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Professor E. Gadd's Research Journal

Professor E. Gadd’s Research Journal #2 – Characteristics Of Goo

Completely out of the blue, Nintendo UK has posted a tweet regarding Luigi’s Mansion. The Tweet referred to Professor E. Gadd’s Research Journal entry into the characteristics of Goo. As Luigi’s Mansion players may know, the 3DS version that released in October 2018, had a new character named Gooigi. Gooigi allowed two 3DS owners to… View Article
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[Random] Is it a Slimer? Is it a Mike Wazowski? No, it’s Gooigi!

If you’ve been keeping up to date with all things Luigi’s Mansion, for the Nintendo 3DS, you should be aware of the game supporting co-op, with a green coloured Luigi-like ghost representing the other player you’re playing with. What you might not know, is the fact that the other Luigi, is called Gooigi, which we’re… View Article
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