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[Editorial] The Price Devs & Publishers Pay for Physical (Switch, Wii U, 3DS & Wii)

Given the popularity of our recent amiibo article that exposes some of the goings on when it comes to making amiibos a reality, here at Miketendo64, we’ve decided we’re going to run another article of the like, except this time, we’re tackling physical Nintendo games! Continue reading [Editorial] The Price Devs & Publishers Pay for Physical (Switch, Wii U, 3DS & Wii)


Mike Scorpio On… The Nintendo Switch

I have at last managed to get my hands on Nintendo’s newest console, the Nintendo Switch. After playing around with it for a few days and getting to learn it’s features and modes of play, I have found it to be a very enjoyable system. I was put off in the beginning because I wasn’t ready to give up on the Wii U yet and the fact that the Switch had a relatively weak launch line up and depended heavily on the success of The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild to sell units.

Zelda Breath of the Wild.jpg

Well I will admit that it was hasty of me to feel that way and when I had the chance to get hands on with it, I was surprised with how much I actually like it. Though the Joy-cons can feel quite small in the hands, the actual tablet of the Switch is a decent size and displays gameplay beautifully. I was never one for handhelds as I prefer the better resolution of Home consoles and playing on a bigger screen but the Switch merges both worlds together and the fact that you can play Home console games like Legend Of Zelda & Mario Kart 8 on the go with stunning graphics won me over. The option to dock the Switch to play on the TV was the icing on the cake and now that the dock will soon be available to buy separately means I can now play on literally an TV in my house (Especially the big one in my lounge). 

Switch Dock

I especially like the fact that the console comes with two controllers already which means multiplayer games with friends right of the bat. Super Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Super Bomberman R & Splatoon 2 can be played on a single Switch console or linked across several consoles via local wireless or online which really opens up the options to play with friends both nearby and around the world. Of course, you can kind of already do that on a home console with friends and play online but to be able to do it literally anywhere with anyone is a big win.


I did have some gripes with the console where sometimes the right Joy-Con wouldn’t read connected to the Switch or make the “Click” sound, yet would charge no problem but after sliding in and out of the wrist strap connector a few times, it now connects and reads fine. The personalization of your Mii Avatar of Profile pic is more diverse and gives you a lot of options including background, Expression, pose and up to 12 characters to use for your username. It’s a shame it isn’t 13 characters, so I could have Miketendo64 as my profile name but Mike M64 will just have to suffice. there is also an option to change the Theme of the Switch but it is rather limited between Black or White. It doesn’t bother me too much but I can see the possibility to add other Themes like the 3DS. A Zelda, Super Mario or Splatoon theme would be nice to liven it up and make each Switch more personal but I suppose we may have to wait until Nintendo offer them up as My Nintendo rewards.

My Nintendo Switch Rewards

I touched on the lack of Launch titles earlier but after waiting a few months before playing with the Switch, there are actually some solid titles on it. I have never played a Bomberman game but Super Bomberman R is a pretty good title to play alone or with friends. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is worth it just for the revamped battle mode and some of the third party titles don’t cost an arm or a leg to purchase. However, bear in mind that the Switch only has 32 gb memory so if you are going to be downloading most of your games, you will want a good internet plan and some Micro SD cards with plenty of memory space.


As regards to features. The share button is a well needed and a long-time waiting addition that allows gamers to share screen shots of their gameplays and share them via social media. Nintendo have said that the possibility to share video captures has been taken into consideration but it is not known when or even IF it will happen. Regardless, the option to directly take screenshots and then upload them online is a vast improvement over the debacle of doing it on the Wii U in which you had to hit the home menu, load up the browser and then you will be prompted to share. Features that have not yet been added including an Internet Browser, YouTube or even Virtual Console I thought was a poor move on Nintendo’s part but now I realise that the console doesn’t really need them. They would be welcome additions for sure but are not necessarily essential as there are plenty other devices that can offer them and We know that the Virtual Console is coming eventually but when it constantly repeats the same games with every generation, I feel that unless it is going to start bringing Gamecube games to the Switch, there is really no need for it on the Switch if you already have most of the games in the Virtual Console Library already on the Wii, Wii U & 3DS.


On the whole it is a very good console and may have just converted this Home console Gamer into a handheld aficionado. I am already eyeing up what kind of accessories to buy with it and what games I should get on it next, including pre-orders for Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers, ARMS & Splatoon 2 and I look forward to taking my Home console gaming experiences with me on the go so well done Nintendo for bridging the gap between Home consoles & Handhelds, whilst still maintaining quality games and wrapping it up into a pretty sleek package. You have managed to take what made the 3DS so popular and created a console the Wii U always strived to be but never managed, hat’s off to you.

Switch Feature 2

What did you think of my thoughts on the Nintendo Switch? Do you own the console and think differently? What features would you like to see come the console? LEt us know in the comments below.


[Editorial] What You Don’t Know about amiibo!

Since 2014, amiibo has been rather popular among Nintendo fans, and for some, it’s been an obsession. With a deep passion for a certain game series, of course we’re going to want to buy most, if not all the amiibo that’s associated with our beloved series. Sure a few of us have been able to avoid the amiibo bug, but the rest of us are in just too deep! Continue reading [Editorial] What You Don’t Know about amiibo!

[Editorial] Year 3 of Miketendo64 Begins!

If you are reading this, then it can only mean one thing, it is the 5th of May, 2017, which is the very same day Miketendo64 celebrates its 2nd anniversary/birthday.

When Miketendo64 first come to life on the 5th of May, 2015, it was not the same site that it is now. It was merely two brothers with a little something to say, who united over a common course, as a means of sharing more direct Nintendo news, especially any and all news pertaining to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Continue reading [Editorial] Year 3 of Miketendo64 Begins!

Let’s Talk About… Snake Pass (The Indie Game I Just can’t Get Enough of)

Hello to you all, I am Jack Longman, and this is yet another written instalment of Let’s Talk About, the Miketendo64 feature series, where Mike Scorpio and myself express our views and opinions on all things Nintendo! Be it a singular game, a game series in general, consoles or even Nintendo’s latest activities, you can count on us to cover it in Let’s Talk About!


Being as though this is a written instalment, it does of course mean that its bye-bye Mike & Jack Discussion and hello full-on Editorial/Monologue, by yours truly and in today’s piece, it’s original, complexing and the indie game I just can’t get enough of! Let’s Talk About Snake Pass! Continue reading Let’s Talk About… Snake Pass (The Indie Game I Just can’t Get Enough of)

[Editorial] Should Nintendo bring their Mobile Titles to the Nintendo Switch?

Welcome to another Miketendo64 editorial and coming up on today’s piece, I’ll be arguing the Pros and Cons of Nintendo bringing their mobile titles to Nintendo Switch.

Now straight away a few of you may be thinking “why would they want to?” and you would be right to do so. I adore Super Mario Run and I even enjoy Fire Emblem Heroes and while they are a great mobile representation of the videogame series’ they represent, its a whole different ballgame if they were playable on one of Nintendo’s available home consoles. But then again, whilst they may not be the best representation, they would still act as great introduction titles for gamers who have never played a single Mario/Fire Emblem game. Titles that could get new to Nintendo/Switch owners interested in buying Super Mario Odyssey, Fire Emblem Warriors, Fire Emblem Switch and even the Mario/Rabbids game we’ve been hearing Ubisoft are working on. Continue reading [Editorial] Should Nintendo bring their Mobile Titles to the Nintendo Switch?

Driven by Hope and a Love for Zelda (May you Rest in Peace Gabe)

Life, as beautiful as it is, like a rose you would encounter in a garden, it is not without its cruel tricks and wicked thorns. That’s why a lot of us like books and video games so much, because they give us the chance to escape our own reality and the chance to be so much more than who we are and for Gabe Marcelo, that is exactly the case. Continue reading Driven by Hope and a Love for Zelda (May you Rest in Peace Gabe)

Barcelona Games World and What I Made of It!

As I sit here writing this, I am currently aboard a train, with Barcelona gone from site. Barcelona Games World may continue for another two days, but for me it is over, but at least we made the most of it and now here’s an editorial on all that went down!

The Trip There:

The journey begins with a meet-up in La Herradura, which was proceeded by a bus ride to Malaga, our nearest city. Thankfully the air conditioning worked and that made the full house, bus packed journey a little more bearable.

Making it to Malaga close to two hours later, we were glad we had more than an hour to kill before we had to board our train. Our legs itched for a decent stretch so we walked towards the nearest GAME and made a very important purchase. That purchase was of course SteamWorld Collection, as part of the new eShop Selects range. Living in Europe it would have been a sin not to have brought at least one of the games, especially since both were on display and they looked so great. Still that’s not all I got from GAME though, I also picked up my second Volcanion, thanks to the recent distribution happening all

There was also enough time to have grab a spot of lunch and walk round before we made it to the train station and at last, boarded what would be our ride for the next six hours. Unlike the bus ride over, where we hoped to do a bit of work, but was ultimately unable to, the train ride proved to be very productive. We provided some content to the website, finalized our plan of attack and even found time to do a bit of filming, but then everything went dark before lights suddenly illuminated an underground station. We had made it.


An Evening & a Long Night in Barcelona:

With the Hotel Climent only an 11 minute walk away from the Barcelona Sans train station, we decided to walk, give ourselves a bit of time to take in the sights of the city, as opposed to taking a bus or a taxi. Although the latter may have been better, not that the walk was a nightmare, but it did take longer than 11 minutes due to Mike taking us in every direction but the right one. Still at least he behaved and didn’t spend the hike trying to catch more Pokémon. (Pokémon GO’s appeal must be waning.)

At long last we did eventually find the Hotel Climent and our room was a lot better than we thought it would be, but we didn’t stay there. Mike was hungry, so we just ditched our stuff and set off in pursuit for the nearest Indian. After finding it, we laughed, we drank, we dined and we almost had a heart attack when we saw the price, but what do you expect when you visit a city like Barcelona? London isn’t exactly cheap either. We did however have more than enough to cover it and scurried off back to our room before we made any other unnecessary expenditures and called it a night.

However, when is anything ever straight forward? Just because we went to bed, it didn’t mean we slept. Sure Mike slept soundly, but he can sleep through anything, Ash and I however had it rough as she kept waking up and struggling to drop off, whereas me, slept till about 2 in the morning, only to not be able to go to sleep, making it the second day in the row where I only slept for a total of three hours, but at 7 in the morning there was no time to think about such things. We needed to get ready.

Day 1 of Barcelona Games World:

The plan was wake up at 8 am and get ready, but after being awake for hours on end with nothing really to do, I just couldn’t wait, so I started preparing everything I needed and as they awoke, Mike and Ash did the same. Thankfully being up as early as we were, not only was there enough time to get a decent shower in for each of us, but I actually cleaned up well enough that I no longer resembled a Zombie, and then it was time to go.

Finding the venue was a lot simpler than finding our hotel, all we had to do was walk down one straight road and near a roundabout, shift our gazes to the right and there it was, Barcelona Games World. We had arrived and with plenty of time to spare, we were directed to an office where we could pick up our press passes. Sure we had to suffer through a huge queue, but when it came to our turn at the desk, we scored three passes with ease. Once they were around our necks and their power of radiating through us, it was time to put one foot in front of the other and get the party started!


We were supposed to go straight in and check out the games, but Mike and Ash were a little too eager to explore the hall packed with stalls selling all kinds of memorabilia. This was not by any means the first and last time we patrolled the hall searching for a bargain, we would actually do it four times, because we just couldn’t keep Mike away from the Zelda goodies.

Having spent a little longer in the merchandise expo than we should have, we left that building and entered the game expo arena and there was just so much to see, starting with an interesting line-up of indie titles, such as Forgotten Path and Caveman Warriors. (Two very great titles that could be coming to Nintendo platforms in the coming year!) And then we saw the likes of Nintendo and PlayStation. Sure Nintendo’s booth was a lot smaller than the size of Sony’s, but that doesn’t matter, because Nintendo were supplying the goods, Charles Martinet for one and their ADN event.


For any Nintendo fan who wished to prove themselves as true gamers, the ADN event is a great way of having attendees play a number of Nintendo games, collect stamps and be in with a chance to win one of 10 3DS’s that are to be giving out the three days the event is open to the general public. With the event not taking place on the 6th (aka our first day in attendance,) we figured we’d use the time to try out each of the games and get a head start over everyone who would come the next day. (Yup evil!) Still it wasn’t just all Nintendo gaming, we checked out the Bandai Namco offerings, and Badland Games’ and we even did a bit of VR gaming and that was very different indeed.

Still we also found the time to do a bit of dressing up (Link & Mario,) checked out the amiibo stands, which included all of the amiibo for Breath of the Wild and the new Super Mario amiibo. We checked out the merch expo once more and then we interviewed a few of the guys behind the indie games being presented. With so many games there, some of which are already confirmed to be coming to the Wii U and others that are currently in talks, there are two games that really stood out, Forgotten Path and Caveman Warriors. They both look so great and if Caveman Warriors doesn’t come to platform, it would be very disappointing indeed.


We were at the event for ten hours, but it did not feel that way at all, time just went incredibly fast, but it was closing time so we left with smiles on our faces. We came, we filmed, we played and we interviewed! Day 1 of Barcelona Games World was awesome and as we walked back to our hotel, we turned our thoughts to what Day 2 would bring!

Day 2 of Barcelona Games World:

Day 2 started pretty much the same way as Day 1, didn’t sleep all that much, so I was up and about in the early hours once more, taking care of business and preparing for the next adventure, only to remember we didn’t have to be out the door as early as we was the day before. In fact because Barcelona Games World was now open to all and our press passes meant we wouldn’t have to queue, we instead did some more pc work and had a decent breakfast.

Upon arriving at the venue, there was people everywhere, and the queue to get in was huge, but that was not an issue for us. One flash of our passes and we took the press/professional way in, only to have Mike decide it was time for another shopping spree. For one hour that we could have spent playing games, we walked round and round the merch hall, as Mike and Ash made purchase after purchase, but when we finally made it to the Nintendo section, we laid eyes on the voice of Mario. Mr Charles Martinet was in the house.


We got as close as could while he was currently being interviewed by a Spanish outlet when we were like “we’ve got to get an interview!” So while Mike watched the interview, I slinked away to talk to talk to the nearest person in a Nintendo shirt to find out who I would have to talk to, to get an interview and he pointed me in the right direction. One flash of the pass and a couple of words and the interview was secured for 1pm, exactly one hour away, so as Mike and Ash watched Charles walk off, called elsewhere, I took the moment to inform him of what had happened when he wasn’t paying attention.

Naturally he was happy and high fives were had, but since we had an hour to kill, we began out participating in the ADN event and were able to do two of the games (play Rhythm Paradise Megamix and attend the Fire Emblem Fates academy.) Due to large crowds, there was no time to try a third game, as we had just minutes to wait before it was interview time. We may have meet Charles over at the amiibo wall, but the interview happened over in the press lounge and we discussed a lot of things. Things such as his return to Bit.Trip Runner, Super Mario for the NX and even asked him how come there isn’t a costume of him in Super Mario Maker. Oh and we totally showed him our Super Mario Run issue of The Miketendo Strip!

Charles is a great guy and he really did give us a lot of great content, so if you haven’t seen our interview with him yet, you really should. You don’t know what you’re missing and because he is so great, he signed Mike’s “Miketendo64 @ Barcelona Games World t-shirt,” my Zelda notebook and my Barcelona Games World press pass. Still we couldn’t spend all day with him, everyone else wanted to interview him as well, so we returned to the Nintendo ADN challenge and played the four demos required to get our last four required stamps. I’ll be honest, getting those 6 stamps felt like being a Trainer collecting the 8 Gym badges in a main series Pokémon title that isn’t Sun & Moon.


Upon completion of our great task, the three of us got dressed up for another photo, and then we took a lunch break, while Mike did some on the spot video editing. Afterwards we played some more games, went upstairs and checked out the glorious retro scene, where all kinds of games and consoles could be seen, played and brought. I thought it was a little ironic, a few hours previously I was playing the new NES mini and then I was playing on an actual NES. Still, there was more interviewing to be done and since we couldn’t find Katsuhira Harada anywhere to talk to him about Pokkén Tournament, we settled for more indie interviews!


After that time escaped us and we were leaving. Our time at the event was over, for Day 2 had come to a close and although it would be open, we had an early train the morning after. There would be no coming back, but at least we made the most of the time we did have. Sure we didn’t hunt down cosplayers like we wanted to and get them on film, but we did do interviews, we did play games, both old and new (for example, we played Tri Force Heroes together and that was a first for us,) and we did enjoy everything we were able to do.

Now I can’t say for certain if we’ll be attending Barcelona Games World next year as it is just too early to say, but this was just our first event, there will be more, but this one was a success and that’s where I’m going to have to leave this because I have run out of time.

Till next time folks. It’s never too late to get your GAME on!