2D Metroid Games Rock

2D Metroid games are some of the best games ever. From Super Metroid to Metroid Zero Mission, 2D Metroid games have given gamers classic memories and gameplay that inspire gamers today.

Many modern games have been influenced by 2-D Metroid games. Dead Cells, Hallowknight, and Hades owe a lot to the Metroid series. The weapon upgrades, the backtracking to former areas when your character has the proper upgrades to reach a new part of the level to get new items, are staples of 2D Metroid games. 2-D Metroid games have influenced many modern games. Metroidvania games are popular, so it would make sense to bring out a 2D Metroid game right now.

Will it be a new 2D Metroid Game?

Nintendo has released the first two Metroid games as remakes. Metroid Other M was the last new 2D Metroid game. It would be a perfect time to release a new 2D Metroid game that expands on the Metroid lore.

According to Sabi who predicted a new Paper Mario game would come to the Switch this year, he also predicted a new 2D Metroid game would release this year. He got the Paper Mario rumor right, so he knows good info when he gets it. Here’s hoping the 2D Metroid game is announced soon.

When Will It Release?

2020 is almost over, so it doesn’t look like a new 2D Metroid game will come out this year. 2021 is the 35th anniversary of Metroid, so that would be a great time to release a new 2D Metroid game. Make it happen Nintendo!

2D Metroid

Who Will Make It?

Retro Studios is working on MP4 and an unknown project. It is unlikely Retro is working on 2 new Metroid games. Mercury Steam did Metroid 2 remake for the 3DS, so they have experience making 2D Metroid games. They are my pick to develop the next 2D Metroid game if there is one in development.

Either company would be a great pick. They know what makes a Metroid game great. The isolated feel, exploration, weapons, and how the weapons work within the environments.

2D Metroid



Many Nintendo franchises have benefitted from the Nintendo Switch. Zelda is bigger than it has ever been. Animal Crossing, Pokemon, Luigi’s Mansion 3, and Fire Emblem have reached new heights on the Switch. This would be the perfect time to release a new 2D Metroid for a new generation.

I think this rumor is true. A new 2D Metroid game would add extra hype for MP4, and with Metroidvania games at a fever pitch for popularity. It would be foolish of Nintendo to not bring out a new 2D Metroid and keep the Metroid momentum coming before Prime 4 comes out.

Source: Nintendo Enthusiast

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