner and those Heroes are none other than Alm, Lukas, Claire and Faye from the upcoming Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia. For a detailed explanation on each Hero and their skills, consult the images below: Continue reading [Event] World of Shadows Comes to Fire Emblem Heroes

Sacred Seals, Special Quests & Voting Gauntlet Gifts (Fire Emblem Heroes)

Among the new features added as part of the new 1.2.0 update, is the addition of Sacred Seals, a special kind of item that can be equipped to your chosen Heroes and enhance their abilities.


Some of these Seals can now be obtained thanks to all new Seal Quests which you can see in detail right here, followed by the official notification regarding Sacred Seals and the full explanation on them: Continue reading Sacred Seals, Special Quests & Voting Gauntlet Gifts (Fire Emblem Heroes)

[Update] Fire Emblem Heroes Will Never be the Same again thanks to its new Version 1.2.0 Update

The highly anticipated Version 1.2.0 update for Fire Emblem Heroes has arrived and yes, it is an update that was the wait.


Not to say Fire Emblem Heroes wasn’t a good mobile representation, but the whole only having a Stamina bar that only fills up to 50 could be a bit tedious at times, but now we will no longer need to concern ourselves with that as Maximum Stamina. Then of course there’s all the other adjustments new features added as well. Things such adjustments made to EXP gain, swapping places at the beginning of battle, the addition of Sacred Seals and so much more.


But don’t worry, we’re not going to be vague and leave it like that, so here is the full notification from the game, which covers EVERYTHING the update entails:

 FEH 1.2.0 (1).png

And now that you know everything you could possibly need to about what the new update entails, it is time for you to download the update (or download the app even,) and allow yourself to experience the delights of Fire Emblem Heroes and all that it has to offer.


Source: Fire Emblem Heroes (Mobile app)

Camilla Reigns Supreme In Fire Emblem Heroes (Voting Gauntlet #2)

In a not so surprising turn of events, Camilla has won the Second Voting Gauntlet In Fire Emblem Heroes. The sultry warrior princess of Nohr devasted Minerva in the final round and accumulated 61,714,848,034 points in total. Be sure to keep a look out for when the rewards come through as they are not out just yet.


Prepare for another Update! Version 1.2.0 is Coming to Fire Emblem Heroes

Get ready to take a trip to the App/Google Play Store this week as Version 1.2.0 is coming to Fire Emblem Heroes.

 Screenshot_20170410-091808.png Continue reading Prepare for another Update! Version 1.2.0 is Coming to Fire Emblem Heroes

[Event] The Final Round of the 2nd Voting Gauntlet sees Camilla and Minerva Go Head to Head

And just like that, the Pegasus Knights have been sent home packing.


 The second round of the Pegasus Knights vs. Wyvern Riders has come to an end and not a single knight has been able to prove themselves worthy of advancing into the final round. Instead the last ones standing are Wyvern Riders Camilla and Minerva and while there is plenty of time left on the clock, it looks like the battle may already be over as Camilla’s army are the dominating force with a colossal lead. Continue reading [Event] The Final Round of the 2nd Voting Gauntlet sees Camilla and Minerva Go Head to Head

Fire Emblem Heroes Voting Gauntlet #2 Goes Into Round 2 & Extra Log-In Bonus

Round one of the Second Voting Gauntlet in Fire Emblem Heroes is now over and Hinoke, Cherche, Palla & Beruka have been knocked out of the competition between The first Wyvern Riders vs. Pegasus Knights. Round 2 has now begun and sees Camilla against Cordelia and Minerve against Subaki. If your chosen character was defeated, you can still choose another but if your selection is winning, you can’t change character.

Players can also pick up a special Log-in bonus that rewards you with 10 orbs and 5,000 Hero feathers thanks to a recent Quiz.


An Epic Fire Emblem Sale Begins (In Europe)

Back in late January, for Europe, Nintendo hosted a huge Zelda sale that lasted a whole two weeks and now they wish to do the same with Fire Emblem!

Continue reading An Epic Fire Emblem Sale Begins (In Europe)

Choose Your Legends Top Voted Heroes Comes to Fire Emblem Heroes this Summer

Remember the “Choose Your Legends” event that ran prior to the release of Fire Emblem Heroes? Winners were chosen but then nothing was mentioned about their forthcoming appearance, until today. Continue reading Choose Your Legends Top Voted Heroes Comes to Fire Emblem Heroes this Summer