Essays on video games, what’s so special about it? Who writes them, and, most importantly, why do instructors assign students to compose papers on games? These questions arise often. Although many people consider games harmful, video games have proved to be helpful in academia. 

We have an article that shows the benefits of playing games and studying. Now it’s time to learn how to write papers on video games. Why? Because it develops your analytical, writing, and critical thinking skills. Also, writing about games is so fun! But don’t think it’s a piece of cake. 

Even though you might be an enthusiastic player, it will take you some time to compose a top-notch paper. “I want to do that quickly because many tasks await me!” you may say. Worry not, as you can delegate your tasks and get college essays for sale. The company–check the review–has been working with students for years, providing peerless essays on various topics. 

So, let’s get into it or what?

What To Write About?

Writing about games is very general. That is why you have to narrow down your topic and determine what you are going to write about. Ask yourself, am I going to write about games as a whole? Or maybe I want to write about the influence that games have?

It is also crucial to let your teacher know what your subject matter is beforehand. You never know what an instructor might say, so better stay on the safe side and communicate with the educator. But let’s assume you want to write about one particular game. The first step will be deciding on a genre.

Decide On a Genre

Numerous genres exist these days. People play role-playing games, actions, horrors, first-person shooters, MMORPG, and many more. If you have some game on your mind, you have already lifted some burden off your shoulders. 

In case you have nothing in particular, read about genres and identify which one is the most appealing to you. Writing about exciting things will not only make the process more fun, but it will also stimulate your brain, making the entire writing session productive and quick.

Go Through The History

Learning some history will help you write the essay. There were several eras in the gaming industry. Depending on your game, you might include some information about the Arcade era (the 1980s), Console era (the 1990s), Console wars (the 2000s), Network Game era (the 2010s), E-sports (the 2010s), and VR/AR games.

Look at historical facts, the prerequisites that led to the emergence of the genre, etc. By adding several sentences about history to your essay, you will help the reader learn more about it, no matter whether they have heard of it or not.

Research the Game

Researching the game is another critical step in writing an essay on video games. Whatever game and genre you choose, make sure to carry out research. Games are complicated projects that require having plenty of staff. Many teams work on a game from scratch, starting from designers, writers, and programmers and ending with PR, marketing, and voice acting. Look for articles, videos, and interviews to find some facts about the game and its development stages. Also, you can search reviews from credible sources and compare them with your opinion.

Mind the Correct Structure

Like any other paper, an essay on video games must follow a specific structure. A block of written text will do you no good. Thus, ensure writing an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. They are the three fundamental elements of every writing assignment. Let’s take a closer look at them:


The introduction begins the paper and carries the three essential goals: to catch the readers’ attention, to provide background information, and to point out principal components that the essay will focus on. 


The body also serves a critical objective, which is to develop components from a thesis statement. Typically, an essay has three to four body paragraphs. Every section focuses on a separate point from a thesis statement, develops it, and provides credible data to back up the arguments. 


The conclusion is the paper’s last paragraph. It aims to restate the thesis, wrap up the content, remind the reader of the most significant points, and, above all, finish the paper with a CTA sentence. Call to Action motivates the audience to kick off a discussion and/or continue to research the topic.

Enlist Strengths and Weaknesses

Always consider two sides of the coin. Writing about strengths solely will make your document biased and subjective. Although the game might be among the best the era has had, including counterarguments will give you additional credit. By doing that, you will prove your competence. 

The simplest way to do that is to write three body paragraphs about strengths and leave one section for weaknesses and other thoughts that cast doubt on the game’s success and prevalence.And here you go. As you can see, writing about video games doesn’t differ much from working on other papers. Indeed, you may have to spend more time researching the topic and finding the necessary background information about it. However, if you like playing games and learn more about them, diving deep into the gaming industry will only be of great pleasure for you. 

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