The Nintendo Switch OLED has been unveiled, and there are no shortages of opinions on it. Some people think it is great and worth the extra 50 bucks, and some people think the system isn’t a big enough upgrade to warrant the extra 50 bucks. Who is right? That is a good question, so I will do my best to give a fair opinion on this.

The way I see it the value of something has no objective measuring. I think diamond rings and necklaces are highly overpriced, but to millions of people who plop down thousands for one, perhaps they are priced just right. No company forces us to buy anything. If we don’t think it is worth the price, then we simply don’t buy it.

As customers, it is our job to tell the companies that we buy from, if we think the price is right or not. Take Link’s Awakening, for example, there was so much talk about the price of the game. Some thought it was too high, and others thought the price was right. With over 5 million copies sold, and most of them at full price, customers thought the price was justified.

The answer is, there is no definitive answer. This isn’t a cop-out either. Each consumer has a way to measure the value of the products they buy. In other words, value is subjective to the eye of the beholder. If the Switch OLED is a success, then it was priced just right, for those who still don’t buy it, then the price wasn’t right for you. The problem I have is when a group of people try to force others to agree with them on this. It isn’t your decision to make. Everyone has a say in what they buy and don’t. There is no right or wrong answer.

4 thoughts on “Is the Nintendo Switch OLED Overpriced?”
  1. Well it’s $349.99 for the OLED version which have I think have a nice OLED screen upgrade. I have 3 opinions here:

    1. If I don’t the have OG switch I’ll probably buy this.
    2. Steam Deck for $50 more is a much sensible choice in terms of games library and ergonomics (without 3rd party hardware)
    3. Nintendo’s best weapon is their exclusive games (, so if they announce 2-3 upcoming Fire Emblem games that would look sick on this OLED panel then I’m sold.

      1. Hey Michelle, glad that you agree! anyways, is it possible to do a guest post on your website? would love to tackle some games that could be really great with the switch!

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