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Santa Mario Outfit

Santa Mario Outfit & 8-Bit Mario Cap Now Available In Super Mario Odyssey

We knew they were coming eventually but it looks like Nintendo couldn’t wait another week or two to drop the Santa Mario outfit into Super Mario Odyssey. It isn’t the only addition either. The 8-bit Mario Cap has also been added too. Nintendo America announced the news via a Tweet on the @NintendoAmerica Twitter account…. View Article
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Art Of Super Mario Odyssey Reveals Original Idea For “Bowsette”

The latest trend to hit the internet known as “Bowsette” has really caught on fast and has just exploded. We have not covered this trend on the site for a number of reasons. Mainly because we thought it would blow over in an instant. It’s also not the kind of content we normally share to our… View Article
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The Art Of Super Mario Odyssey

[Gallery] The Art Of Super Mario Odyssey Preview Pages

Japan will see the release of The Art Of Super Mario Odyssey this week. The folks over at Nintendo Dream have been releasing images of a number of preview pages over the last few weeks to help in the promotion of the book. If you would like to see the images, we have gathered up what we… View Article
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[Video] Spewart Hat & Spewart Suit are Now Available in Super Mario Odyssey!

For you players who have a couple of minutes, to an hour to spare, Super Mario Odyssey has just has Spewart Hat and Spewart Suit added. Granted you need to buy them to own them, but given how adorable Mario looks in them, how can we not go out of our way to get them?… View Article
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Super Mario Odyssey

Super Mario Odyssey – Hariet Outfit Available

The latest outfit to come to Super Mario Odyssey is based on yet another Broodal. This time, Mario can dress up as Hariet if you are willing to shell out 3,000 coins for the hat and 5,000 coins for the suit or in this case, dress. Two other Broodal outfits are already available in game… View Article
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Million Sellers List

Nintendo Million Sellers List As Of June 2018

With around 19.67 million consoles and 86.93 million software titles sold, the Nintendo Switch is certainly a force to be reckoned with. Before the next fiscal year ends in March 2019, I am sure we could see 25 million consoles and over 100 million titles sold. With regards to the latter, you may be interested… View Article
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Miyamoto Has A Special Message For Australian & NZ Fans

During E3 2018, Shigeru Miyamoto shared a special message for Australian and New Zealand fans. Nintendo AU NZ uploaded the video message to their Twitter account. Miyamoto has also confirmed that many more costumes and treasures will be coming to Super Mario Odyssey. You can check out the video message below. Mr. Miyamoto has a… View Article
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The Racing Outfit is now available in Super Mario Odyssey

Super Mario Odyssey has just stealth dropped a new outfit! This time, Mario can deck it out in the brand new Racing outfit. This outfit was just one of the ones leaked in a datamine of the game. E3 is on the horizon, so what other costumes do you think Nintendo has in store for… View Article
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[Video] Super Mario Odyssey Datamined Outfits Footage

A while back, images emerged of unused and unreleased outfits for Super Mario Odyssey. Now, thanks to YouTuber Mizumi with the help of GRAnimated, footage of the datamined outfits has now come to light. With the exception of the “Link” outfit, which was later patched out of the game, All the other outfits are showcased… View Article
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[Rumor] Dataminer finds hints of 3 new snapshot filters coming to Super Mario Odyssey

A dataminer known by the name of Ecumber, has discovered what appears to be three additional snapshot filters. Remember those costumes datamined back in April? Ecumber has gone further into those files and has discovered these new filters. It is currently unknown at this time if these will be added to the game. With E3… View Article
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[Gallery] More Costumes & More Super Mario Odyssey Madness (Version 1.2.0 Datamined Discoveries)

Back when the Version 1.2.0 update went live for Super Mario Odyssey, it didn’t take long for it to be datamined and have a whole bunch of costumes discovered. Only, although there was plenty of information to be had for each hat and costume set, save for information on the Link attire, as they have… View Article
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Nintendo Switch first-party million-seller list of games

The Nintendo Earnings Briefing started today in Japan, and we’ve already gotten big pieces of news like Nintendo Switch selling over 17 million units and Kimishima stepping down as Nintendo President, but the briefing has also brought details on which first-party Nintendo Switch games have already sold more than a million units. Here is the… View Article
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Add a Touch of Class with the New Topper Hat & Topper Suit for Super Mario Odyssey

In a similar case to what we saw last month with Super Mario Odyssey, more clothing options have been added to the hit game, without any prior warning. Except, instead of being Space or Baseball related, today’s addition is something you could easily wear to the Mad Hatter’s tea party, thanks to it being the… View Article
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Super Mario Odyssey New Outfits Now Available

If you have booted up Super Mario Odyssey anytime over the last 24 hours or so, you may have been welcomed two a new message like this one here. Super Mario Oddysey has received two new outfits that you can purchase from the Crazy Cap Store. The two outfits in Question are the Satellaview Outfit… View Article
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Fire Emblem Heroes & Breath of the Wild Receive High Honors at SXSW 2018

When it comes to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, it’s won so many awards for being such a fantastic game that it justifies the long development cycle. Only Breath of the Wild is not yet done with winning awards, as it is still being nominated for various categories at prestigious events and… View Article
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[Feature] Nintendo Switch: Then & Now (Year 1 in Review and our Hopes for Year 2)

You know, I heard it is a Sunday tomorrow. How that has anything to do with the fact that today is the first anniversary of the Nintendo Switch, is beyond me? But it needed to be said and since everyone else is doing a write-up or has already done one quite like this, it’s the… View Article
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[Video] Super Mario Odyssey- Behind The Scenes Of Jump Up Superstar!

Nintendo have posted a video on their official Nintendo Japan Twitter Account. It is a behind the scenes video of the recording of the instrumental music of Jump Up, Super Star! from Super Mario Odyssey. Nintendo were considering a variety of different music genres but settled with the Jazz style because they felt it matched… View Article
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The Miketendo Strip: Issue #41: The Source of Luigi’s Balloons

Guess what peeps? We’re back with another edition of The Miketendo Strip and this time around, with the new update out for Super Mario Odyssey that adds Luigi’s Balloon World, we can’t help but wonder where he got all those balloons from, so we did a comic on it. Enjoy:
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Super Mario Odyssey- Luigi’s Balloon World Final “Reward”

*Warning! This Post Contains Information That May Be Considered As “Spoilers.” If You Would Not Like To Know What The Reward Is, Look Away Now. The update has only been out for a few days and the Luigi’s Balloon World update in Super Mario Odyssey has already been “Completed.” Twitter user @TAHK0 has grinded his way up to… View Article
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Nintendo Wins Big At DICE Awards 2018- Breath Of The Wild Wins Game Of The Year

Nintendo did extremely well last night at the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences’ DICE Awards in Las Vegas. The Big N went home with 11 awards, 4 of which were for The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild, one of them being for Game of the Year. Super Mario Odyssey, Snipperclips, Metroid, Fire Emblem Heroes, Mario+Rabbid’s: Kingdom… View Article
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