If Snipperclips would be considered the cute and quirky puzzle game in the Nintendo Switch family, 30 levels into Death Squared I’m thinking it would be the drunk uncle. It has a pretty offbeat sense of humor (flashes of Portal’s GLaDOS quickly come to mind), is a bit weird, but then will turn on a dime and get downright mean. If you like a challenge, though, I’d say that in this case it’s a good thing!

Learn to be very wary of those spikes!

The game is all about puzzling, conquering levels composed of a variety of obstacles and death traps (sooo many ways to die), in order to progress and move on to the next of the Story mode’s 80 levels. If you’re inclined to step up the level of insane coordination the game also offers a 40-level Party mode that will double the number of robots you’ll have to weave through a tangle of even more devious challenges.

What’s really great about the Story mode is that since each robot on the screen only requires a single joystick to control you can easily choose to play through it by yourself. It does require quite a bit of mental dexterity, at times, to remember which joystick is controlling which robot. That said, it is far less clumsy than having to press a button to switch control back and forth, also allowing for challenges that require both robots to move at once. You can obviously choose to play this mode with a friend as well, and whether having another person makes the game easier or harder will likely vary.

That moment you realize you may need to start over

What this also means is that the game’s Party mode can be played with only 2 people, each controlling 2 of the robots. Only having briefly tried this I will say that as hard as it can be to play Story mode by yourself, having 2 people each manage 2 robots at once steps up the difficulty quite a bit more.

Robot stacking, you’ll need to do it in a number of ways and often

There’s still a lot of content left for me to check out in the game but even within the fraction of the content I’ve unlocked I’ve seen some great mind-bending and patience-testing puzzles. Every few levels there’s typically yet another element added to the pile of things you have to contend with so there’s not been an opportunity to get comfortable, and that suits me just fine.

This preview is based off the current release version of the game for the Nintendo Switch (barring a Day-1 patch). Its current release date is July 13th!

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