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Miitomo’s Ground-breaking Mii-Changing Update Arrives September 1st

It’s been quite some time since Miitomo saw a promising update and this week, that’s going to change!


In a notification sent out in Miitomo, the forthcoming update is said to consist of new changes for Miis so that players can now actually customise them the same way they can customise Miis with Nintendo Switch. In other words, more skin colour are coming, hairstyles and a whole of other customisable options.


However additional changes to Miis aren’t the only thing in the cards for this week as “various performance improvements” will also be making an appearance, as for when the update becomes implemented, anyone still playing Miitomo can expect to download the update on the 1st of September.


For an extra bit of reading, you’re more than welcome to check out the two images we’re sharing right here:


Source: Miitomo (Mobile Application)


[Random] Miitomo has Now Surpassed 10 Million Downloads on Android Devices

While the rest of the world has almost forgot about the existence of Miitomo, it seems the Android community has not. Continue reading [Random] Miitomo has Now Surpassed 10 Million Downloads on Android Devices

[Random] Behold the Magnificent Miitomo’s 1st Anniversary Miifoto Mosaic

We’ve had the results of the Style Trends picks, we’ve had the results to the Outfit Design contest, and today in Miitomo, we’re getting news of the finished version of the Miitomo’s 1st anniversary Miifoto Mosaic!


Many submissions were sent in and while not all of them were used, the mosaic does look pretty fantastic and if you haven’t seen it just yet, you can see it right here:

Miifoto mosaic

For more Miitomo news like this and more, the site to go, is Miketendo64!


Source: Miitomo (Mobile app)

[Random] Style Central on Trend Picks 2, 3 & 4 (Miitomo)

After a little bit of pondering as to whether we should cover Miitomo’s whole “Style Central on Trend Picks,” I decided “what the hell?” And committed myself to the idea. Fortunately, I’d only have to do one more post on it, as the admin team have made all of their picks and after already sharing their first pick, here’s Picks 2, 3 & 4: Continue reading [Random] Style Central on Trend Picks 2, 3 & 4 (Miitomo)

[Random] Miitomo Shows off Part 1 of the “Style Central on Trend Picks”

As part of Miitomo’s 1st anniversary celebrations that were hosted last month, one of the events was a Style Central event, in which would see the Miitomo admin time scour the Style Centralfor the latest and greatest outfits in the Miitomo app!” Well fast forward a couple of months and the time has come to share the first fashionable Mii and we’ve got the first chosen one, right here:


If this is something you would like to see more of, be sure to let us know and we’ll share every fashionable Mii who is chosen, as opposed to sharing the occasional one here and there.



Source: Miitomo (Mobile app)

(Event) Miitomo’s 1st Anniversary Style Central Event

Listen Up Miitomo users, The Miitomo admin will be hand picking their favourite Outfit Styles from Style Central and will be sharing them via the in-app notification along with the name of the Mii. The outfits chosen are those that have been posted from the 8th of April until the 16th of April. There is no limit to how many you share but repeat outfits will only be counted a one and don’t offer multiple chances of winning. Check out the In-App notification about the event which we have shared below. Continue reading (Event) Miitomo’s 1st Anniversary Style Central Event

Let’s Make A Miifoto Mosaic Event Now Underway In Miitomo

Nintendo’s First Mobile App Miitomo is celebrating its first anniversary and along with special clothing items and in game features, Miitomo is hosting a Miifoto Mosaic event. If you would like the chance to have a Miifoto included in the Mosaic, you can check it out in the In-game Notification which we have included in this post. Don’t forget to use #Miitomo_1st when sharing to Twitter! Continue reading Let’s Make A Miifoto Mosaic Event Now Underway In Miitomo

Two New Clothing Items Available For Miitomo Via My Nintendo

Two new clothing items  for Miitomo are now available as My Nintendo Rewards as the rewards program has been updated for all regions. The first is a long-sleeved Raglan Logo T-short with the words “Gotta Be Mii” written on it and is available in 9 different colours  and can be yours for 150 platinum points and the other item is a Fish Pin (I know, really?) which is available in 3 colours and can be redeemed for 100 platinum points..

They are available up until July 31st and can be obtained by either by going straight to the My Nintendo website or via the Miitomo App. you can see what they look like in the image below.


Source: My Nintendo

[Event] Miitomo’s 1st Anniversary Event is Now in Full Swing

Just like avlongman9 said when she posted the Miitomo instalment of The Miketendo Strip, this is the month where Miitomo celebrates its first anniversary and now the event to do just that, is underway this moment!


So just what exactly can we expect from Miitomo during this time, quite a bit as it turns out, as the new event gives 8 reasons to play and we’ll be covering them all starting now. First up, during the event which runs from now (30th of March, at 12:00 p.m. PT) until 12:00 p.m. PT on the 30th of April, players of the free to download app can expect to lay their hands on the following items, as part of a sign-in bonus: Continue reading [Event] Miitomo’s 1st Anniversary Event is Now in Full Swing

The Miketendo Strip: Issue #17: Miitomo Life

If you’ve come here seeking a laugh, you’ve come to the right place. I am avlongman9 and I am the illustrator of The Miketendo Strip! and today we have a new instalment for you to enjoy!


With this being the month of March, the month that saw the release of the Nintendo Switch and the month that sees Nintendo’s mobile app, Miitomo celebrates its first anniversary, it was only natural we’d do a Miitomo instalment so here it is! Enjoy: Continue reading The Miketendo Strip: Issue #17: Miitomo Life

Miitomo Switch! (A Miitomo/ Nintendo Switch Collaboration)

We’ve seen Miitomo promote games that launched on the Wii U, the 3DS and event mobile devices and now a new promotion gets underway tomorrow as Miitomo promotes the Nintendo Switch!

The Miitomo/Nintendo Switch collaboration runs from the 3rd of March and ends on the 23rd and while it doesn’t feature the typical Retweet event as previous promotions had, it does have a daily sign in bonus that can see players collect the following items: Continue reading Miitomo Switch! (A Miitomo/ Nintendo Switch Collaboration)

Let’s Talk About… Miitomo (Nintendo Could Make a Miiverse of it Yet!)

Hi, I’m Jack Longman, and this is Let’s Talk About, a written Miketendo64 feature series, where I express my views and opinions on all things Nintendo! Be it a singular game, a game series in general, consoles or even Nintendo’s latest activities, you can count on me to talk about it! In today’s piece, it’s a something of a mobile equivalent to Tomodachi. It’s free to download and easily forgotten and it just received a brand new update! Let’s Talk About Miitomo!
Continue reading Let’s Talk About… Miitomo (Nintendo Could Make a Miiverse of it Yet!)

Lucina’s Mask Is Now Available in Miitomo

As there was never any doubt, players have successfully reached the required number of Retweets for the Miitomo/Fire Emblem Heroes collaboration, which of course means we can all collect Lucina’s mask now!

Image may contain: text Continue reading Lucina’s Mask Is Now Available in Miitomo