The goal of this exercise is to shed light on independent games out there that I’ve had a great time playing and that would seem to be well-suited to playing portably on the Nintendo Switch. Nothing is listed here because of any special insights and there’s no “wink wink” to any of it. It is purely a listing of indie games I enjoy, that perhaps you should check out if you’d like where they’re available currently, and that would be awesome on the Switch.

Rocket League

OK, so the pitch sounds absolutely ridiculous to anyone who isn’t familiar with the game. For the uninformed you just need to imagine 3-on-3 soccer played with rocket-powered cars. Completely crazy, yes, but in execution it is a game that is slowly inching towards my all-time most played game second only to the hat simulator also known as Team Fortress 2. 

Rocket League is a legitimate eSport, it is fast, it is fun, and it is the only “sports” game I’ve ever stuck with for any significant amount of time. Even now, though the game has been out for quite some time, there are still new modes and enhancements being made to the game on a regular basis. Nintendo, please make this happen!


This one just came out and I’ve only just begun to play it but it is a roguelike with style and fun to burn, the only pain is it would be even better in portable form. You’re roughly a bounty hunter using your grappling hook, your gun, and some skilled execution to bring down your targets. A really good time, it is the newest big indie roguelike darling for a reason.

Nuclear Throne

OK, so this one is getting pretty old, and I’m also aware the toolset it was made in isn’t currently supported by the Switch. But when the details on the system were announced this was the first game I really got into wanting to see in a portable form!

Another rogue-like the itch for this will be scratched somewhat when Enter the Gungeon hits but, overall, I still prefer Nuclear Throne and the characters you get to choose from. Their play styles can be quite radically different and it is a whole lot of aggravating fun!

Super Mega Baseball

While I’d seen it available in the nVidia store for the Shield TV and had also heard some positive buzz it wasn’t until I took it for a spin that I began to understand why people like it. I suppose it has just been such a long time since I’ve played a fun arcade-style baseball title that I’d practically forgotten they could be made.

Stylistically distinct it can look a bit goofy but make no mistake, there’s both accessibility and depth to be had in this game, a combination that can sometimes be tough to put together in balance. Until Nintendo would decide to make their own baseball title this may be the most ideal option in the current market for making a splash on the Switch.


What an odd but engaging title this one is. Imagine a speed-runner mixed heavily with platforming elements, but that your platforms are actual tractor trailers crashing into things and each other. As it progresses there get to be even more diabolical puzzle elements that will force you to use your brains as well as your reflexes to control your flying through the air and hopefully not crash and burn. The quick round nature of the game would be especially well-suited on the Switch.


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